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The word isn’t mine. A close friend and ally uses it, because, like me, he is also an orphan.  He’s told me at great length how visible it is for a man/boy raised without a father, that another man/boy also has no daddy. How there is an invisible stamp on all kids deprived of their fathers.

Fathers are very important.

We know that one of the keys to the success of Western civilization is monogamy. What isn’t remotely getting said enough is that the direct reason for our culture are our daddies.

Monogamy does that. A man knows his kids and will be there for them. While the mother is responsible for a child’s material survival, we need our fathers to look after our psychological well being. Fathers are there to protect us. Fathers are there to teach us things. Fathers are there to show us the world and protect us while we learn its ways.

The simple fact that so many criminals come from fatherless homes is evidence that a child’s mental health and success are directly dependent on having a father.

And in the past 60 years there has been a cultural war carried out on fatherhood, or to be precise on WHITE fatherhood.

Because white fatherhood is involved with kids. White fatherhood is about protection and love and ensuring the children go up to be good members of society.

White dads are crucial to producing well adjusted children who will have values and ethics.

And this is why the powers that be have worked so hard to remove white fatherhood. This is why they presented our dads as useless buffoons and alcoholic creeps.

This is why they are shilling so hard to normalize homosexuality, a biological aberration.

Because people without fathers are weak and imbalanced. Easier to manipulate and control and defeat.

In order for them to destroy our civilization they needed to destroy our identity, culture and religion. So first they attacked religion in order to make divorce and depravity normal. Then they attacked the family to deprive white children of the mental strength and support of their fathers.

Fathers are our protectors and guardians. Without fathers, society crumbles just as we’re seeing it right now. Young men are pushed into depression, homosexuality, depravity if not outright being convinced they should castrate themselves and become ugly unadjusted useless shells of creatures claiming to be women.

The white fathers are demonized and hatred. Donald Trump, a man who has obviously put a lot of work into being a good father to his kids of several marriages and is obviously good at it, is being considered the devil for having the audacity to be a successful white father. His 11 year old son is being openly attacked for the crime of being a child of a white stable loving family.

The mere thought of a while child sends those who want to destroy the white civilization into mouth foaming hysteria.

The thought of a white child who is loved and supported by his father is killing them. They are so afraid of well adjusted white children raised by responsible parents, because strong well adjusted kids can’t be manipulated that easily.

Because a real father won’t allow his little boy to be chemically castrated in childhood by a hysterical “mother” who needs to justify her own vapid existence by harming her own child for attention.

We need our fathers. We need white men to go back to being good fathers.

A whole generation of daddyless kids are right not actively working to destroy the world they grew up in, because they’re stupid and unadjusted. Because society has robbed them of a real family. Because the media has robbed them of the fundamental right of a child- that of being born to good parents.

White men, your children need you. The world needs you to once again be its defenders and its protectors, and the best way for you to do that is by going back to being fathers.

WE need our fathers, all of us.

Because, as you can see, without fathers, the world burns.

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