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Eastern Europe at the crossroads

Yesterday the EU announced they will take measures against Poland- remove their right to vote on EU decisions and such because the Poles have had the audacity to vote in a party that doesn’t follow the Western liberal dogma.

This is hilarious. While we already know that the EU leaders are so caught up in the reciprocal fart smelling competition that is Brussels, for us Eastern Europeans this is starting to become less and less threatening and more and more ridiculous.

The EU thinks that we are somehow beholden and dedicated to the concept of the united Europe. They might regard it as being a desirable thing… but while their bullshit might fly with stupid kids and dumbed down Westerners, it doesn’t fly with us.

Because we know what Europe is, and in truth we’re only in it for the money. Because we’ve been forced to. We aren’t beaten down like the Germans nor naïve enough to forget that Europe has never really been our friend unless it served its interests.

Most of us never wanted to join the EU to begin with, and many of those who did at the time did it because we’d been lied to.

We were sold this beautiful lie of Europe as the land of milk and honey, opportunity without borders and a chance for a better life.

Somewhere else. Which is why Eastern Europe has been seeing  up to half of its adult population moving to the West and setting up house there.

And why wouldn’t we? We gave up communism on promises of prosperity and freedom only to see our countries pillaged by the European businessmen, our jobs gone and ourselves reduced to myrthless wage slaves, when jobs could be found.

It’s a truth nobody in the West understands- we didn’t want to join the EU, we were forced to after the EU barged onto our countries and proceeded to buy out and bankrupt our businesses.

Our countries were prey, and the chance to a better life we were promised was just the great opportunity to move and work in the West, for the West’s prosperity. That’s all Europe always wanted of us, cheap work and new markets for the failing economies that are the core of the EU.

We were promised equality but we’re still the poor relatives at the end of the table.

And now Europe wants to force us to destroy our countries by allowing in the same scum we fought to keep out for half a millennia.

And that is where we draw the line, because being in a failed trade block who just wants to order us around isn’t worth it.

In its hunger for more cheap work and markets for the failed German products and non competitive French ones the EU hurrying to take in countries that not only weren’t ready, but also weren’t tremendously willing to join either.

I never voted for Romania to join the EU. Nobody asked us. It was just assumed we’d want to, but the people never voted for it.

Is there any wonder a full third of Romanians would embrace the return of Communism with open arms? Our type of Communism ( well socialism technically) had become one that was suited to our needs- a country on the edge of civilization with local realities Westerners could never even begin to comprehend. 

Because the flimsy prosperity that allows people enough money to buy cheap colourful plastic and more harmful than nutritious EU made food comes at the price of our history, our identity and our dignity. Our culture and our morals.

And we don’t like it.

And we know the EU doesn’t care about us, so we don’t care about it either.  We’re in it for the money because we learned early the myth was a lie and that we were never meant to be anything more than indentured servants to Germany’s prosperity.

When Europe decided to break itself apart in 2015 by importing the scum of the world into our midst, we knew what would happen. Because unlike the spoiled and reckless Western nations, we had spent the past 500 years fighting Islam. They pillaged and raped and destroyed out countries century after century, and  we kept fighting back.

There isn’t much of a difference between being a borderland of the Ottoman Empire and one of the EU- we pretend to bow our heads for the sake of peace, but we aren’t dedicated to the project and as soon as opportunity appears, we’ll look after our own interests.

Because the West whom we defended from Islam for centuries looks down on us, those who spilled our blood so they could build cathedrals.

The time when Eastern Europe bled for Western Europe is long gone.  We learned it after WW2. It won’t happen again.

For 12 years Hungary has been part of the EU, while openly flaunting every EU directive they could. Hungary and Bulgaria stopped the Balkan route of fake refugees into Europe, by building walls and keeping the barbarian hordes at bay.

Hungary has made it very clear that their appurtenance to the EU is one of interest, and the EU never had the balls to press on the proud sons of the steppe.

If Poland is being leaned on, Europe might live to learn that we are a lot prouder than it thinks. We still know who we are- we might be hungry and poor but we still have a national identity and pride.

The dangly shinies of the decadent West are not good enough for us to renounce our identity. Not that the powers that turned the west into a bunch of eunuchs aren’t trying, but we’re made of harder stuff.

Poland might need the EU economically, but they won’t give up their national pride and Christian values for the West’s oestrogen and depression. Poland will probably leave, and if it does, Hungary and Slovakia will follow.

It’s going to take a while. It’s going to be a long and protracted process, but Brussells doesn’t realise whom it’s dealing with. We know how to defend ourselves and we have means of dealing with dictators.

We defend our poverty and our need and our kin.

But we do it with our heads up. We’ve always been poor, and a full belly isn’t worth bowing our heads.

We might be living in your lands but we are not beholden to you. We will help and work together with friends, but if the price for that is betraying who and what you are, you can take your measly jobs and toxic food and shove them.

And when the day comes that Eastern Europe will decide to leave the crumbling empire, it wont be just us.

Britain has already started and It’s very likely the Netherlands are going to want a different  deal. A prosperous and intrepid nation, they’ve long been aiming to shake off the chain. The people who dug their country up from the sea know they deserve better than to keep on paying for German idiocy and French laziness. Like all trade nations, like the UK, the Netherlands is learning fast the future is not in a crumbling super state but in the open seas of the world.

Austria, German in language but not in spirit, will have to choose between remaining Austria or succumbing to the common death of islamization Germany brought upon us. And by the look of it, they’ve had enough, and they’re about to deploy troops to the Brenner pass, to stop the constant influx of economic parasites into their lands.

Italy is fast learning the EU never cared about them and their politicians are scum, and it wont be long until they start shooting on the African ferrying NGO ships that bring the world’s scum into Europe.

The Netherlands will want to look after its own elders and children instead of paying for Merkel’s pet migrants.

The EU is now the enemy, and people are waking up.

I have no doubt Eastern Europe will leave in block when push comes to shove.

But we won’t be alone.

And if we have to beat Germany up for the third time in a century? We might just have to make it final this time.

We don’t hate Europe. But we won’t give up who we are for its sake. If it wants to destroy itself it’s free to do so, but we can stop barbarian hordes whether they come from the South, east or West.

But if the free people of Europe will rise, if they want to work together to clean our lands, to trade and be friends like we were promised, like we were meant to be, eastern Europe will stand and fight and trade with them.

Free people can work together and be friends. But like everyone who ever tried to enslave, the EU is about to find out just what bad slaves we make.

You’d have thought 2 world wars started in Eastern Europe would have been enough of a lesson, but obviously not.

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