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Shallowness and beliefs

Imagine how much better the world would be if it listened to scientists and thinkers and not entertainers? You're listening to a guy with the IQ of a shoe because he can hit a ball. How fucking retarded are you? he's nothing. None of them matter- people who are too stupid to make something of themselves as individuals are not worth your time or your concern.

You listen to the failed businessman Al Gore instead of scientists on climate change. You listened to shitty "comedians" instead of reading and understanding politics and heeding the warnings of people who know more about a subject than "how to rant about it in front of a camera".

And why? Because you're shallow. Because your so-called education has mollycoddled you so much that you require information to be delivered in quips or you can't follow it.

This is easy if you want to make people stupid and compliant and easy to manipulate, which they did.

Why would you care what a decrepit singer or a talentless actor (and most of them nowadays are talentless) thinks about politics? Why would you care about the opinions- and they are nothing more- of people so devoid of their own core they make a living pretending to be someone else?

It bugs me. It bugs me that people conflate artists who create with artists who perform as if they're the same thing, and give the latter more importance than the former. It's like buying chocolate for the wrapping. You don't eat the wrapping so why the hell would you care what it looks like?

Someone told me yesterday that I looked older than I am. While I'm fairly certain it wasn't meant as an insult as much as a result of slightly less than fluent English, it bugged me. Then I realised how stupid I was to let it do that. As if my looks are my only inherent value. As if it mattered.
Shallowness is contagious, and living within a shallow society can make you shallow.

The purpose of mass media is to create a white noise space around you that impedes your critical thinking. Disconnect yourself from it and you'll suddenly realize just how empty and pointless it all is. Ask yourself how many of the beliefs you hold were inculcated within you by sheer repetition from people you have no reason to trust aside from the false familiarity of seeing them on the TV.

Of course, this is manipulation of humanity's innate social behaviour as survival skills. We evolved as social animals and trusting those familiar to us was for a long time, long ago, crucial to our survival. Those near us were likely to have the same interests and be part of the same collective and thus it's likely their intentions were good towards you because anything bad that would befall you would probably affect your whole group.

But the "celebrities" the media ports into your home and consciousness are not people from within your group and the fake media induced sense of familiarity they give you is just a tool of manipulation. These people are not only strangers to you, but strangers who make a living from deceiving you. While your instinct is to trust the familiar face for the simple reason that you know who they are, you're going to need to use your brain and realize said familiarity is an illusion and your instincts are used against you.

Use your head. Evaluate where the information comes from, and learn to distinguish between reality and lie. Who said this? Have you checked it? It the source trustworthy? Why would you think they are trustworthy? Do they have knowledge about the field they discuss?

If the answer to any of the above questions is "No", ask yourself why are you wasting valuable life time by listening to it.

You may not like the answer.

Belief is a funny thing. People do not normally scrutinize their own belief with the same intellectual rigueur they scrutinize other's beliefs or even their own ideas. While scepticism for the sake of scepticism can be annoying, there is a basis in it.

We spend our lives following a certain set of beliefs. The results aren't always nice. Beliefs can be fuel for advancement, but in many cases they end up as shackles.

What do you value? What do you deserve? What is worth pursuing?

All of these questions deserve answers. Everybody should try to unravel their own belief system every once in a while.

Is it based on outdated information? Have you learned anything to the contrary? Have your beliefs constantly steered you wrong?

What is it in your life that constantly fucks you up?

Do you constantly expect someone else will fix you? Do you constantly self sabotage?


In your quest to unfuck yourself, which anyone should undertake,ask these important questions.

Even if you feel lost and broken, chances are you probably don't need a shrink and pills. You might just need a hard look in a mirror and a friend willing to call you on you shit and willing to lend you a shoulder when needed.

That is what friends are for. That is why we seek them out- that is why humans suffer in solitude or when living surrounded of shallow connections.

We, as sentient animals, need human bonds. We need to be able to trust our mate, our neighbours, our tribe.

And this is what has been stolen from us in the past 60 years. That trust. Our brains were pumped and filled with the fake reality of mass media and we stopped believing the reality of what is next to us over what the boob tube told us.

It told us the grass is always greener and that someone younger, newer, perkier, is better than the spouse who only has love and reliability to offer, as if humans are interchangeable shells.

So people who were otherwise pretty content with what they had went on and divorced their partners for not being shiny enough anymore, only to find themselves alone and suffering because where humans are concerned, the shiny is never gold.

The values we held were mocked and we were made to feel bad for them so we abandoned them to fit in with the fake friends on the screen only to realize without said values we are as empty and worthless as those shades, and that they aren't real.

And we passed that onto our children, who know more about empty media bullshit than about their ancestors' struggle and their culture's achievements, and then we wonder why said children end up sad, neurotic, on drugs, breaking the law and so on.

Instead of fighting for our relationships we divorced, and thus we taught our children that relationships aren't worth fighting forů and then we wondered why they rejected us to go flow Marxist teachers who at least listen to them.

All of these things happened because we allowed our reality to be replaced by media lies, and we let shadows on a screen mould our beliefs.

The result is that our civilization is sick and nearing death, while we indulge narcissism of people who deserve nothing but obscurity and shame.

We need to stop. For the sake of your own sanity, put your foot through your TV. You'll be saner.

Go outside, spend time with friends and family. Relearn what it is like to be human, and re-evaluate who you listen to and why.

I mean seriously, how fucking retarded do you have to be to care about the beliefs of a footballer? Someone who hits his head for a living?

Listen to teachers, scientists, thinkers. Burn your NFL tickets and listen to Jordan Peterson.

You will be happier and saner.

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