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The bodycount

 There are a lot of things that don’t make sense about COVID-19. And I’m saying this from my quarantine in Europe.  I HAD it- 5 days of high fever and coughing.  I lost family to it- one cousin who left behind 4 orphans and 2 elderly and ill relatives who’d have gone anyway.

Yet something is off. The way in which this has been managed is suspicious and much as I understand system entropy, there’s some serious issues that NEED to be addressed.

I don’t understand the NEED to shut down events 6 months away.  I don’t see the need to shut down everything but our borders. I don’t get it why Pakistanis and Africans are welcome but Americans aren’t.
There’s something fishy going on, and I can only compare it with some stuff that’s been bothering the hell out of me about the Holocaust.

One of the things that always bothered me as an amateur historian is how avoidable the Holocaust  was. I’m not going to get into the endless debate about numbers and dubious testimonies, but I will say this:  If there was an interest for it to not happen, it wouldn’t have.

At the time WW2 was knocking on the doors? Most Western countries were under a certain degree of Jewish control. Yet we’re supposed to magically believe the people who forced the world into war just couldn’t possibly get a bunch of refugee children over? Bullshit.

So let’s just put on our normie hats for a second and think.

You ever notice how nobody talks about the Haavara accords? Hitler literally offered the Jews the opportunity to move out of Germany with most of their goods. Safe as houses. Jews KNEW Hitler was not their friend- obviously the fact they had declared a war on Germany the second he came into power is a good sign of that.

Yet given the opportunity to get their brethren out of Germany at little to no cost to them, what did they do?

The Leftwing Jews in Palestine literally murdered the head of the agency and the plan fell through.
How come nobody is spooked out by this?

How come we’re being told that Britain, who was both under severe Jewish control and had bene since the 17th century and WAS taking in refugees would refuse a ship full of Jewish children?

 I am not buying it. The US had received millions of Jews between 1880-1935.

What about Joel Brand? He was offered on behalf of Adolf Eichmann a deal to exchange one million Jews for various consumer goods including 10,000 trucks. Yet this proposal, in 1944 when the newspapers were already barking about the fate of the Jews in Europe, fell on deaf ears.

 Why would they continuously refuse to save their own?

This isn’t logical, is it?

Jews aren’t averse to paying to leave certain countries- hey Ceausescu pulled a Haavara style deal with Israel in the 70s and 80s- Jews willing to pay the cost of education they had received in Romania were allowed to move to Israel, and many did.
So why were the Jews so reluctant to pay to save their own brethren?


Unless someone NEEDED that bodycount or something close enough to it to happen so they can demand bloodmoney for it.

Because this thing? The bodycount? It’s actually a very common Jewish lefty tactic. Incite revolution, stir up violence then when you got enough of a bodycount demand  bloodmoney for it- or blood influence in the name of the victims.
The most recent country where this was pulled off was the Ukraine. They incited the Maidan revolt for months-Western leaders even visited the Maidan leaders and a US State Undersecretary (Victoria Nuland) brought them cookies. The same Victoria Nuland caught on tape making the future Government of Ukraine with a Mr Pyatt, the US Ambassador in Estonia.

And then the violence magically happens. It reminded me of how the violence magically happened in the Romanian Revolution- nobody ever knew who ordered it but there were rumours of terrorists and it all ended up with Army and Police and Secret Police shooting at each other, important buildings being destroyed and a lot of civilians dying endlessly.
Who ordered for weapons to be distributed to civilians in Bucharest on December 23 1989? I don’t know, but someone gave me one, and I was 14.

It happened in Ukraine. Magically the Maidan was attacked and a bunch of people died.  Which gave the people who wanted the coup the opportunity to attack and purge the Rada from legally elected officials, chase out a legally elected president and start a civil war against the large Russian minority.

In the process the Ukraine was taken over by the powers that be. They took over all political institutions. The lives of the Ukrainians went to hell, prices went sky heaven and every bot of the country’s wealth and blood was sucked out by the international leeches.

All in the name of the victims of the Maidan.

But nobody knows who ordered the commandos to shoot at the protesters’ tents. But we do know one thing. The first measure of the new power was to cut off all the trees in the Maidan market.


 Because bullets get stuck in trees. Those trees could’ve proven from which direction the shots were fired, and what kind of ammo had been used.

There’s a pattern here.
Produce X amount of dead bodies and that’s suddenly giving you enough political capital to affect major societary change.

It is clear to me someone NEEDED to make it look like the famous 6 million victim happened in order to get their agenda in.

And it is happening right now with the? It seems to mainly affect elderly and those who are already ill. We know the numbers out of China were wrong by at least an order of magnitude, but otherwise?  This could’ve bene very easily prevented and wasn’t.

Italy? Lombardy is full of Chinese factories with Chinese staff. They had flights straight to Wuhan from Milan until the end of February.

The US still has flights to and from China but it bans Europeans.

Here in the land of the swamp Krauts everybody is on the street. I’m the only person I ever saw wearing a mask, there are restaurants open for eating in and people just swarm the streets. The Social distancing is somewhat enforced when you enter stores.

Yet the Netherlands, a country of 18 million people, had a whooping total of 3000 deaths most of whom were either elderly and sick or minorities who live in squalor.

The victims seem to be restricted to the high diversity urban areas. Aside from the sick and elderly, everywhere in the West the victims are mainly non White and urban.

So why the panic mongering? Why the massive cancelling of events?

Why the empty hospitals? Nobody’s buying the holy nurse anymore maybe because when you whip out panic you should probably abstain from making dancing videos. These people might be setting up the medical personal to be heroes but the effect of the dancing videos is mainly anger in the general population.

The number of victims does not remotely justify the lockdown.

It also doesn’t justify the very serious punitive measures. The cancelling of far away events and public gatherings is suspicious AS FUCK< and even more suspicious is the generosity of our governments- I know it doesn’t feel very generous in America but I live in a civilised country where the government is covering 80% of the wages of employees of companies affected by Corona without even putting a limit to it.

This measure is common all across Europe.

And these guys aren’t generous to begin with. The Dutch are the stingiest people on the planet.

This all doesn’t add up.

Until you realize that it sure looks like someone’s instating a military dictatorship without the war. And for that they need the bodycount.

In some countries- the USA and hilariously enough, Romania there have already bene people rising up against the quarantine.

In Romania, simple people that we are, we had people at a party attacking the police sent to disperse them with forks, axes and broken furniture. The Police lost.

The quarantine is not being imposed in heavy minority areas anywhere. The Jews in new York, the Africans in Paris, the Turks in Germany, the Moroccans in the Netherlands? These are high risk populations and a lot of victims come from them yet nobody dates to impose the quarantine on them.

Because this is not a quarantine at all.

It’s just a  pretext to keep us locked in.

I wonder if the powers that be decided to stop waiting for us to go extinct by ourselves and decided to go all in against us.

After all, they aren’t that smart, and their doom in the past has always bene their lack of patience.

Someone’s playing a high risk game because they think they have a good hand.

They don’t.

The pressure to reopen the countries is scaring them. We aren’t a minority yet and we still have enough fortitude to fight it.

The world will not be the same when this fades out. Which is a good thing, because that world was shit.

Every single time I see something that makes no sense I start unravelling it with questions.

“Cui prodest” is first.

Who’s profiting from all this?

Someone made some huge killings at the stock exchanges and it ain’t us. But this is more than that.

Something big is in the works. Something they need a high bodycount for.

 Start paying attention.

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