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We Need To Talk About Google

 After the release of the googlememo, a lot of people were very rudely awakened from their delusions of Google as benevolent digital overlord. Many techfans have been clinging bitterly to the “don’t be evil” mantra as if repeating it for 12 times under full moon granted them total absolution.

Pretty much everybody is aware of what the googlememo consists from: A Google employee by the name of James Damore put together a 10 page memo with studies showing that the way Google positively discriminates in order to increase the representation of women and certain minorities in the workforce is not only not working but damaging, and explains that some of these effects are due to the innate differences between the two sexes in terms of interests, socialization and abilities.

A very good meta analysis of the studies done on gender differences by Heterodox Academy shows this to be true;.

However the ensuing shitstorm saw not just a various number of SJW employees at Google spitting their proverbial dummy because the heresy had been stated, but an all out war on the author, who ended up being fired because, I kid you not, some people interpreted his memo as an outright threat to their very existence.

This is the world we live in, and Damore is not the first guy to have this happen to him- only the latest and so far most prominent.

The fact that so many people jumped to make a mountain out of the molehill shows not just the level of utter divorce from reality these people live in, but a sad yet pertinent picture of the culture war being waged upon us.

Of course, Google have always been evil, because that’s what corporations do. However that’s not the point.

Google being evil is not remotely as important as Google being a shoddy business with only one source of income. Namely AdWords, and therein lies the problem.

Each and every one of Google’s other ventures have failed miserably. The main reason for that is an utter lack of understanding of one’s customers, and some pretty godawful usability issues. Google+ was a catastrophic error. Google Glass was a device nobody wanted not because it had no potential but because Google doesn’t understand its user base.

Youtube needs advertisers to survive, the same as the rest of Google. Which means that the entire Google ecosystem is of course vulnerable to the power of advertisers.

This is where Google exists now. It needs advertisers to survive, and by the looks of it the advertisers it gets want to use it the same they used everything other form of media to distort and alter the Western Culture.

The issue here isn’t google being evil and in thrall of mad SJWs.  Let’s be very clear about this- if the company didn’t want to submit to SocJus it would’ve cut these attempts in the egg.

But it has to. Google is obviously not acting alone in its attempts to manipulate its userbase.  The manipulated search results that constantly show all American inventors as black or all white women as having mulatto children although in reality they are a small minority aren’t Google being quirky- they are an attempt to normalize certain ideas that each and every one of the legacy media have been working hard to impose upon us.

Its sheer size makes Google vulnerable, and when you depend on advertisers you are at their hand and easy prey to those who need you to manipulate reality for your users.

The bad thing about GoogleMemo is not that apparently Google is in the thrall of SocJus. It’s the fact that Google, in its desperation of having been caught showing its true face, is carrying out some serious gaslighting upon the Internet. Not only that we see all sorts of media claiming lies about the contents of said memo (which at no point says women can’t work in tech), but we are witnessing concerted attempts to ensure that the very facts Damore cited in his memo are being hidden. The Wikipedia page about sexual dimorphism has been repeatedly altered in the recent days to ensure nobody actually finds the data that contradicts their narrative.

Big Youtubers who had the audacity to show that Damore’s facts were correct have been banned, and this will continue, because you don’t get to diss the master while making a living with his tools. Google’s evil relative Twitter hurried up to ban people who dared to discuss Google’s hypocrisy, amongst them the prominent moderate youtuber Sargon of Akkad.

This is more than SJW madness, this is a desperate scramble to close the barn’s door after the horse bolted out. The whole reason why Google is still vastly used is because we trust their search results. While in the industry we have long been aware Google’s algorithms are heavily edited to serve whatever results Google wants shown first, the general population is only slowly waking up to their dishonesty.

Which dishonesty is rather obvious when one looks at Youtube, another Google subsidiary who recently made quite a bit of a splash with its insane censorship of rightwing videos etc while keeping anti white racism, Antifa and communist videos on and continuing to monetize them.

It’s obvious Google is heavily invested in pushing their own version of reality upon the world, and they got found out.

So what do we do about it? Simple- we stop using Google.

If a serious amount of users stops using the search engine and Gmail and Youtube, Google will notice and while it’s unlikely they’ll be able to do anything to change, their grasp on information will have been weakened.

Google is not your friend. Google is your enemy together with each and every one outlet of mainstream media, and we need to cut them off by boycotting them.

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