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Loud Cracks in the EU

As the EU continues to become the tyrannical empire of good Guy Verhofstadt masturbates to in his rare moments of sleep- after all ghouls are not creatures who need much sleep, it is becoming obvious that the once small fissures are becoming huge cracks.

Whatever hopes the Eurocrats might have had for the British elections to overturn #Brexit, they’ve scattered into the wind as the country voted for pro #brexit parties in about 80% proportion. There is no turning back at this point, and David Davis, the British chief negotiator, is not one to be easily bullied.

While the EU thinks it might be able to play hardball with the UK, in truth all the UK has to do is wait for the clay footed Colossus to fall by itself. Because the fissures are turning into crevices, and the EU members are starting to make it clear they need to look at their own interests.


France needs the EU. The last intelligent man to run France was Charles De Gaulle, and that was 50 ears ago. Since then, the French have moved from being innovators to a culture increasingly entitled, and while France had a lot of fat to live off of, it appears to be coming to an end.

Gone are the days the French workers demanded 35 hour weeks and all the benefits they could swallow. Nowadays, pretty much every big manufacturer already outsourced their production facilities to Eastern Europe or the third world.

A France with a 25% non European population and a high unemployment rate plus increased terrorist attacks is no longer an attractive tourist destination, and that’s another source of income gone.

Agriculture? Let’s be serious- the only reason France has an agriculture is the generous European Agricultural subsidies program- the only thing that could make the French products competitive on the market is making all European members pay for them. French products are neither good enough qualitatively nor cheap enough to compete on the world market, so the response has been to push local producers from the newer members out of their local markets and take them over, with the perverse motivations of European standards the local producers don’t meet… just until the moment they’re bought by a French or German company.

This of course causes problems to France, and is the reason Emmanuel Macron runs all over Europe like a headless chicken working oh so hard to get the smaller members to agree with him. Of course the days of smiles are long gone as the smaller members have their own problems, and the president of a France who can’t control its own city is a rather pathetic sight rather than the dashing figure he thinks he cuts. The small countries he’s visiting might be smiling at him, but behind closed doors they’ve done their sums, and they know the EU is done for. They might smile at Macron but all they’re doing is staying for whatever money they can still get from the EU before it breaks,

Because without Europe France is lost. And the voters know this well enough to have voted for the establishment candidate Macron rather than the nationalist LePen- after all, they know where their meals come from. So what if you have to share your meal with your neighbour Abdul who lives off your taxes with his 4 wives and 22 children and who might occasionally stab one of your friends, it’s OK as long as it doesn’t happen to your kids and you can meanwhile pretend nothing happens as long as nobody calls you a racist.

So of course France bows head to Germany, because it can’t do otherwise.

However, the other European countries are starting to look at the balance sheets and the Eurocrats’ behaviour, and start wondering whether this is all worth it.

Italy, a solvable in name only country who for years made a neat bit of income off the EU by allowing in all the African migrants it could, getting money from the EU for looking after them then waved them cheerfully along to the North found itself in a bit of a shock when the money’s starting to just trickle down instead of pouring and they’re stuck with a bunch of people who have to be fed  and who can’t be controlled. This didn’t use to be a problem, except for the part where the North neighbour Austria just announced it was closing the Brenner Pass to migrants. Which means Italy, who’s been only so glad to let in the dregs of the world into Europe and get paid for it without caring what consequences that has, is in a bit of a bind.

Because Italy can barely feed its own, and the migrants it welcomed in are becoming enough of  a nuisance for the Government to notice. If the waves of Africans can no longer go North, then Italy might have to take responsibility for allowing them in and the current government is already rather shaky.

Meanwhile the newer members of the EU are openly sharpening their knives. Turns out you can’t bully the Eastern Europeans without paying us first, and with Britain gone the money’s thinning down while the demands grow, and we don’t like it.

Hungary’s been waiting to go out with a bang for 10 years, and it’s effectively breaking each and every EU rule it can get away with it.

Poland, whose right wing Catholic government has been getting quite a bit of a bashing from the EU, has suddenly remembered why it fought for 600 years to not be under German domination.

The Czechs have voted to allow their citizens to carry arms and the Slovakians will follow suit.

Romania is currently courted by Macron worse than a 70 year old grandmother with a new set of teeth, but Romania has suffered economically because of France and much as our German president might smile at Macron, he knows the Romanians have little to no love for France, who’s known to take our help and then stab us in the back for 1000 years. Francophonie might sound nice to a bunch of freshly off the tree Africans, but we’ve been here long enough to know the West is not our friend.

France forced us to destroy our centuries old vineyards and dairy farms, and we know it. We’re happy to let them have our gipsies, but that’s as far as the political friendship will go.

Bulgaria will go wherever the rest of the East is going, and all you have to do to get it is remember they’re hunting Europe’s beloved refugees for sport and the only reason they never joined the USSR was that they didn’t have a common border.

Eastern Europe will return to being Greater Slavia, the quasi borderlands of the Russian Empire, because unlike the EU at least Russia is a decent master who defends its friends. Also, they tend to prefer a trade and profit sort of thing to giving orders, and there’s still a whole generation of Eastern Europeans who’d rather the devil they know than a mass of traditional enemies dropping down on us. The fact that Eastern Europe also happens to have serious natural barriers against Western invaders won’t hurt.

Meanwhile in the stump EU, other powers will raise their heads. The ever affable and friendly Netherlands might just decide that they’re tired of paying for the French farmer’s lack of competitivity, and Martijn Van Dam the Dutch Minister for Agriculture said so openly in the Dutch Parliament. Incidentally the Netherlands continue to not have an actual government due to the Eurocrat Rutte’s incapacity to make one without the nationalists, and surprises can happen if this situation goes on any longer.

Austria is at breaking point thus the threats to close southern borders and stop the migrant influx from Italy at all costs. It’s worth remembering Austria’s recent presidential election was openly frauded in favour of the pro European candidate, and that’s yet another nail going in loudly in the lif of the European coffin.

Europe is cracking. It will soon be once again every nation for itself, and that will be an interesting development.

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