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Gamergate or The warning shots of World War 3

A lot of people especially gamers have been talking and complaining about #gamergate, what it means and why it happened.

It’s been years now, and its echoes are still haunting us.

As someone who was somewhat active in the #gamergate drama and after it, the time elapsed has given me some interesting idea about it, and most importantly, about why it happened.


1.       Gamergate was not about Zoey Quinn or Brianna Wu, or Anita Sarkeesian.


This works the same way as saying WW1 was not about Gavrilo Prinkip. He might have sparked it, but the tension existed already and if it wasn’t about Zoey’s whoring, it would have bene about something else. The seeds were there, this one just happened to be the one that caught.



Because there has been for over 100 years a covert war on male spaces.

Starting with feminists burning up saloons in late 1800, to forcing themselves into men’s clubs and workplaces, this has been a very open war upon western male camaraderie and culture.


Gaming is still a vastly male space. So the harpies would be trying to take it over because men don’t deserve a space of their own- they need to be isolated, and weakened, and depressed, and suicidal.

They cannot be allowed to organize and fraternize.

 So of course gaming as a mental space had to be taken down.


2.       Gamergate is not about consumer rights either.


And it is not about journalistic integrity either.
They are once again the motives, but not the underlying cause. The underlying cause of gamergate, the thing people railed against is, at its root, about control of information.

Gamergate was the SJW trial run.


We see that now, when the deep manipulation of reality by the system by controlling our access to information is out in the open, that Gamergate was just an attempt to bring a rebellious group and environment back under control of the mainstream.

WE started fighting a small war over what appeared to look like trivial issues. Turns out we were witnessing the warning shoots of world war 3- the information war.

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