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The end of Pax Americana

Over the past few days, a small and insignificant piece of news escaped the attention of pretty much everybody in the USA. That was the purpose- let’s be very honest here that’s why you bury news on 4th of July weekend, so the dumb masses won’t notice.

The news is that the last US troops will be quietly withdrawing from Afghanistan in the following weeks.

This is literally the most important news this year. But not for the reasons you’d believe.

Yes, the war in Afghanistan was bound to end with a pfffssss and not a bang. There was no other way to hide that magnificent failure, but that was to be expected.  What’s important is what this means.

It’s been 18 years. The Afghanistan War has been nothing but the biggest giveaway in history for everybody but the American taxpayer, and this was its very purpose. Those of us who were there could’ve told you long ago- nobody has ever won a guerrilla war, and winning one in that fucking rocky disaster?
Yeah no. It’s not ever going to happen.
But the war was good for some people. This is the reason why the left cried and bitched every single time Trump spoke about ending it. Because the purpose of this Drole Guerre was just to siphon funds away from the massive black home that is the DOD. It was the very embodiment of the looting stage made writ.

But you see, my likkle chikuns? That war had become a little too expensive.

After 6 Jan, that very night, I was talking to a very close friend and long time soundboard- and I told him we will see some very serious troop withdrawal happening around the world. The reason is pretty simple- the US government needs to protect itself from the American people, and they NEED every pair of boots, especially considering how badly their recruitment efforts are going. As it turns out there isn’t much left of the US military without the Irish Scots of Dixie, and that’s an actual problem.

The withdrawal from Europe didn’t go as fast as I expected it, but the withdrawals happened in other areas. The US still needs its boot firmly entrenched on the neck of Europe because we’re not quite marching in front anymore. However, in other areas the cuts are being seen.

Why? Isn’t the US still having the largest defense budget in the world? What IS happening?

It’s the collapse my friends. The looting stage in all its glory.

The USA can no longer afford to waste lives and money in that wasteland just so certain contractors can fill their pockets and opium can keep flowing out of that godforsaken place.
This isn’t the first news of this kind.

Earlier this year the Harris-Muppet administration has started negotiations with Iran, and has refused to pursue the war with Russia they wanted so much a while ago.

But WHY? You ask

Because it is the collapse. The giant with clay feet is falling and one war loss will be enough to tell the world it’s dying. Pax Americana is falling to one million pieces.

But the fast collapse of a war loss is not what the powers that be want. They want to maintain the illusion a bit longer. There is still blood to be sucked from the dying golem.

The world does know. The moment the USA pulled back from its promises to Ukraine? The world knew.

It was to be expected. The smart ones like Erdogan have bene pushing at the limits for 6 years now. The US has no power to enforce anything anymore.

And the world knows.

Pax Americana is falling to pieces. This is a good thing.

There are wars coming. Not big wars. First there will be small border skirmishes. Then, because they won’t be stopped, the tinpot dictators will go bolder. And bolder.

Europe will break away from the US chains and the soldiers needed to protect the US government from its people will be pulled back. The EU, whose sole reason to exist is because the US forced it on us, will break.

Us in the East are already packing our bags.

France is failing as a country and anybody wanting to stay in power will have to do something about it. The Germans are about to prove silent waters run deep, and where Germany goes, its brothers will follow.

The rest of the world will get into some interesting games. I’m not putting a lot of hopes in the future of India- it can’t sustain wars with both China and Pakistan and there’s nobody to stop them now.

It’s 5th of July 2021.

Welcome to the end of America.

Start packing.

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