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The Left killed 6 times more people than the Right

I am sick and tired of hearing western lefties claim that socialism is good in moderation. That’s just like saying cancer is good in moderation because you lose weight and it doesn’t hurt in the initial stages.

I was born and raised in Socialist Romania. Socialism was imposed upon my country by Russian tanks, and it took 11,000 patriots giving their lives to get rid of it.

As a child, one of my earliest experience was the knowledge that under no circumstances I was allowed to tell anyone what my parents discussed at home because this could mean the secret police Securitate will come over and take them away.

Listening to certain radio stations like Voice of America or Radio Free Europe was a guaranteed trip to prison. Listening to heavy metal music, even something as innocuous as wearing a band t shirt was giving any overzealous cop a permit to arrest you on the street and beat you up.

When it first happened to me, I was 13.

The party was in everything and everything was the party. The party activists were untouchable and above the law, and certain careers were closed to you if you weren’t a party member.

Food was scarce, because Romania went broke in 1981 and it had to take huge loans to survive. Therefore most of what the country produced went for export, and nothing was imported.

We had electricity 8 hours a day.

Healthcare was free, but the lack of equipment meant that a lot of people got AIDS from infected blood. Abortion was illegal, and the women who had illegal abortions and got infections would be denied care unless they denounced whoever helped them. Many women chose to de painfully in the septic wards than give up those who helped them.

The medical staff wasn’t allowed to help them. They tried, but police were always inside the hospital and helping one of these women could mean the nurse or doctor who tried would go to jail too.

I grew up without chocolate- the Romanian made one was pretty dire and hard to find, and foreign chocolate was very rare and expensive. We’d only get oranges or bananas at Christmas, assuming our parents could manage to get some in the infernal queues that formed.  There were no sweets on the shelves- no cakes in bakeries.

Bread, meat, oil, sugar, eggs were available on ration cards. That wasn’t a guarantee you’d get them. The stores were mostly empty, so everything you needed to buy meant you had to waste up to 12 hours in a queue. Sometimes us children were woken up at 5AM to wait in line.

We lived in a block of flats, and only had hot water 2 or 4 hours a week.

We lived in fear and cold. In the winter, we’d only have electricity from 5-8 AM ad then 8-12PM. You had to live in the cold and use petrol lamps to read or do your homework.

I had to climb the 7 sets of stairs to our flat in the darkness every day.

If you owned and read the wrong books you could be arrested. Everybody was spying on everybody else.  Your spouse, your kids, your neighbours, your grandparents, everybody could be a Securitate informer.

You couldn’t travel abroad, you weren’t even allowed to own a passport. If you tried to cross the border illegally, the border guards were free to shoot to kill or run you over with their motorboats if you tried to cross the Danube.

People disappeared all the time- and asking questions was a bad idea.

People who were thrown in prison were tortured and killed with impunity. Those who didn’t die were starved and forced to work.

Few reached the end of their sentences.

Very few people were allowed to own their homes.

Your private matters were public, and the party cell would openly discuss people’s personal issues like a family argument etc.

Education was free, but only if you had a healthy working class background. If you didn’t, you just weren’t allowed to go to University.

This I what socialism does everywhere it is instated. My childhood, awful as it was? still better than that the Venezuelan children have now, at least I didn’t have to eat my pets.

If you wanted a car? It would have to be one made in the Communist block. Second hand. If you wanted a Romanian car, you had to queue for years to get one, and it costed as much as a one bedroom flat.

When communism was forced upon us in the 40s and 50s a lot of people tried to fight it. They were chased down, shot, send to prison where they were tortured and murdered.

We remember their names and their deeds.

There are still a lot of people who disappeared and nobody knew what happened to them.


It terrifies me to see the West is openly accepting communism. That the 100+ million dead don’t matter and people are eager to give up their freedom to a system that has never worked anywhere.

They realised it can’t be imposed by bloody revolution so they creeped it in by small measures. The governments get more and more authoritarian, the bureaucracy more and more prevalent and the standard of life goes lower and lower.

Sweden, a country socialist in everything but name, is collapsing. A failed state that can’t afford to pay its cops or defend its citizens, where rabid migrants kill and rape with impunity while the local population is punished if they try to defend themselves.

Britain, after 13 years of Labour is a semi socialist state where rules and regulations are more important than people. Even now, when Labour have been out of power for 7 years. The famed NHS is wonderful if you fail to notice it takes months or years to see a specialist, that you won’t get the latest drugs and that you’re very likely to pick up some deadly bug in the hospital.


There are some people in the West who think socialism is a good idea. These people fall neatly in two categories- losers and those who exploit losers.

The loses think a closely regulated system like socialism will help them evade responsibility for their own lives. Some think socialism means they’d get to partake from others’ hard work when all the estates are divvied up.

It’s the politics of envy - those who can will make it under Capitalism, but those who can’t get themselves to the point where they think their own laziness and incompetence entitles them to part of the property of those who could make it.

That is the foundation of socialism. Making unfounded promises to losers.

It is also why the western working class has vastly abandoned the Left. People learned that at least under capitalism they can make what they want of their lives as long as they’re willing to work for it.

What the losers don’t understand is that the rich will always manage to leave. They were taken by surprise in 1917, but ever since they learned better.

They fail to understand they’re not going to get to partake in the sharing of others’ riches. Those are for party leaders. You’re a nothing.

If Socialism wasn’t so awfully good at killing people, I’d recommend letting the losers try it- it would sure as hell cull them.

But coming back from socialism is hard. Our countries in eastern Europe, 28 years after 89, are still no yet recovered from the nightmare. Corruption still plagues, the state institutions are weak and half of our adult population has left the country.


Ask yourselves, young and foolish beasts who think socialism would help you- if socialism is so good how come it never succeeded?  What cost in life and blood are you willing to pay for you laziness?

Because you’re only wanting socialism because you’re lazy. Spare me the equality bullshit- at the core of it there’s just the fact you’re too lazy to work for what you want.

It’s the reason no successful people are even socialists.

If you really need more, you should look at numbers- it’s a very simple metric. The Left’s boogieman, the KKK has last killed a man in 1980.

37 years ago. In the entirety of its existence- 120 years or so, the KKK has killed some 4000 people, and many of those were white.  More than 5000 black people were killed by other black people in the US in 2015 alone.

This isn’t about the KKK killing people, it’s about having a hammer to kick all white Americans with even if the last victim was a generation ago.

Fascists? Even if we consider Nazis as Fascists- they were not, and we accept all of the data on their victims- which doesn’t include war victims since that means dead of each side would have to be counted twice, their grand tally is maybe 15 million people. More than 70 years ago.


Communists killed over 100 million and they are continuing to do so.

Even if we discuss from a very cold point of view of let’s say the last 12 months - the tally is severely skewed towards the Left.

Micah Johnson, a BLM sympathizer, killed 5 policemen last year in Dallas.

Clayton Carter, a leftie activist, executed his neighbour Jennings on August 8 this year for being a Trump supporter.

James Hodgkinson, a Bernie Sanders fan, wounded an elected representative- Red Scalise and three other people on June 14th 2017.

Countless occasion of attacks on Trump supporters, women, veterans and innocent bystanders being attacked for their beliefs.

The right has one guy running over an Antifa member after his car was attacked.

So in deaths, we have the Left with 6 deaths versus the Right with one (which will probably be classified as vehicular manslaughter).

6 versus 1.

The same rate of killings Communism has versus “Fascism”.

When you say both sides are as bad, you’re saying the Left has the right to kill 6 times more people and get away with it because the Right killed people too, decades ago.

If that doesn’t bother you, see a doctor.

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