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Why would anybody join BRICS

The amusing thing about BRICS is how an economic alliance became a military alliance so fast. The truth of the matter is rather simple. Trade is, despite what some people might say, one of the best ways to get some peace to happen. Or war. .
The little untold truth most people don't understand is that the USA and EU have been inflicting their brand of neobolshevism upon the world using their own trade power. You can't trade with the USA if you don't allow pedophiles free access to your kids. And if you think “but you can just trade with your neighbours” guess what? .

You can't. They get punished if they trade with you. That comes in form of trade sanctions and other forms of economic blackmail.

Simply put, it's been get woke or get ruined.

Any country that rejected the US led neobolshevik revolution was punished. And smug in their idiocy and self sufficiency, Americans blamed the victim countries for the sins their own laziness and greed caused.

A few years ago in the Alt Right we saw a lot of people laughing about how the African countries will regret the Western colonization because “China will be much worse”. Must be a terrible disappointment to them to see how all of Africa is rejecting colonialism and embracing the BRICS paradigm nowadays.

It's actually quite simple, and very effective.

As America is no longer the world's leading economic power, its capacity to carrot and stick the third world into obedience has shrunken significantly. And the new boss is not the same as the old boss.

BRICS are just a bunch of countries who no longer want to be exploited for the West's benefit. And all it took for the neobolshevik Western system to fall was for a choice to be given to them.

And they took it.

Whether it will work for them remains to be seen. This planet has never had actual free trade in this civilization's iteration and as such there's a lot of kinks to be worked out.

Why would any country NOT join BRICS? Why would you choose to NOT have the US embassy decide your country's politics?

In the 1990s my country Romania suffered a very serious process of corruption and corporate pillaging at the hand of the West. Romania was an industrializing country that until 1989 had been pretty much self sufficient, had no external debt and solid trade relations with pretty much everybody.

It didn't have to happen. Yet after the 1989 revolution my country was economically bombed into oblivion. We were forced to privatize our economy when nobody had any odea on how such a process would work since it had never been tried before. But we were forced to do it.

Corruption. We were told our factories mainly built in the 70s and 80s were “ a pile of scrap metal” despite the fact most Western countries' factories were built and last geared in the 50s and 60s. .

The state companies who had worldwide markets for their products were bankrupted and sold for nothing. It became normal for a Western company to buy their competitor factory in Romania and close it down. .

Land Rover bought the ARO factory and literally demolished it and turned it into farmland. .
Political bribery. Romania was asked to give the Galati Steel Combinate, the largest in Eastern Europe, to Lakshmi Mittal, the Indian magnate who was Blair's best friend. We were not the only ones. .

A Romanian journalist and politician presented evidence the whole mess was secretly directed by the US embassy at the time. .

In the 60’s a bunch of people , leaders of former colonies, wanted to create exactly what BRICS is today. A place for all countries to trade without economic and political blackmail from the great powers.

It was called the Unaligned Countries Movement. Its father was the great Egyptian leader Gamal Abdel Nasser.

The West came down on it and it came down on it hard. His death was an alleged heart attack. The members continued to try to just trade in peace but CIA, Mossad, MI6 worked hard to make it not happen.

Nicolae Ceausescu was the man who mediated relationships between the former colonies and the USSR, between the Arab countries and the Communist Block. I remember seeing Mobutu Sese Seko coming to visit Romania.

Remember Saddam Husein? Gaddafi? Each and every leader who ever tried to escape the JudeoAmerican empire’s influence died painfully.

BRICS is successful because finally there’s big fish on the side of the downtrodden countries. Of course they are queuing to join. They finally have someone, anyone on their side again.

Most of the African leaders in the queue were educated in Eastern Europe. Whose side will they be?

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