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EU must burn

Recently, a very important TV show in the Netherlands aired a very interesting documentary on the state of the Euro and the EU. The economists and journalists managed to disclose a very serious issue that most EU citizens are unaware of- that the ECB- European Common Bank has managed to mismanage about a trillion Euro or more, and that’s just the ECB contribution of the German and Dutch taxpayers.

The hole is bigger than that.

The documentary can be seen here , but you’ll need to understand Dutch.

It explains at length how the common currency was a bad idea, because the highly prosperous economies of Northern Europe were slowed down by the slower Southern countries and how badly thr Southern countries were impeded in their growth by a common currency geared for high manufacturing economies. It’s not a pleasant discussion, but what it comes down to is that the Euro and the mechanisms of the EU have been used to prop the highly ineffective Euro and that a continuation with the Euro will be disastrous for the member countries.

Namely for the ones who are net contributors- and this will be significantly worse after Britain finishes her divorce from the beleaguered EU.

The EU, who at the same time is very eager to threaten Poland and Hungary with exclusion from the Union for refusing to take in Muslim economic migrants, has been incredibly difficult about Brexit.


Because nobody wants the cash cow to leave.

By not being part of the Euro, Britain has managed to escape its toxic consequences and thus maintained a positive economic outcome. Being able to devalue your currency in order to improve your exports is a very important tool to kickstart any country’s economy.

It’s a mechanism that the EU countries don’t have. And since we already know Germany and France are the ones setting monetary policy in Europe, the result is that the Euro is going to serve their needs…

And fuck everybody else.

Back in the 70s, the Dutch guilder, one of the most stable currency in Europe and the Deutschmark were pegged to each other and the result was that both countries’ economies flourished and grew. Since national currency is dependent on the economic output of said country, the two countries were maintaining a stable level of trade and production and thus prosperity. The EU was created with the cretinous belief that what worked for two highly successful manufacturing economies would work for everybody else.

Of course, that doesn’t happen when you have one currency for a bunch of countries that not all have the same kind of output. The result is that the right countries lose in terms of productivity and standard of living so they could drag along the poorer countries, who in their turn suffer from being unable to set a financial and fiscal policy that would work for their specific needs.

The result of this has been seen in the Greek disaster. If Greece was still using the drahma, it could’ve easily devalued it enough to make the debt payments more tolerable and kickstart their tourism. But under the euro they couldn’t do that, so Greece is stuck in bankruptcy hell because of it.

The Euro is actually a very nasty tool to ensure the EU remains a prisoner market for its stronger members, but as it turns out it was a bad idea since it is weakening their economies as well.

This also explains the recent and scary speech the European drunk in charge made at the last state of the Union address.

The whole call for “a closer Union” is in fact a cry of desperation. The EU isn’t working, because the Euro isn’t working. The ECB is a huge pyre the European taxpayer’s money is burned upon, and everyone in Brussels is scared shitless said taxpayer might just realize to what extent they’ve been robbed.

While the Greek fiasco might be the first thing that comes to mind when talking about “burning EU taxpayer’s money”, that’s actually a small part of it.

That money is basically a subvention the EU taxpayers in the net contributing countries pay to bribe the poor members of the EU and to keep certain underperforming portions of the EU economy going, as reparations for the advantages their countries get from dominating the EU prisoner market.

Because the EU doesn’t work. The rules and regulations the EU imposes on the creation of goods and services ensures that the original six member countries have an unfair advantage over the new members in terms of selling their products and services and can thus subside and take over the markets in the newer member countries.

The incredible bureaucracy and labyrinth of rules make sure that corporations will always be able to do business easier and better than small companies and it is in fact strangling small businesses. Contrary to popular belief, the EU in general is not remotely as business friendly as you’d think, if you’re trying to start a small business.

Said rules have ensured that small businesses will have to sell to big corporations or go bankrupt- which is quite useful for the big corporations but rather bad for the local economies.

The result of this is that the newer members of the EU have seen their post communist fledgling market economies be crippled by the EU standards, and the consumer goods markets be taken over by big companies from the 6 original members ( especially Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and France) at the expense of local businesses.

So basically the extension of the EU into Eastern Europe has crippled the local manufacturing economies and provided the big corps from the original member countries with easy to acquire production facilities in the east, and screw the locals because us Eastern Europeans aren’t human enough to matter.

The result is job loss and a significant reduction in standard of living and opportunity in our countries, but that is OK because the EU needs qualified immigrants and low cost production facilities.

But, not too low cost because they still need the eastern Europeans to buy western EU products- and that is where the bribery comes in.

Basically, the EU subventions. The money of the Northern European taxpayer is being funnelled to keep the poorer members stable enough to buy big western corporation products but not enough to help them increase their economic growth and start revolting against the EU’s corporate overlords.

The EU taxpayer is bribing the East so corporations can have cheap manufacturing facilities and a whole lot of EU bureaucrats can make astronomical salaries and benefits on their backs.

The EU contributions are just a wealth transfer from the taxpayers in the Northern EU countries to various corporations and the EU elites. You’re paying the costs for them to make better profits and in some cases you’re paying for them to take jobs from your countries and move them to Eastern Europe or even outside the EU.

But with the advent of alternative media and the internet people have started to catch up.

The result was Brexit. The Brits found out how much they were fleeced and the infamous case of EU giving a grant to Ford  to move a factory from Southampton to Turkey was the cherry on top of the cake for many Brits.

Which is something the EU wants to avoid in the future, and since it’s incapable to change its economic model, it’s going to try to use “further integration” as a tool to beat its citizens into compliance.

A common finance minister means the member countries will be unable to even ask where their money are going, and a European Army will ensure that nobody moves in front.

They’re building a dictatorship because the alternative is having the truth in the open, that the EU doesn’t work and that they’re exploiting all EU citizens for corporations and bureaucratic profit, and now they’re going to ensure you can’t even vote to leave anymore.

And there is the answer to “why is the EU importing thirdworlders and making everybody unsafe” question.  Because they need an easy to manipulate mass of welfare voters to outvote Europeans. This has worked for the left parties of the EU for decades, so why would they not pursue it further?

Add to that the proposal of creating supra statal pan European MEPs and what you have is a system that will exploit the working Europeans to pay welfare so the violent degenerate thirdworlders can outvote them and keep the EU that feeds them and took them in into power at all costs.

They’re not going to fix the EU because it works for them. They’re just taking away any means the EU taxpayers would have to control what’s happening.

You’re paying them to instate a dictatorship on you.

At this point, the only good option any member of the EU has is to leave. You will never see your money back and your freedoms are dwindling, but it’s not quite yet too late to do something about it.

This makes the EU your typical capitalist-socialist dictatorship- doomed to fail because it thinks people are resources to be disposed of.

But will you? It’s not easy. And most of you won’t move until it’s too late because you’ve been safe for so long you have forgotten who you are and how to fight for your civilization.

The EU must burn, and eventually it will be. The question is how many Europeans are lazy and stupid enough to let their countries burn with it.

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