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Do Your Part and Let Trump Do His

Calm down and let Trump work


In the past three days we’ve seen a lot of the good people of #MAGA crying and screaming over the alleged betrayal of Donald Trump. The key word here is alleged, because it didn’t happen.

 However, albeit these people know better, they keep letting themselves be tricked by the media into turning against Donald trump, literally the one man standing between the powers that be and the end of the Western civilization.

You people need to fucking stop.

Let’s make this very clear here- Trump is not a king. He doesn’t have discretionary power. He has to use the system, and that takes time.

So every time the desiccated husk of Ann Coulter bitches about “not a mile of Wall”, we are being reminded that she’s an idiot who has no idea how politics work.  And we need to rid our side of such hysterical morons if we want to achieve anything.

Rome was not built in a day. Trump needs to work with the Congress to achieve what he promised, and he is obviously doing that.


So why are you pathetic whinging cunts bitching? Are you so fucking stupid to not understand things take time to be done legally?

Do you understand all of the rumours you’re getting are coming from people who are not on your side just claim to be right wing for material gain?

Here’s what Trump achieved this week:

he got the Wall to move forward and the DHS will cut through the red tape to start working on it.

He got the House to pass an act that will get the illegal gang members deported, DACA or not.

He got everyone to talk about #DACA. In the open.


Yes , you didn’t get your pony, but the man is obviously working on it.

The wall is getting built.

He’s already starting to move the Congress towards kicking out illegals.

And yes you let yourselves be manipulated by people with no faith who’re just bitching and backstabbing the one guy who works for you.

Every time you go and bitch about withdrawing your support for Trump because he doesn’t break the law to address your pet issue first you are helping the globalists.

Stop punching right. Stop attacking your allies. Stop following the false friends who are obviously just in it for money but have no faith and no loyalty.

Things take time to be done legally. Trump doesn’t have a cooperative Congress so he has to make deals and he has to wheedle because that is how politics works.

And the reason why the Rs are sabotaging it? It’s your fault. You elected these pieces of shit. You are the ones who failed to get involved for years. You’re the ones who voted for pieces of shit like Paul Ryan.

You need to get off your arses and stop expecting Trump to magic things better because that’s not how it works.  You need to get involved.

Because those of you with brains and even less than enough of the kind have noticed that now you know the Congress cares more about Illegals than about you. This is what rump achieved- he has dragged the filth out in the open.

Now you know who your enemies are, so why are you bitching on twitter instead of calling your treacherous congressmen? Why are you not starting the process to primary all of the disgusting pieces of shit who care more about criminals than about you?

Europe is gone because the Europeans left it too late to give a damn. If you’re only willing to stir yourself from your laziness when the enemy breaks your front door, you already lost.

But you didn’t. you still have a country so fucking go and defend it.

You have weapons. Take them. Go fight those who attack you.

You still have some sort of legal system, unlike Europe.

Go sue the schools that islamize your children. Go sue the city halls. Go sue everyone who wronged you.

You need to save your country because it’s the only thing left.


And you need to stop letting the lefty shill media get to you. They’re telling you Trump betrayed you and you believe it although you know they’re liars. Stop doing that.

Do your job and let Trump do his



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