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We need to talk about Wakanda

You could say- there’s nothing wrong with giving the world’s blacks a feel good story. It’s just a story, right? It’s just made up.

However in the context of today’s racial unrest, Black Panther becomes more than just a story. It becomes part of the big lie that has been sold to westernised blacks for decades in place of the cultural identity they don’t have.

And that is why we need to have this discussion.

The western blacks are a group whose common identity is that of suffering and slavery at the hand of the white man. This narrative of victimhood has been sold to them by the media and left-leaning schools, because the Left needs a permanently underachieving group to vote for them. The group needs to be kept in a state of permanent welfare dependency and poverty, with enough handouts to survive, but never enough for them to become independent from the welfare trap.

The result is a prisoner voting block, and that is what kept the US Democrats in power and votes for 50 years.  The cost to the country has bene great- having 1/8th of your population be a burden on everyone else and also committing over 50% of the crime is a huge price to pay to keep a lefty party in power, and the cost is being paid by each and every American taxpayer.

Are the US blacks at fault for this? This is a very serious question, and the answer isn’t what you’d think.

When we look at the normal African American, it’s not hard to notice certain behavioural traits, and how they fit within the community he/she lives in. It is also not hard to notice how they differ from what we’d call American values.

The US was created by white, Anglo saxon protestants, on the values we like to call European values. These values are about morality, hard work and being a part of your community. This is what made the West the most successful culture in the world.  Catholics and eastern Orthodox Europeans find it easier to integrate in this cultural framework, because it is basically the pan European culture developed over the past 2000 years.

Interestingly enough, even the mestizos- latino mixed migrants from South and central America exhibit some of these traits, because most of them are catholic and were raised under the Catholic cultural umbrella- and hard work and family are a part of that.

The US was built on this foundation, and the people with this particular cultural background thrive in it.

However, Africans do not have that background. Even those removed for centuries from Africa still exhibit traits more common in Africa than in the non black population of the US.

Africans the world over exhibit the same traits- a fondness for shiny eye catching appearances over actual substance, promiscuity, incapacity for accepting a delayed reward and a highly emotional behaviour that easily turns into violence.

Why? Because of arrested development.

Most of the ethics and morals we associate with Western culture occur after a human group moved from hunting/gathering to farming.

Sub Saharan Africans never reached that stage of human development. They never became farmers, and as we have seen from the whole Zimbabwe mess, they are yet to be capable to learn how to properly do farming and feed themselves.

Farming changes a society to its very bones. Farming means you no longer live from today until tomorrow. You have to think ahead and plan. You have to learn and remember what works and what doesn’t.

You have to understand seasons, and consequences, and future. In and by itself, farming makes hominins into humans.

Black Africans never reached that stage. Their languages don’t even have the concept of future. As such, why do we expect them to understand advanced concepts like consequences for one’s actions and delayed reward?

Therein lies the problem.

Intelligent blacks understand how society works and thus learn to mimic/adopt its values. They are also the first to move out of the ghetto as early as they can.

So you have a population whose group identity is created by corporate and political shills whose purpose is to keep them poor and stupid and welfare addicted. Of course they are angry. Of course they feel entitled. This is what has been thrown at them for decades, and they have internalised it.

And then you tell them it is all whitey’s fault and show them a magical land that could be theirs if it wasn’t for whitey.

Of course the amusing part is that been this story had to be created by non blacks for them.  But that doesn’t matter. What matters is that they needed someone to look up to.

But try to understand them. They need something to aspire to, and as pathetic as it sounds, this is it.

So instead of laughing at it, we should encourage them. Let them have their dream. Tell them all they have to do to live in magical  waterfalls and flying saucer land is move back to Africa and build it.

They are victims. Victims of the left, victims of corporate media. Victims of their own arrested evolution.

So let them have their dream. Let them have some damned role models.  Let them have black people to look up to who aren’t whores and thieves and murderers.

Let them make an imaginary home in Wakanda.

Blaxit is good for them and for us. Let them go.

But they won’t. Because here is a dream let’s make it real is the white way of thinking. Blacks don’t do that. Their thinking process is I want this why don’t I have it now.

Which is something those who made Black Panther know. Wakanda is not a dream to make the blacks aspire to do better. Is another reason being given to them to hate whites. It doesn’t matter that Wakanda never existed and that the countries in Africa never colonized are shitholes. What matters is that they believe they deserve Wakanda without working for it and it’s whitey’s fault they don’t have it.

There will be riots.

The thing Barack Obama was put in power for, to create massive racial unrest in the US will finally come to fruit. Will it end badly? Yes it will. But that’s not the point. The 13% minority can’t win any war against the majority. We know that. Anyone knows that.

But they don’t.

Do we want or need a racial war? We don’t want it, but it might just be that we need it for all whites to wake up and understand what’s being done to them, and the sooner it happens the higher our chances of success are.

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