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The Politics of Anger

One of the most insidious and horrid things that have been happening in the past 50 years was the pathologization of natural emotions. It ONLY happened to White Westerners, and it did a huge and horrid number on us as a society.

Because guess what? It’s OK to be angry. Actually a case can be made that anger is a healthy display of emotion. Pretending things are OK when the whole world is falling apart around you however… that’s what is sick. Being insensate and hiding your dumb head in a pillow is not being socially adjusted, it’s being an idiot with no survival instincts.

The famous Furor Germanica is responsible for half of Europe’s history. The uncouth German tribes that killed Varus’ legions in the Teutoburgic Forest?  That is anger. They took on the might of the Roman Empire at its peak and won so hard Augustus ordered the Romans to never cross the Rhine.

It’s OK to be angry. It’s GOOD to be angry because anger is fuel for change. But instead of throwing it at the people around you, try focusing it and using it where it matters.

Anger works. Anger fuels revolutions and is an incredible catalyst for social change. Anger is righteous, anger is good for the soul. It’s good to let things out instead of keeping them bottled inside, as long as you let them out at the right things.

Identify the reason for your anger. Use your anger.

But here’s what happened. In the gigantic fuckuppery inflicted on our minds in the 20th century, natural and healthy emotions were somehow transformed into shameful things that needed treatment.

Anger, a natural human emotion, became a mental illness that needed to be treated with mood altering chemicals. Fear, another natural human emotion, was renamed anxiety and everybody was piled the fuck up and turned into a walking vegetable because feeling things is a bad thing.

If you’re white.

The attack on our civilization and society started with the attack on our minds and it continues. Healthy children who were curious and daring suddenly found themselves being labelled with the pseudo illness ADHD and drugged to their gills.

Because it’s a bad thing for white people to look around them and realise there’s a concerted action to destroy them. So let’s try to change them into mindless numb automatons by telling them their emotions are sick and the best way to be is a do one thing at a time robot.

We’re being told we should be “tolerant” as long as you’re white you should be tolerant because Tolerance is such a wonderful thing. Bullshit. Tolerance is a medical term, and it means “the amount of a poison a body can take and survive”.

We are supposed to tolerate the toxicity around us until it kills us. Fuck that.

It’s OK to be angry. Being angry at your current situation s how you get yourself going to make changes. Being angry at how your society is being destroyed by barbaric alogens is what you need to start kicking them out.  

This is one of the most insidious battles in the long running culture wars, and it’s happening in your mind. Everywhere around you they’ve told you that your emotions are symptoms of an illness and you should be an obedient soulless machine. You’re supposed to cure your unruly emotions with depravity and shopping.

By suppressing your emotions you are allowing the power that be to control your mind. Suppressing your feelings makes you weak and unfocused.

You are supposed to FEEL. You’re supposed to dream and desire and hate. You’re supposed to be angry.

You’re not mentally ill for being angry. You’re sane. If the state of the world doesn’t make you angry, that is when you should be concerned that something’s wrong with you.

The white man’s anger is a powerful thing. This is why we’ve been told to inhibit it. You’re not depressed, you are angry at the injustice inflicted on you.

It’s OK to be angry at those who have wronged you. It’s OK to rise and take justice in your own hands. Anger is righteous.

Your first step from becoming a better human being and claiming your purpose and mental health back from the people who are trying to turn us into mindless zombies is to accept and channel and focus your anger.

If you’re not angry when  your kids are being raped and murdered, you’re not being tolerant or a good person, you are mentally ill sociopath.  You should be angry. You should revel in your anger and do something about it.

If the object of your anger is in your past and you can’t do anything about it, try channelling your anger onto something useful. If you need to talk to someone about your anger, by all means get the therapy you need and learn how to live with your anger. Learn how to control and channel it- it’s a great source of energy. Aim it at a purpose and let it flow.

But don’t let them turn you into a vegetable. 

Be angry with a purpose.  And by all means do something about it.

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