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Blood and Land

One of the weird things I noticed about some of my Western friends is that some of them had no concept of the importance of land. Not land as a property. Land as a concept. The place you live on. The place your ancestors live on. Where your ancestors spilled their blood. Where they lived, they built, they died.

All of the people who espouse these ideas have something interesting in common- none of them knows history. Most of them don’t even regard it as something that is important to know. Some of them were of the Refugees Welcome persuasion, and at least 2 of them ended up dead at the hands of the people they were so eager to get in.

The people who learned and understand history understand why land is important. Why your home is important. They also understand that the privilege the left is so eager to condemn and deride is nothing but the work of our ancestors.

Because this is about our ancestors. They built Europe. Each and every one of the rights and “privileges” we have or still have are owed to someone of our own bloodline spilling their blood for them. Wars were fought and lives were laid down for them.

And that blood matters.

Expecting people who were incapable of defending their own lands to respect ours is stupid, and this is what we are witnessing today in the besieged Europe. The waves of economic migrants coming over aren’t coming to integrate and respect what our ancestors fought and died for. They are coming to take it, because they have been told by the dumber amongst us that the mere fact their ancestors were too lazy and too stupid to build countries and civilizations means they are entitled to the work and blood of our ancestors.

They aren’t, and this needs to stop.

Europe isn’t ours. It was built and defended by our ancestors, and we have it on loan from our children and grandchildren.  We don’t get to give it away, and as it happens most of the people so eager to give it away to people who’d turn it into a sea of slums and shacks like the ones they left behind are people with no kids and no investment in the future.

I’m European. I walk the lands my people defended from Islam for 500 years. My privilege was bought with blood. One of my ancestors was executed with his four sons for refusing to convert to Islam. My great greatparents bled in the fight against it from Kossovopolje to Plevna.

I’m an European from the Danube and the Black Sea and I walk the lands my people defended. The cathedrals the West built were possible because my people defended the safety of the West.

Blood is important.

When the first Muslims attacked the West, It took centuries to kick them out completely. Everything we stand for, everything we achieved happened because we kicked them out of our lands. Otherwise we’d be just another shithole like each and every Muslim country in the world is.

1385 years ago, Charles Martel kicked them out from the North of France. It took another 700 years to remove them from Western Europe. In Eastern Europe we fought them off from 1389 until 1878. 500 years. 

We didn’t lay down our arms for 500 years. Romanians, Serbs, Hungarians, Austrians, Russians, Poles, we stood in front of the waves and fought them back. We withdrew to fight another day then attacked again. We burned our homes and crops so the invaders couldn’t have them.

This is why this immigrant from eastern Europe gets to live in the West. I already paid my dues to Europe. And I continue to do it every day.

But the West forgot. They allowed the plague to take over their schools and indoctrinate their children into forgetting who they are. Those children are the ones who today claim land and blood don’t matter, and we need to uproot the disease from our ranks before we can defend ourselves.

This needs to stop.

This is why the attack on the West happened first in schools, because the Westerners had to be made to forget the blood of their ancestors. The siege of Europe has been long planned, and this might just be its final act.

But most of us don’t forget our ancestors who bled for the land. And we won’t be giving it up to the savages just because they are too stupid and lazy to build their own cathedrals.

This is the truth that every European needs to understand- that we don’t owe the scum of the world anything. You want a better life? Build it for yourselves like we did.

You don’t get to complain that we won’t let you in our homes- those we allowed in before are working a bit hard to destroy them.

You aren’t entitled to the shelter you didn’t build, and you don’t get to complain you aren’t allowed in just because you’re too lazy and stupid and cowardly to build your own.

I don’t care about your “suffering” in a migrant camp in a safe country just because you’d rather go to another safe country who just happens to have better benefits. You’re a beggar and beggars don’t get to choose. If you don’t like it, fuck off back where you came from.

And if your death stops the next wave of leeches from coming over? It’s worth it.

Because we did take you lot in, and you murdered us and raped our women as gratitude.

No more.

The year is 2017. You will remember it as the year the West learned to stand on its feet again.

The year of the Crusade.

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