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The boys aren't broken

There's this old saying that one is Left when he's young and right when he's older, and only losers are still left leaning by the time they hit 40.

This is normal and true. Kids have a tendency to rebel against their parents, and reject the bonds of family and society to go and find risky company who agrees with them.

Because they're kids, and therefore stupid.

We've all been there.

But... that phase is supposed to go away. We're supposed to grow, understand the world better, integrate in society, law down roots, create bonds and learn to appreciate what we have.

This stuff isn't hard.

But it doesn't seem to happen that often anymore. Instead, we have a group of people who refuse to grow up, who find themselves broken and breaking those around them and who gleefully contribute to the ruin of society because they are too stupid and immature to understand how said society works and why.

Basically, you have broken people who go around breaking society for others because their empty and pathetic need for an oxytocin release is more important than everyone else's health and wellbeing and fuck the consequences.

You have the guy who self-righteously claims he doesn't mind his Obamacare monthly doubling because he can afford it and he doesn't mind paying for others. Of course, his tiny brain fails to comprehend his 1000 doesn't go remotely far enough to help all of the people who can no longer afford healthcare.

Because he doesn't care about them. He cares about himself, getting the pleasant feeling of being righteous and fuck everybody else.

The fall of society happens because we stopped punishing the outliers and enforcing the behaviours that keep the society functional. And I'm saying this as an outlier.

Normalizing the abnormal breaks everything that needs a normality standard to function.

Family was never about love. Family had always been about securing a future for one's children by first ensuring that said children are yours by having a bonded female mate and then by ensuring said children will inherit the fruit of your labour.

Our people went to conquer the world so they can leave a better life for their children. This is how societies work- they happen when people start talking about their children first.

Which is why societies in which family is revered and children have known fathers prosper and develop and grow while those based on promiscuity never even managed to invent the wheel.

Society is built by people who think about the future and the consequences of their actions, not emptyheaded loons living for their next high be it a drug, alcohol or the shallow oxytocin release of "feeling righteous".

So what happens when family becomes not a duty to society but a right to be bestowed on all deviants because amagad they're too stupid and lazy to make appropriate paperwork for themselves?

Society breaks.

Children go wild and feral because there are no norms and rules to keep them on the straight and narrow. And they will buy guns and if you bully them long enough they might just return the favour.

The sad part is that they're not even wrong.

If Nikolas Cruz had lived in a loving family with a mother and a father who paid attention to him? This wouldn't have happened.

This is what we have done to these children. We robbed them of family because adoptive parents are just as well only they aren't.

We robbed them of identity and pride because someone decided the culture who created the greatest civilization in the world just isn't good enough because it doesn't cater to the degenerates, the insane and the worthless barely human.

And the people who blame guns for school shootings don't even realize that they, individually, each and every one of them is more guilty than Nikolas Cruz for those 17 broken bodies.

The idiots who supported the misguided feminists' crusade against masculinity are a lot more guilty than any gun for this.

The cretinous cunts who pathologized the normal development of children have the blood of those children on their disgusting genital juice smeared hands.

The idiots who think it's of so cool to attack Christianity because it's Christianity's fault they're worthless losers and descendants of losers.

The idiots who normalised divorce, who go around shitting unwanted children like discarded gum wrappings the abandoning them because "mommy isn't a size 2 anymore" and "daddy is too tired of mollycoddle mommy".

If you have one or more children from a broken marriage and are barely seeing them? You're the problem.

If you support dismantling millennia old institutions that have made society happy and prosperous just so your disgustingly depraved friends could feel better about their prolapsed colons and madness? You're the problem.

YOU broke society, and now your chicken are coming home to roost.

So spare me the pavlovian outrage you've been taught to feel every time you hear "Trump" or "NRA". You're not even human anymore. You're beasts.

And this is on you.

Those of us who know history, which incidentally is a category with zero lefties, know that degeneracy is always followed by backlash. it happened before and it is happening now.

Kids like Nikolas Cruz are not the culprits. they are just the result of half a century of degeneracy and idiocy destroying society.

And if you think about it, their reaction is sane. The society is degenerate and evil. We should defend ourselves from it at any cost.

The boys aren't broken. Society is

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