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The price of treason

The last hope of NATO has collapsed.
Yesterday’s pathetic coup found Russia aligned as one behind Putin, and the West got a seriously scary lesson in what a nation is.
Russians believe in rhyme, and history has shown them what happens to a nation hat cuts its own head.

We talk a lot about Tsar Nicholas the Second and the fate of his family. It’s a terrible story and a horrid portent of what was to follow.

But the Russians don’t see it like this. Many of them see it as a crime their grandparents committed when they betrayed their tsar and allowed the imperial family to be arrested.

Russia has always existed under a covenant, between the Tsar, the people and the Motherland. The Russian people, in a time of great trouble, broke that covenant.

Because the blood of Nicholas and his children doesn’t lie on the Bolsheviks. It lies on the heads of the Russian people who broke their oath.

70 years.
100 million dead.
That was the price of that betrayal. The price the people of Russia paid.

And there are some, the elderly, the priests, those who have not forgotten their history, who believe it was a fair price.

This is what the West didn’t know when they thought Russia will follow some waiter from Petersburg instead of the man who ruled it for 24 years by everybody’s will. Prigojin was told the whole of Russia would join him. The march from Rostov to Moscow was meant to be a victory march.

But it wasn’t. Russians never make the same mistake again. They betrayed their leader once. They paid the price. They will never do it again.

Russia will stand behind Putin. Any chance the West thought it had to unseat him is gone, and this was their last card.
It’s funny how this works.

If anything, the globalists have learned something important: Tradition is alive and well in Russia. They have a good reason to fear it.
This is what they want to destroy.. One country who still has its tradition, one country that still has its roots is a threat to their plans. So it has to be destroyed.

The failed coup of Prigojin will be paid for in blood. The question now is whose. There is plenty of evidence Prigojin’s failed coup was West planned and backed. The guarantees offered to Prigojin are not worth the sound they made, and those who killed Russian soldiers will live to regret it.

But they are just pawns.
All this coup has achieved is renew Putin’s mandate to lead Russia. And now all the pretences are out the window, he’ll get to do what the West should’ve avoided from day one.

Prigojin’s speech is the very evidence his pathetic attempt was a Western ploy. And Putin now will pay back in kind.
This can mean a lot of things. Fomenting a coup against Russia’s rightful leadership falls well inside Russian’s nuclear doctrine.
Which means, as of now, Putin has legal rights to nuke the West if he feels like it. He can declare a national martial state. He can declare war.
And Russia will follow him.

And he has some brand new Sarmats to do just that.

Putin has the right, means, standing and opportunity to now and forever end the West’s threat to Russia. If he chooses to do it, the rest of the world will dance in the streets, like the Serbs did on 9/11.

But he is unlikely to do it. Not when the West’s unavoidable economic clash is so close he can smell it.
Less than a month.

In August, the new BRICS common currency will be launched.

Why would Putin be merciful enough to give the West an instant death when they can suffer in cold, poverty and sickness?

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