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Borderlands - Italy can burn

The concept of borderlands is an old and established one in the current civilization cycle.  It’s been working for a long time- an empire /kingdom etc places troops onto the edge of its territory in order to keep the enemy out. The borderland occupies an interesting point in our mythos as a civilization because it’s not only the garrison that keeps the rest of the kingdom safe, it’s also the interface through which said kingdom and the outside world interact. Borderlands might not be very safe but they are lands of opportunity for the adventurous, commercial havens and generally interesting places.

The central authority dispatches military might to keep the borders safe and the borderland has a life of its own with newcomers and locals mixing.  The military commanders are respected authority figures but laws are a lot less strict than in the centre, but nobody is underestimating the importance of the borderland to the safety and prosperity of the kingdom.

The EU is for all intents and purposes a modern empire, and it has its own borderlands. And laws that are supposed to make it the obligation of said borderlands to protect the rest of the empire from intruders.

However, we’re having a problem, namely that some of the south eastern borderlands have been failing to do their job and as a result we are flooded with angry violent and entitled third world migrants who are not only a huge burden on the citizens of the EU empire but also threatening their livelihood, their safety and the whole integrity of said empire.

The borderlands in question are Italy and Greece, and should they have done their job as borderlands and used the funds allotted to them to guard and protect entrance in the free circulation Schengen space and/or EU, life for the average European would be a lot easier than it is.

Italy has always been a huge economical shambles. It’s been like that for a while due to endemic corruption, a less than adequate work ethic and authorities who are busier with firefighting than building.

In the past years however, Italy had found a rather interesting money making gimmick- human trafficking into the richer and more organized EU centerlands.

The way it worked is that African migrants who made it across the Mediterranean would automatically be granted legal migrant status into Italy and would be cheerfully waved through towards North and West while taking EU funds to shelter feed and register said migrants.

Nobody wants to stay in Italy, and Italy for years ignored its duties as an EU/Schengen borderland to register and process the new arrivals under the rules of the Dublin 2 Act then decide their fate and relocate them accordingly.

But while more than happy to take the money, Italy refused to do its job. It just gleefully waved the invaders through and remained fairly unaffected because again nobody wants to stay in Italy when there’s a chance to get to the generous welfare systems of Germany, France, UK and Sweden.

So Italy just gleefully waved them through, and that combined with the demise of the well organised Libya meant that Italy became a mirage entrance into the rich empire, and not its guarded gate.  So more and more people traffickers aimed the greedy economic migrants from the bowels of Africa at Italy, and then accidents started happening because said people traffickers don’t give a flying fuck about health and safety.

So of course that means a lot of leftie bleeding hearts decided the poor migrants- economic migrants nota bene, as in not in any way entitled to come to the EU- should be picked up from the middle of the Med, and they started sending ships to rescue said migrants from the sea, to the point where they’re being picked up from the actual sight of the African coast.

Of course, Italy could’ve stopped this madness by putting serious limits on the number of people these ships can bring it, but for a few years now it chose not to, because it got EU funds to look after said migrants.

Which of course emboldened the people traffickers because they don’t even need to bring their passengers into Europe anymore- which means their costs are lowered and they can increase their operations- and keep in mind they are charging each and every one of these people a few thousand dollars a head.

By way of comparison, we have Hungary, a landlocked state and the eastern borderland of the Schengen space. Hungary started building a border wall at  its eastern border with Romania a few years ago, just as the trickle of eastern migrants started to turn into a stream.

Hungary and Italy have the same legal obligations as borderlands of the Schengen space- they have to control access to the centerlands, process the asylum seekers and stop the economic migrants.

Which Hungary has done, and its wall almost singlehandedly stopped the Balkan route of the “Syrian” rapefugee influx of 2015. Because once it worked for Hungary, Serbia and Bulgaria and Croatia followed suit , built walls and long story short, there’s no more Balkan route worth mentioning.

Furthermore, when they got to Hungary they actually got catalogued and made to apply for status etc. And Hungary’s prime minister the rather ominously awesome Viktor Orban made it very clear that Hungary was  doing its job as per the treaties it had signed because in Eastern Europe we understand the concept of borderlands and the power of treaties and we respect them.

And Hungary stood on like a bulwark… until Germany demanded Hungary breaks the EU laws and lets the barbaric horde in.

The results are known and hundreds/thousands of people in Western Europe have bene paying for it with their money, life and body integrity.

And if the EU was actually a functional empire, the people who asked for the laws to be broken would be dragged out of their seats of power and maybe put in prison… albeit I’d personally prefer them ending their murderous existence back against a wall.

But no, Merkel is still de facto if not de jure leader of Europe , and the plague she inflicted on us is still here and getting worse.

But that’s just the Hungarians being law abiding Europeans.

Italy had no problem with not doing so until said migrants stopped going through Italy that fast and it started feeling the consequences of its actions.

And how does Italy react? Does it change its policy of accepting everyone who reaches its shores as a legal migrants? No, because that would lose them their EU funds.

So the Italian authorities are complaining that the law abiding EU members tale in some of the vermin they let in. I mean hey, let’s share the misery because we can’t possibly be bothered to enforce the law.

Is there any surprise that Austria, victim of Germany’s idiotic policies and Italy’s selfishness, invaded by barbarians who regard the rape of children as normal and acceptable in case of “sexual emergency”, is considering closing its border with Italy at the Brenner Pass?

Austria is in the right here.

Italy is just a parasite, and it deserves everything it’s getting.

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