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In Eastern Europe, we learned about the War of Northern Aggression in 9th grade. My history teacher, a crochety woman who looked remarkably like a weasel, had a whole rant on “This is not a Civil War, it should not have been called a Civil War. It was an act of fratricide of biblical proportions”.

One of the most clear things about the current slomo fall of the USA is not that it is happening. It happening should surprise nobody, and even as a giant, its fall is natural and to be expected. The USA falls because it stands under the mark of Cain. It falls because we know this is the punishment for fratricide, and its crime is larger than that of Cain- after all Cain only killed ONE of his brothers. USA killed its Southern Brother, and then went straight in two World Wars to ensure it killed the future of Europe.

To call the USA an abomination is an insult on abominations. The cancerous dog of Zion is dying, and the only unfortunate part about it is that it’s not dying fast enough. Its continued existence every single day is a danger to us all, and someone really needs to start understanding what this means and how to speed up the process.

When the War of Northern Aggression happened, few people understood what was going on. The South, in its naiveté, made the same mistake good people make everywhere and assumed the Northern brother was playing by the same rules.

And the worst thing is that this attitude continues today. Americans just refuse to accept there is no fairness. That they have no rights and that the enemy will kill them at all costs.

What else was even Charlottesville? For many of us, C-ville was a trap and a disaster waiting to happen. And when it happened we shook our heads at the poor hapless heroes who thought the rules still applied to them. That they had rights. That surely the state who had been trying so hard to kill them and their ancestors will absolutely respect their rights.

How hilariously naïve.

Each and every Southerner in the past 250 years should’ve seen this coming from afar.

How could you possibly expect fairness from Cain?
Understanding this is the key to understanding the current world, and the future. Any further day the South gives to Cain is a further chance for Cain to kill you. Why would you stay? What even is there to win from staying?

The whole of the US is enslaved by Cain, and what happened to the south will come for the West and the Midwest at the first attempt to walk away from this unmitigated disaster.

When a limb becomes gangrenous, you cut it off. What happens when the head becomes gangrenous?

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