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Fighting Islamization On A Local Level

I wrote before about ways in which you can fight Islamization, however it seems more guidance is needed.

 There are several ways through which Islamization is currently being imposed on us. Each of them can be fought legally and non violently, at least as of now. If it is allowed to continue, that may soon no longer be an option.

However be aware that the effects of this will be at best to slow it down- it will continue to happen.

So in order to understand how to counter it, we need to look at how it is being achieved.

We have seen this in depth in the UK- Muslims come in, get citizenship, get into politics- almost always in left wing parties then start running for local authority positions.

This way they ensure their community’s interests are put first and they can exert a lot of pressure at local level.

Leftie parties across the West have already learned that the working class no longer trusts them. They will welcome the allogens and they will sell out the locals for votes.

Which means any requests from the Muslim community, no matter how ridiculous or illegal, will be granted. This is how you get approvals for mosques, community centres etc.

So how do you counter it?

You get more involved in your community. You go to local meetings. You pay attention to public consultations. You get involved. You run for a local councillor spot if needed.

Community is one of the most important components of the Western civilization, as opposed to the Muslim clannish society. The media and political assaults on our community life in the past 60 years are the reason we are where we are.

So you will need to step up. Take your community back. Go to local meetings and ask you friends and neighbours to join as well.

Most civilised countries require public discussions to be had wen new public buildings are to be erected in a neighbourhood. This sort of thing is announced either by posters or on the local authority’s website, or both.

By becoming involved with local politics, you will get your voice heard. You vote, and that matters. White Europeans are still a majority in Europe. Make your voice and vote count.

A lot of the decisions that have allowed Islamization to happen were made on local level. The decision to not pursue the groomers of Rotherham was made by a local council dominated by labour.

Now imagine what would have happened if there were some real patriots on that council. Imagine if there were enough of them to make a scandal. Imagine if there were enough of them to make it public.

It would’ve meant a lot less girls hurt.

 School decisions are also made at local level. Many UK schools last year started imposing halal food on all of their pupils without seeking the parents’ consent.

That is illegal.

However, it requires the whole community to fight it off.

Some kids are being forcefully indoctrinated into islam.  You can fight that.

Listen to your kids.

Go to school board meetings.



Laws still hold some sway in the West. You’re only losing rights because you aren’t fighting to keep them.

So, if you want to save your community, get involved in it. Stop being apathetic. Stop expecting the government or anyone else to do the right thing.

Start by being an involved citizen. Because there are many like you.

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