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Parasites It always bugged me, the attack on Conservatives coming from /ourguys. I always tried to understand where they came from, until I found an interesting missing piece.

Who has an interest to not have conservatives in the Dissident Right? Two groups. The degenerates and the quasi-Left. Conservatism threatens them both in a different way. The degenerates, and by degenerates I meant the homosexuals and other deviant lifestyles, really hate Conservatives. The reason is simple- Conservatives know and understand that the main reason our society ended up like this is depravity.

Depravity needs a stable society to exist in, bizarre as it might sound. The high-risk behaviour of homosexuals etc can only happen safely within a society that is organized and civilised enough to abhor random violence. And therein lies the problem.

Degeneracy and depravity are abhorrent to normal people. Even after the past 4 decades of having it imposed on us, the average person is disgusted by its existence. Straight men are not just repulsed by homosexual sex, which they regard as similarly disgusting as rotting meat or maggots. But they are also inherently disgusted by heterosexual depravity.

As it turns out, seeing a certain pocket sized Squatemalan “journalist” who’s been plaguing our movement for years getting drunk at 10 AM and demanding to be driven around to prostitutes is just as abhorrent to normal people as seeing the depravity of grooming and homosexuality inside TRS.

This is why we judge people by the company they keep- because good people do not tolerate this sort of behaviour. The moment someone is OK with it they’re wearing a big neon sign above their heads “I HAVE NO MORAL VALUES”. And should be avoided at any cost.

So, what is the attraction of these low value individuals towards us? Why are they infiltrating and subverting us?

Simple, primitive societies have no use nor room for depravity. They need cohesion and productivity, and the myths of so and so primitive society who accepted homosexuals and transsexuals are just subversion. Some may have, but they had an inferior role- that of low status sexual objects with no rights. And there is little data on it.

The reasoning is simple- primitive societies need cooperation and cohesion. This is the reason why the lower complexity a society has, the more homophobic it is. Depravity is a high destabilization factor.

The brown pets of our enemies reject homosexuality and depravity violently. The cartel footies and gangbangers will, more often than not, go home to their mates and children at the end of the day.

And this is the reason why the above-mentioned categories are interested and attracted to our side. They can’t afford to live in the society their ideology promotes. They want to have the benefits of a special privilege group in a lefty society, but not the consequences.

They don’t care about society. As Hazzard put it best in “Third Jimpact”- they just don’t want any Blacks in their bathhouses and screw everybody else. They’re parasites. When someone attacks conservatives, they’re telling you loud and clear they are degenerates who care nothing about the health of society- just want the benefits of the society conservatives built. This is why we see Jewish and white adjacent former Lefties (Mike Enoch, Striker, Ahab etc) moving away from the Left they helped create into the Right- because they want the benefits of a stable White made society but not the dangers it brings. These guys are basically gentrifying the Right because the society they helped build is unfriendly to their depravity.

You can’t have a White society without conservatives though. So they initially pretended to respect it until they wormed their way in, and are now showing their true colours.

Whether you like it or not? White society is inherently Conservative. It was built on Conservative values.

And Christianity. The past 2000 years of White excellence are built on Christianity whether you like it or not. It’s cure to play pagan and larp, but in truth? All of the advancements you enjoy are the results of an Europe with a common identity. That of Christendom. The moment that common identity went away, so did the advancements.

Without Christianity, Europe would’ve been swallowed and destroyed by the migrations, because there would’ve been nothing common to defend and work together.

Your Odin worshiping ancestors were cool etc, but they’d have never come to the help of my Zamolxis worshipping ancestors when we got attacked by the Persians.

But the Western Christian knights did come to aid us at Nicopole. They were warring against each other in the West but when Sigismund of Luxembourg called them to defend Christendom, they left the petty bickering behind and headed to the east.

My ancestors didn’t defend Europe. They didn’t even know what Europe was. They defended and bled for centuries for Christendom.

Only idiots think you can play Jenga with civilization. That you can just try to remove piece after piece and hope it still stands. It won’t. Remove traditional values and you get what we have today because the degenerates have no investment in society. Because they don’t have children, so they fail to understand future responsibility.

The parasites are not our friends. It’s cute that termites realize destroying the foundations of the house they live in would kill them all, but that doesn’t make them friends of the home owner.

There is no White society without values.
There is no room for parasites in a prowhite movement.

Not if you want to win.

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