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There is no bigger crime than betraying your ancestors

To say that South Africa is in a dire state and that the Boers are facing ethnic cleansing is to say the sky is blue. It’s happening and the world  doesn’t care, and in truth it should not be surprising.

I have spoken to many Afrikaners who are considering exile, and I do agree with them. But nothing was as eye opening as a discussion I had on twitter with someone who bitterly stated that he was amongst the students who fought for education equality in SA in the 80s.

Well now, my mind quipped… isn’t that funny? It’s almost as if you only have yourself to blame for this mess.

Because that is the truth. Much as I care for any of my European brothers and sisters, the truth of the matter is that the Boers deserve their fate.

They gave away their land. The land their ancestors fought for and settled and wet with their blood and sweat. The Boers gave away their civilization to a bunch of savages who are now killing them.

And the savages are right. People who betray their ancestors and land deserve whatever they get, because there is no crime more heinous. They gave away their land, knowing full well what happened in Rhodesia. They gave away their land because they were taken in by Nelson Mandela, a terrorist who openly associated himself with people who killed whites for sport. In their stupidity and hubris, the Boers thought the poisonous water of “equality” was thicker and better than the blood of their ancestors.

The Boers gave away their land to those who hated them for the crime of trying to turn them into civilised people. In their stupidity they expected centuries of bad blood to be erased by an act of idiotic generosity.

How wrong were they?

Very. For the sake of that virtue signalling moment, the Boers betrayed their ancestors and sold their children’s future.

South Africa is gone. It will never again be the beacon of prosperity , the bright jewel of Africa.

But we need to learn from her story. We need to learn that giving away the land your ancestors fought for is the biggest crime, and the punishment is most severe.

We need to stop listening to the poisonous lies of equality and compassion for people who’ve spent the past century sharpening their knives to stab us with, and remember we only owe our loyalty to our own people, to our ancestors and our children.

Us Europeans? We don’t do victimhood well, and victimhood as a doctrine doesn’t work when your enemies are people incapable of compassion. Our own compassion has been weaponized against us, and we need to stop.

We need to start caring about our own again. We need to remember the times when Europeans helped each other in front of endless aggression from savages.

This is who we are. We are the people who helped each other and stood strong in our common identity.

Playing the victims and expecting the savages to respect laws will only get us killed.

It is time we remember who we are. It is time we remember what we owe to the blood of our ancestors.

It is time we go back to our lands and defend them. For our children.

Europe wasn’t built by victims. Europe was built by warriors. We need to remember who we are.

We need to organize. We need to reject the poisoned chalice of multiculturalism and go back to the ways of our ancestors.

Those who have worked so hard to turn us into a mass of weak cowards can only win if we let them. They can’t defeat us in battle, and they know it.

It is time for Europe to awaken. It is time for us to throw out the traitors and the degenerates and go back to being the proud warriors of the West.

We need to put aside our petty squabbles, We need to stop punching right and fall to those who divide us. We need to get back together and fight as one.

We are this planet’s apex predators. It is time we remember that.

And if humanity is to have a future beyond this rock, we need to win this war waged upon us by cowards who could never defeat us in battle. 

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