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Alt Right != Conservative

I have had some personal issues with being called a Conservative just because I’m on the right. I know a lot of people who have issues with that as well, and consider themselves politically homeless because there is no actual place on the current political spectrum for them.

The modern Right has evolved far from the Conservatives, and I believe some redefining is in order.

I believe in full equality between men and women. I believe everybody should have control over their own bodies to do with them what they please- including and not limited to using whatever chemical compounds they desire.

I believe in the right to suicide. I believe in the right to abortion should it be needed. I believe contraception is important, and so is education.

10 years ago these things made me a leftie feminist. I didn’t change my opinions that much, but it seems that what changed pushed me from one end of the spectrum to the other.

There are a lot of people whose values are close to mine. They define themselves as classical liberals. Far be it from me to tell them how to define themselves, but I find the term and concept of liberalism so utterly condescendent that I can’t possibly abide it.

I believe in science and evidence- which is why I find the Global Warming cum Climate Change a bunch of bullshit- the evidence doesn’t support the assertion the visible changes in climate experienced worldwide are necessarily human caused.

I am an atheist because I was raised as one and I never had the God need in my mind. However, I understand that some people need to believe, and i respect them. My study of history- one of my 6 degrees is a BA in History- taught me that Christianity is a fundamental part of Western civilization.

I believe in Evolution and I grew up amongst Biology and Genetics books- Genetics has been one of my areas of interests since I was 10. Because of that, I have issues with people claiming race is a social construct- especially since in order to maintain the current scientific paradigm of "out of Africa" a lot of data needs to be quietly discarded. Every day we get more data regarding our origins, and not only does it seem as we evolved from a species parallel to Australopithecus Afarensis, but also that most of us Europeans are descendants of the Iberian enclave.

When the data shows that interracial transplants are high risk and the rate of stem cell transplant compatibility between someone of European descent and someone of African descent is as low as 19%, I have issues believing that we are exactly the same.

I believe in democracy- and I have seen how awful it is having to implement it in a country with different values, even when said values are part of the Pan European culture. Turns out democracy only works for a certain kind of country- rich, Western and at it for a long time. Many of the Western democracies are deeply undemocratic in certain areas, and those who go as far as possible to chanse the democracy pipedream are currently dealing with what happens when a bunch of aggressive allogens enter your country and are given the right to vote.

I believe in multiculturalism which is why I support everybody’s right to their own culture, and that includes the Pan European culture which so many so called proponents of multiculturalism want quashed because it just happens to be more advanced than any other culture on Earth and the descendants of the lesser ones are feeling inferiority complexes because of our achievements.

I believe in achievement as opposed to identity- as a top quintile UK taxpayer who’s a Eastern European immigrant, female and autistic.

I believe my freedom ends where the next personšs freedom begins.

I believe in family as the most important cell of our Civilization. I believe white children have the right to enjoy their ancestors’ achievements and live in safe environments, yet the only place I've seen white children being able to play safely in the streets is in a small corner of the Netherlands.

All of things make me an extremist and a Right winger. That I may be, but I’m not a conservative.

I am Alt Right.

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