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The War On Reality

Contrary to what some people believe, the press has never been free nor impartial. It’s always been serving somebody’s interests, even as far as 300 years ago when the first newspapers were being born.

Why? Because the news presented to you and the manner in which they are presented alter your perception of reality. Humans base their decisions on facts and beliefs, so whoever gets to influence said facts and beliefs controls how you see the world and can directly influence your actions.

Of course, back in the day there was still some investigative journalism being done, but most of the times getting the truth has always been a matter of looking at all evidence and making your mind up accordingly. And since most people don’t actually do that, because it tends to be a rather longwinded process… the result is that too many are still trusting 3rd party sources to give them the truth. As in the press.

So why are you even surprised the press is corporatized and sold? Truth is, media has been struggling to make money in forever, and advertisement has always been a form of open bribery towards the media.

So all you have to do to understand who’s controlling your reality is have a look at any media outlet’s sponsors.

In the so called golden age of media, newspapers used their considerable power and influence to challenge the powers that be- and not for free. The large buildings some of the old newspapers like NYT are occupying for decades weren’t paid for with hard worked money but with bribes and advertisements, and those who refused to pay the media protection tax were tarnished recklessly and mercilessly.

However, those times soon changed as soon as the real power that be realised that the media couldn’t pay for itself from sales anymore and needed said bribe money to survive.

The media used to have a pretty cosy relationship with power and money. While in the beginning this was pretty innocuous and discreet, the arrival of TV changed the dynamics in which newspaper owners were little gods to be worshipped and paid off.

TV was the big challenge- why would people buy any sort of newspaper when they got the news from the TV, in the comfort of their own home, and had already paid for it anyway? Nobody would consider newspapers and magazines to be priority expenses and the printed media soon dwindled to the status of luxury.

So they had to rely on advertisements more, which made them easy prey for those who wanted to impose certain views on the population at large. Which means that those interested in pushing said views could go farther and farther unchecked- since in our idiocy we always believed the media was responsible for checking its own facts.

Of course, the amusing part about it being that this cosy relationship is dying the death of 1000 papercuts in the age of independent newscasters and content creators. The legacy media’s power came only from the fact they had a monopole on reality, and the death of that paradigm is why we’re seeing so many ridiculous outbursts from so called journalists in every environment possible.

The investigative reporter has died long ago, and most of those passing themselves as journalists nowadays are just mouthpieces for whatever worldview they’re paid to spew. As such, they are indeed under constant threat from citizen journalism, which is what the numerous independent content creators of all colours and shapes are.

However it has become obvious the mainstream media is just a tool to manipulate the masses when we have seen each and every news outlet pushing the exact same lies, and the views contradicting said lies being punished and deplatformed.

The gig is up, and they know it. What we see today is not a bunch of rogue journos scrambling to stay relevant. We’re seeing an entire system (whose only purpose was to manipulate society into accepting a certain view) collapsing, and panicking about said collapse without even understanding what brought it on.

When YouTube was started, nobody expected it to become a form of alternative media. Why?

Because the old media regard themselves as a caste far above the rank and file of the average Joe. Never in their minds entered the possibility a bunch of people with computers and opinions would decide dethrone them, and furthermore that the average Joe will be happier to listen to someone who isn’t one of them than to, for example, Anderson Cooper or any other polished and manicured bullshit peddler.

With their lies and manipulation, of course they’re panicking and screeching. Of course they will use whatever remnants of power they have to try and stop the wave of independent journalism.

But see, they’re just the foot soldiers. Stupid and dangerous and poisonous as they are, they aren’t the real enemy. The real enemy is behind them- the people who paid them to normalise the destruction of the family, depravity and idiocy in order to destroy our society.

Those are the enemies, but as it happens, with the advent of open communication it’s harder and harder for those powers to keep their masks on. George Soros is just one of them, but there are more.

Remember people, these people only get to control your reality because you let them. You can free yourself from their clutches by doing something as simple as turning off your TV and no longer buying their expensive rags.

These are the people who made you think you weren’t good enough. The ones who peddled the grass is always greener bullshit that ruined so many families. The ones that normalised depravity and deviance. The ones who keep the corrupt politicians in power.

The ones who act as if the mass rapes and crimes committed by the Muslim invaders don’t happen or are just isolated incidents.

The ones that tell you everything Is bad, you can’t ever do anything right especially if you’re a man, and that the most advanced civilization on the planet should be destroyed to assuage the feelings of the inferior ones.

They only have the power you give them, and all you have to do is stop paying them to poison you.

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