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Staying in Afghanistan

The world is a dangerous place.

This is one of the things civilians don’t get. Most of them live comfortably in their homes, in the quiet or not so quiet neighbourhood, and most of the time have no idea how much their day to day existence costs.

Most of the people living comfortably in first world nations fail to understand How much they take that comfort for granted. They believe that rule of law, property, and even something as primary as having a door you can lock behind you at night are unbelievable luxuries, that most of humanity doesn’t actually have.

These people believe a war is something you can walk out of, without repercussions. That things are black and white.

Very few people who have not seen war understand how complex the world is.

Over the past few days, Donald Trump announced that, after doing some serious thinking and research, he had decided to continue the US military presence in Afghanistan in order to try and finish the job there, but with a different scope and renouncing the “nation building” component of the previously doomed mission.

Trump even admitted that he had previously believed that pulling out of Afghanistan would have been the better solution, but after doing a lot of research had realised that was not the best way.

Of course, a lot of people disagreed and attacked him for it. All of those people have two traits in common: they are civilians, and they are stupid.

Civilians believe they have rights that are immutable and safe. Civilians believe that the mere fact they were born confers them these rights.

Of course, they are wrong.

The truth of the matter is that nobody has any rights inherent to them being born. Those rights have a lot to do with where you are born and the work your ancestors have done to ensure you are born in a place that believes in such rights.

Those rights are granted to you by the work and struggle and blood of your people. And if you don’t defend them, they will be lost to you, because you never truly had them to begin with.

This is a lesson the people of Europe had to learn recently. Turns out all of that nice security and rights and freedoms they thought they had are worth nothing to people not willing to play by the rules of western society. The people killed by terrorist attacks, raped and hurt, all believed they had rights and that they inhabit a society who owes it to them to protect them.

They were hilariously mistaken, and paid for that knowledge in blood.

Because, you see, society is a living organism. It can’t exist without people’s constant active involvement in it, and when you work so hard to break it down or just refuse to get involved in the life of your community, it breaks down. All of those things you take for granted take work, and a lot of that work consists from people choosing to serve in faraway lands because that’s the only way in which the baddies can be kept from your nice picket fenced gardens.

When you decided to withdraw from public life, you left room for the people who want to destroy your civilization- the villains, and the fools who believe everyone can have everything they want because it grows on a magical tree. They wrecked it, and this is why nowadays you are no longer safe in Western Europe or in many parts of the US.

Because you allowed it to happen. Because you’ve been so stupid and lazy and careless that you thought you could sleep on your ancestors’ work and just enjoy the rights you didn’t earn.

You were wrong.

The peace you have enjoyed for most of your lives is an illusion, and it’s broken now.

That illusion is known as Pax Americana. It has been going on for decades and it’s basically the US spending a lot of money and a lot of troops to keep an illusion of peace and stability so the world can go on and grown, hoping that eventually the places and nations that are not functioning will come to some way of functioning without external influence.

Because most of the world, little chikuns, isn’t safe, and isn’t stable. It’s also not inhabited by people who like you very much, and with the advent of technology and cheap flight, a lot of these people can get a lot closer to your secure homes than you’d like.

This means sometimes you have to help a strongman stay in power because he will take care of his people and keep an area stable. Sometimes it means you have to put troops somewhere to keep a bunch of idiots from killing and eating each other.

Ghaddafi’s Libya was safe and prosperous and its people were looked after until Hillary Clinton and Obama decided it was better to take bribes from local villains and destroy that.

The result of the breaking of Libya is having a lot of Africans invade Europe where they kill and rape and pillage the stupid Europeans who thought they were safe and had rights.

For decades, all over the world, American troops spilled their blood to make unstable regions a little more stable so that the carnage and pain didn’t spill into the clean neat lives of the people at home. More or less successful, this has kept most people in the West safe.

Not anymore.

When America had that hilarious moment of collective insanity and elected a polished snake oil salesman to the position of most powerful man on Earth, the people dumb enough to vote for him expected him to magically fix everything that was wrong with their lives and the world. They thought Obama could magic jobs and homes and money out of thin air and that the whole world could put its arms down and succumb to his oily charms.

People have this annoying habit of not realising that just because they’re stupid, doesn’t mean everyone else is.

Obama is one of these very stupid people. He thought you could just withdraw from a war zone and it would have no serious consequences- so he pulled most US troops out of Iraq. An area that was volatile and full of long standing interethnic and religious conflicts overnight lost the one force of stability it had.

The result is ISIS. The result of that is a very very unsafe world today. Because a bunch of cretinous cunts decided to elect a moron.

Said moron went on to wreck several long standing and functional ME countries because they didn’t quite met the criteria of “democracy” so much loved by Leftie goons. Because, of course, said goons are far too stupid to understand that not all people are the same, not all cultures are the same, and what you call democracy is a toy for the rich that even after 200 years of trying most of the oh so enlightened nations of the West are still getting it wrong.

So what chance would a people of significantly less education in a society very different in customs and beliefs from the West have to make democracy work just because a bunch of idiots tell them they should?

Not so much. The result is the horrid mess of Iraq, Libya and Egypt.

And now the mess has arrived on our shores and the idiots still don’t understand that everything they take for granted is very fragile, and it takes a lot of work and a lot of blood to keep going.

It would be EASY to withdraw from Afghanistan. Trump could do it if he was an imbecile, and the large host of imbeciles that make our society would be happy about it, because they’re too stupid to see anything beyond the tip of their own nose. He could chase an ephemeral surge in popularity and let the problem get worse.

And if he was a lesser man, he’d do that. But he isn’t. He is a guy who understands actions have consequences, which makes him smarter than 95% of the Westerners.

Withdrawing from Afghanistan would be gifting it to ISIS- giving them yet another base from which they can attack the fledgling democracies in the area.

It would be an incredibly bad idea.

Because your lives and rights and picket fences aren’t worth shit if ISIS is to continue to exist, and ISIS isn’t even the only enemy the West has.

ISIS needs to be stopped, and it is because of that the US troops need to stay in Afghanistan, only they need to chase ISIS instead of appeasing local “chieftans” with stone age morals and tolerating the local corruption morass of the area.

This is why Trump mentioned Pakistan. You can’t just chase ISIS from Afghanistan when they have free reign and pass in Pakistan, and in truth Pakistan is the biggest cancer.

Because, likkle chikuns, Pakistan has nukes. If the ISIS influence isn’t removed from that area and from the Pakistani government, it will soon come that the people who want you all dead because you aren’t worshipping a delusional goatfucker from the 7th century will have the means to get rid of you and everything you hold dear, permanently.

And the only thing standing between that and you is a bunch of people in uniform and the guy in the Oval Office

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