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Democracy is working pro Islam and against us

There are still people who think that we can stop Islam democratically. Unfortunately, a fast look at what’s happening in Europe says otherwise.

Because you see, democracy is a doubled edged sword- it cuts on both sides. Your enemies have rights too, and they have been using the very democracy and the civilization we have worked so hard to build to bring it down, using the rights we were stupid enough to give them.

Because all they have to do is come in and pretend to integrate, stay quiet long enough to get their European passports then start making demands.

And democratically speaking, we can’t  do a damned thing about it.

In the UK we already have Muslim politicians who are already showing their true colours- see Sadiq Khan who should probably be trialled and jailed for the incredible damages he’s  been causing to London and the UK as a whole.

It is deeply interesting and troubling that the stopping of “Stop and Search” in London immediately led to a huge increase in crime- knife crime and acid attacks have increased tremendously and Sadiq Khan seems to not really care about it.

One has to wonder whether this was his aim all along, since this sort of atmosphere is more conducive to white flight out of London. His own career being based on the nonwhite vote, Sadiq needs as few white Brits in London as possible, and he has already shown that he doesn’t regard himself bound to the rules and laws of the UK.

This is ONE Muslim politician. Islam is currently controlling London, and censoring the Internet seems a higher priority than combating acid and knife attacks. 

This is part of the stealth cultural war Islam has been waging upon the west. It’s happening right now, and many of our politicians are aiding and abetting it.

It’s strange since some of the politicians who are aiding this process are the same who spoke against it years ago. Angela Merkel is one of the best examples for it, top the point where I had to ask myself “Who got to Merkel”.

Theresa May went from somebody who managed to game the system incredibly well to a bumbling mess. One has to wonder how does this even happen.

The thing you need to understand is that it can’t be fought democratically. Each and every party will look at the Muslim vote block and appease them. We are seeing this in the UK and everywhere there is a Muslim minority, and before the last UK GE there has been a Muslim group openly making demands in exchange for their votes.

You can’t strip these people of their citizenship if they aren’t terrorists. You may be able to stop those with dual citizenship, but let’s be honest nobody’s gonna prefer a Moroccan passport to a Dutch one. They’ll just dump them and you have the same problem- a group that votes and has a strong group identity who will vote against any measure taken against them, and whom the politicians will have to try and appease.

And if you try to do anything about it? They will take you to court and your public defence funds will pay for their rights to overthrow yours.  It’s already happening.

Democracy is currently working against the West because the Westerners didn’t realize everybody is as civilised as they are.

Of course, Britain has probably just managed to make it out of the EU in time. For the countries staying in the EU the problem will be bigger- because it’s out in the open that Brussels wants the EU to be a federal state.

And when the vote for that happens, you’ll notice the people you took in will vote against the interests of your country, because they have no ties to it and their allegiance to the Ummah is more important that the idiots who decided to take them in.

As I have stated before, you can oppose and stall the Islamization with legal means, but they’re breeding more than you and will continue to do so.

And even if every one of you gets married today and starts breeding? It won’t be enough to counter the deadly effect of feminism and liberal propaganda on European fertility.

This is why you need to get yourselves into the mindframe that what you still have, the European civilization, should be defended at all costs. That the enemy doesn’t care about your ethical qualms and the only way to stop it in order to have a democracy to leave to your kids is to be ready to get your hands dirty.

You need to vote in the politicians willing to get their hands dirty. You need to start organizing and defending yourselves. You need to actively work to protect your women and children.

You need to accept that laws have to be changed to prevent this, and you need to vote in the people willing to do just that.

Because if you don’t you might as well kill yourselves now. It will probably be easier.

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