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There is nothing wrong with petty nationalism

One of the biggest misunderstandings of the prowhite movement stems from regarding all peoples of European descend as a monolith, with he same problems, and most important, the same solutions.

This is a hilarious mistake at best and poisonous subversion at worst. Monolithic solutions not only do not work- and after decades in IT, trust me I know my way around a monolithic approach, but they also tend to end up poisoning the well and end up making cooperation pretty much impossible.

Monolithic thinkers tend to have some interesting traits, one of the most interesting ones being the fact they all end up being subverters. They tend to posit that a monolithic approach to White problems is diametrically opposed to what they call “petty nationalism”, which is for some reason evil and should be destroyed.

For the greater good, of course.
Truth however, and historical truth to be precise, has a tendency to work differently. Nationalism has this annoying habit of requiring one be part of a nation to work, which is why the concept of “White Nationalism” is retarded at best since there is no such thing as a “White” Nation. Nationalism is based on ethnicity, common history, common language and a shared heritage.

These are the things we preserve. These are the things that make us, us. These are the things that matter.

These are, incidentally, the things our enemies most hate and want to destroy. Various nations have different historical problems, and these problems have specific solutions, enforced by centuries of history. And these particular solutions work from country to country, form nation to nation, and will continue to do so.

Whose interest is there to deny this?

Not ours.

The only people who thrive from erasing our details and identity are our enemies. The Superstates based on these ideas are inherently anti White, and their purpose is to provide one common point of entry for subversion and ruin instead of giving or enemies the inconvenience of having to attack each of us separately. There is a reason why our enemies have little to no recorded presence in the second half of the First Millennium AD- because as the Roman Empire had fallen, the unique point of entry for corruption had been shattered and Europeans had found their way back to their own traditions and tribes.

They call it the Dark Ages because hey were dark for our enemies, who had lost the means to infiltrate and subvert as many nations at once as before. As it turns out, as the world granulates and becomes more and more family and tribe oriented, the room for subversion narrows down.

The so called Dark Ages were not dark for us.

The moment a great empire is formed, our enemies worm their way into it. Subversion and corruption are fast to take hold.

And the result is infallibly bad for us.

So with this lesson in mind, why should we listen to those who tell us the natural solutions- those of living among their own family, tribe, nation, and aim for our group survival within these natural borders -are wrong? These people end up invariably showing their true colours, and none of them are good. Hearing so called American White Nationalists- scum of the likes of Richard Spencer- tell us that “petty nationalism” is bad raised alarm bells for me years ago, and being proven right does seem somewhat satisfactory if it wasn’t so sad.

What does an internationalist blood traitor know about Nationalism?
This guy wasn’t even smart enough to marry a woman of the same race of himself, and his kids are mongrels. This is in and by itself the measure of his judgement, and racemixers should be shunned and ostracized out of the movement by any and ll means if you actually want to have a proper movement.

The fallacy of “but so and so married a nonWhite before they got redpilled” is ridiculous like that.

Humans are genetically built to care and be attracted by their own kind. This is how we survived, this is how we evolved.

Xenophilia is inherently dangerous for the community and the race. So the excuse “I married someone of a different race before I was redpilled” is a fallacy, and a very good predictor of one’s judgement- or lack thereof. Judgement is downstream from instinct, and humans’ natural instincts are to stick to your own.

So if your instincts, the most basic pieces of your very being are wrong, how could you ever have the right judgement?
It gets even worse when you talk to people who went as far as having children with nonWhite women.

How could they be trusted?

If their children are mixed, where do the parents’ loyalties lie? The abstract “White interest” or their own children?

I had someone tell me “I am prowhite but I don’t support a White ethnostate- because my kids wouldn’t be allowed in”.
So, where do this person’s loyalties lie?

Not with us.

If you want to learn the right lessons from National Socialist Germany- learn this- race traitors will never be on our side.

So of course these subverters have a problem with nations and nationalism. So it is in their own interest to muddle the notions and support things that profit themselves- at the loss of true Whites.

There is nothing wrong with caring about your own people first. It does not exclude caring for Whites as a whole, but your own have to always come first. The people who tell you otherwise are not our friends.

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