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Throughout history, one of the most certain signs of an impending societary collapse has always been the normalization of violence.

Or maybe I should say “throughout WHITE history” because every other culture never even tried to reject violence, just accepted it as a natural part of life and tried to live around it. It’s also the reason why none of them achieved anything comparable to the Western achievements.

Violence is a reality of existence.  Humans are inherently violent. Nature is inherently violent. The Universe is inherently violent.

 Not understanding that has always led to disaster.

Civilization has always prided itself on order and the absence of violence in day to day life, with the understanding that violence WAS always there, just being controlled for the purpose of common good.

When the ancient civilizations put a ban on murder and other violent behaviour, the implications of it were “if you want the benefits of our society you have to agree to leave your violence at the door”. The state is whichever its form was at the time took over the necessity of enforcing the rules with violence.

You don’t need to defend yourself because the state will do it for you- is a pretty good motivator for people to put their energy somewhere else.

To break it down in simple terms, you have limited time in a day and limited energy. If you use most of these to protect yourself form violence, you can’t use them for other stuff- like trying to better yourself, work harder, invent something, go out to conquer the world etc.

The only reason why Westerners were able to go out and conquer the world is because they could trust their society to protect their families from violence in their absence.

Violence is the main engine of civilization, or its main obstacle, which is why societies who don’t control violence achieve nothing of importance.

But that doesn’t mean renouncing violence. It meant putting it to good use. The threat of violence never goes away, it’s just being controlled. The underlying message of civilization is not “we are not violent” it is instead “you can live by our rules and free of most violence but if you disobey the rules we will enact them with violence”.
Violence is thus not removed but sublimated, honed out into a useful weapon.

The fact that the only society who used this approach is the only one to succeed in taking over the world is the greatest testimony to its success.

And then our society was taken over by its enemies, and they spent 75 years breeding violence out of us to the point where most Westerners cringe at the word.

Because White violence is the one thing they fear.

And now, we’re seeing nonWhite violence being inflicted on our civilization. But this time it isn’t an external enemy. The enemy is amongst us and has worked long and hard to infiltrate and sabotage and weaken us.

This has been going on for a while. Whites were told violence is bad while nonWhite violence was not only tolerated but woven into the fabric of the decaying Western society.

The recent BLM protests are the beginning of normalization of that violence. And those of us who know history can tell you a thing or two about it.

Our enemies have used direct violence against us for a long time.  And we’re supposed to just take it.

But as the events of today in the UK have proven they were wrong.

There’s still fight in us yet.

As violence becomes more and more acceptable, our brothers will start to realize violence is a necessity to protect themselves and their families.  The moment the state is not doing its share of the deal… neither do the people and we all know it’s Whites who keep the whole thing going.

Without us, the centre breaks. Without our taxes it all goes to hell.  The system wants our money but it doesn’t want us, and all we have to do to see the future they intend for us is look at South Africa.

Without us to obey the laws there are no laws, and without laws our enemies will meet their just deserved fate.  And they know it, or should know it by now.

The football hooligans in the UK, the boomers with Uzis in the US, the protesters in Spain, they are all our brothers and while our enemy is busy wanking off to our destruction, they are awake.

We are awake. And without a system to prevent White violence, may God have mercy on our enemies.

Because we won’t. The Barbarians are about to get a fresh taste of White man fury. They need to be reminded just who is the apex predator on this planet.

The normalization of violence will help us more than it helps them.

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