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Returning sanity to academia

When academic freedom became a thing, nobody even considered academia could be subverted and become the front line of attack against our society. How could it? After all, the smartest people worked in Universities, making discoveries, researching and improving life for everybody around them.


How wrong were we?

In truth, universities aren’t only a select hermitage for the best and brightest. They are also good shelter for all sorts of social debris, and the most of the time unjustified arrogance of the academia makes them feel they are not just above the world outside but also entitled to change said world to fit their own views.

It is in this fertile environment the envoys of Comintern found the best welcome in the 50s and 60s. The USSR spent quite a lot of money to ensure the people who were already left inclined would be even moreso- with scholarships, trips etc.

This has been done in the open- but the West didn’t notice.

And the last person to bat an eye at it was McCarthy, who turns out to have been right after all.

All the lunatics that should’ve been locked in padded rooms were given tenure, and were allowed free reign over your children.

The same children their parents neglected, who were left alone or with strangers to look after them because mom and dad were at work.

Because of course, having your elders look after your kids just wasn’t cool anymore.  No, the elders were to be pushed away under lock and key, condemned to loneliness and cold for the fault of being old and grey. The Boomers, because it always comes back to the boomers, thus rewarded their parents for moving the world over to ensure their precious babies had everything they needed and more.

Academic freedom was the cover they used to create more and more bizarre social sciences whose purpose was to indoctrinate your children, to alter the very fabric of society and to normalize depravity.

The actual sciences and all useful courses were pushed to the back so that the feminist dance theory teachers were just as important as Nobel Prize winners whose discoveries improved life on Earth.

And here we are. Universities are no longer places of education but places of indoctrination.

And there isn’t much we can do about it unless we really want to start taking serious measures against this not so subtle form of attack on society.

On the other hand, if we had learned anything from the Greek disaster of 2015, it’s the fact that university professors really don’t know shit about their field, or real life.

When Alexis Tsipras nominated controversial economics professor Yannis Varoufakis as his minister of Economy in the very troubled first Greek Syriza Government, the result was that Greece lost its frail gains and added 60 billion Euro to its debt in six months. Banks closed down.

Because guess what? The ideas and theories lefty economists and ideologues spout in their well to do bubbles do not work in real world and never have.

People who praise Keynes forget the fact that his measures delayed US recovery by a decade- while the European countries who didn’t adopt the Keynesian models were prospering after the great depression, the US ailed until WW2.

This is what the increase in college fees pays for- unhinged academics spewing out idiotic ideas and being protected by the consequences of their actions.

Of course, this couldn’t have happened without a serious relaxation in academic standards.  And maybe that is where we should start. Not all insane ideas are good and should be taught. Intellectual and scientific rigor need to return to universities.

But how do we do that? It’s not going to be an easy process… so here are some ideas.

1.       Most students have to take out loans to study. In most countries, the Government heavily subsidizes these loans from the public purse. In many cases those who graduate with degrees in “social sciences” are looking at a lifetime of un  and under employment.

So maybe, just maybe, if public money are being used to fund education, then the public should get a say in what we’re funding.

A good way to dismantle these vipers’ nests would be to just restrict public funding to specialties that will provide employment prospects. You want to study lesbian dance theory? You do it on your own money not on the public’s taxes.


2.       While academic freedom is very important, inciting young kids to commit crimes is a crime. Teachers who do so should be prosecuted.


3.       A return to serious standards in degrees and papers. Universities who don’t adhere to evidence based standards lose funding.


4.       Restrict political indoctrination on campus.


5.       If the above is impossible, legally mandate it that political diversity should be taught with equal time dedicated to all sides of the debate.


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