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The racket economy

 The most important thing Corona-chan has brought to our attention is this: when people don’t but stuff they don’t need with money they don’t have, the entire economy crashes like a house of cards.

Of course, this is the downside of the much touted “service economy”, everybody has to be able to perform and receive services in order to make the whole carousel work, and in the process nothing is actually being achieved- the same money is being passed around and around and everybody’s standard of life gets progressively lower and lower.

A cursory look at the evolution of the global economy shows that the only countries who experienced actual growth in the past half a century are the ones with manufacturing economies, while the rest are being artificially propped up by the money printer or politico-economic imperialism.

The thing about manufacturing is that it creates goods. The profit is real and easy to track- the  price of the product minus the cost of materials, minus the cost of labour – taxes= profit.  The profit is being reinvested normally in more manufacturing, which creates more profit and so on.

However that doesn’t work with the service economy paradigm. The profit is marginal and money’s just being recycled throughout the society again and again and at the end of it nobody has anything to show for their effort.

The economy is in such way shaped that the ants have to spend all of their time doing meaningless work, which means they don’t have time to do anything useful, or that improves their lives, because their lives being improved creates a net loss for the system.

The vast majority of the service industry is makework. It only exists because the system is in place to ensure we are as helpless and dependent as possible, because every little thing we don’t do for ourselves is something someone can be paid to do.

What does this mean? Very simple- it means no new wealth is being created for any of the ants. Anything they make is automatically spent on services most people don’t need, and at the end of the day nobody has anything to show for their trouble.

Let’s take for example the 40 hour week. Truth is, very few people actually work 40 hours. The time wasted by offices is in fact larger than the actual work time, but most people are being artificially kept busy for those 40 hours. Why?

Because without the 40 hour week too many people might realize the huge scam that is the Western economy and the incredible wealth transferring scam it is.

Without being locked into offices, turns out people do a lot more work, and of better quality than when they’re locked up in large noisy soul crushing offices.

Of course, the soul crushing is a necessary ingredient of the process. You need to not feel fulfilled and happy because happy fulfilled people don’t need to buy stuff they don’t need with money they don’t have just to sustain their mental health long enough for another day or week or month or year in the office.

The cost of your wasted hours is built in the system- it is more profitable for the system that you’re paid for being in the office than for you to have free time to do your own cooking or learning. If everybody had the time to cook or clean, entire sectors of the service industry would crash and many low paid jobs would be lost.

Let’s take as an example the Food delivery sector- one of the very few in continuous growth in the recent years.

In the Netherlands it is estimated that less than 25% of the population eat more than one homecooked meal a week, and 60% of the population never have more than one homecooked meal per month- probably when they go to visit relatives.

The vast majority of the population uses the incredibly vast and wasteful food delivery sector which provides expensive and vastly unhealthy meals at prices 4 times higher than what you’d spend if you cooked them yourself.

Time is the most expensive commodity of the West, so the economy is paying to waste your time so you can pay others to do the things you didn’t have time to do yourself. Which is only an advantage if you’re well paid.

So, for me and my diet, I spend an average of 30 minutes a day cooking my meals. I go to the shops once a week, and to prepare my food for a day costs me about 10 euro in ingredients and 30 minutes of my time. This is actually a high price, because I’m on the rather costly carnivore diet. If I wasn’t, I could cook myself a normal stew or soup that would last me 2-3 days for the same money I’m spending for a day now. Pots can boil by themselves and maybe I’ll need an extra 20 minutes to do the dishes.

So right now my time investment for my meals is 10 Euro/day +30 minutes of work.

To get the same type and quality of food every day it would cost me about 40 euro. So the cost of half an hour of my time comes to 30 euro, which is slightly less than my hourly work rate. But I am better paid than 95% of people in SwampKrautlandia.

For most people, 30 euro is equal or more than their hourly rate, and that’s of course before taxes.

Where does the extra 30 hours I’d spend go?

A vast part of it goes to pay for the ingredients of the food- but not as much as you’d think. Most takeaways buy semi prepped ingredients, so most of the time the work they put in is defreezing your food and putting it together.
Some of it – a small portion- goes to the delivery person.

Of the 10 euro I spend/day for my food, 9% is VAT, aka Sales tax.

So the state gets 0.9 Euro per day for my food if I cook it myself.

But is I buy takeaway, the state ends up getting about 50% of that 40 euro in taxes.

The takeaway owner buys ingredients. He pays VAT of 9% on the ingredients.

He pays the person who cooks a salary, of which the cook is charged income tax, social security tax and so on.

He pays the delivery person, who also has to pay income tax, social security etc.

He also has to pay for utilities-  gas for the cookers, electricity, rent.

Of all of these, a portion is VAT.

The he gets changed corporation tax on the meager profits he makes.

Of the 40 euro I would spend to feed myself with takeaways in a day, about 14 euro will go to the state in these various taxes.

Which means that there’s an entire sector of economy that profits from me  being too lazy to spend 30 minutes /day cooking.

But see, I can afford it. Most people don’t.

Let’s look further.

If I cook my own meals I control what I eat. Portion control etc. Which means I keep my weight under control which means I’m healthier which means I need less visits to the hospital, which means I am less likely to use the medical system.

Now, I live in a country where my health insurance is 110 euro per month and I have a 395 euro “own risk”.

Everything that I NEED above that 395 including prescription medication or cosmetic dentistry is paid by the health insurance.

But most of you don’t live in such a country. So another effect of keeping you more and more at work is that you get to pay more to the healthware industry.  You will also live shorter- les pension and benefits to be paid to you. Who profits? The state

More money out of your pocket that go to feed other people and pay more taxes.

It’s a scam. The service industry is just a wealth transfer mechanism from you to the state and to the less skilled and qualified members of your society, which saves the state from having to train them or pay them welfare.

Did I mention most of the takeaways and delivery people are non white?

You’re wasting your own money to sustain a group of people who should never be there to begin with.

Every single thing you can’t do for yourself because you don’t have the time, will or desire ends up putting more money in the pockets of allogens and an enemy state.

You’re paying them to take over your country, you’re paying the state to import them and you’re making yourself poorer and sicker in the process.

It’s all a racket- and you’re the prey.

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