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Compassion is a white racial trait only

If I have learned anything from my extensive travels across the world it’s this: compassion is not a universal value.

We like to think it is in Europe and other white lands because that is how we are. Due to our Christian rooted morality, we understand compassion as a necessary part of our worldview and act accordingly.

Which is actually a bad thing, because our compassion is being used as a weapon against us, and it might just kill the West.

Why? Because compassion is a weakness. A luxury of the civilised. The farther you go from civilization and rule of law, the more you notice its absence. It's missing from each and every non white culture of the world even those who built and sustained successful civilizations. it just isn’t there.

For a European, the concept of a parent killing their own child because of imaginary dishonour is shattering, but it is incredibly spread from Northern Africa to Japan. Honour killings are not the exception- they are the norm in Asia because most Asians, be they Arabic, Indian, Chinese or Japanese have a different set of values from ours, and compassion isn't one of them.

Even the non White Christian converts show the same dispassionate attitude that for us looks like unbelievable cruelty without a blink- because compassion just isn’t amongst the valued traits in their culture.

This is very important to understand. Our cultures are vastly different, and this is being used against us.

Who doesn’t remember the dead child that opened Europe’s gates? What you might not remember is the fact that Aylan Kurdi only died because of his father’s disgusting greed.

In one of the first interviews his aunt who lives in canada gave to the media, she mentions that the family was working to bring them over to Canada, but Aylan’s father, who "had no teeth" because he had been beaten by the Syrian military allegedly, had decided he no longer wanted to wait in the safe resort city of Bodrum in Turkey so he took his family across the sea in a dinghy because he wanted free teeth - which would be available to him if he registered as a refugee in the overly generous Europe.

The rest is known. The death of that child was used to open the gates to Europe, and brought the deaths and rapes and the constant attack of third world migrants on our civilization.

All of this because of our compassion.

Earlier last month we saw the same ploy being played on the USA- a story about the poor illegal migrant children being separated at the border from their parents and put in cages.

The story was proven to be a lie.

Not only it was very old- 4 years in a long time, but it was no longer true. Imagine that.

But the weak strings of the hearts were tugged, and people with more compassion than braincells reacted. However, we found out worse things in the aftermath.

We found out many people from central America sent their children over with people traffickers because for them access to the freebies of the US welfare system is more valuable than the well being of their own children. After all they can always have another child.

This is not the mentality of humans in our acception of the term. This is the mentality of inferior beasts who have large amounts of spawn in the hope that some survive.

One of the interesting traits of the Hajnal civilisation is that we value children. We don't have a whole lot of them hoping some would survive. We have few and we put a lot of work into raising them.
our children are VALUABLE, and because of that we assume everyone else has the same respect for their children as we have for our own. But that is not true.
Other cultures regard children as property that can be used for any purpose their parents and other adults see fit. This includes sexual abuse, brutal work, as goods to be exchanged or anything else the adults can inflict upon them.

These people do not value their own children- and they have no respect for ours. Which is why there have been gangs of Muslim rapists in the UK for decades. Which is why the people we took in have bene openly attacking and abusing European children.

Because by letting the intruders in, we are telling them that we don’t value our children.

The case of little girls being sent over with traffickers carrying Plan B- as in little girls sent to be raped and abused with the full knowledge of the parents who even provided means to ensure they won’t get pregnant- should be good enough reason to literally nuke all of central America because such monsters don't deserve to live.

But that’s not how the world works.

our idealism and compassion meets third world fecklessness and cruelty, and turns out compassion is only a good evolutionary trait in a society that supports it. In a society of your own peers.

Because the allogens do not have our ideals or our values. Compassion is an advanced value, and their societies never reached the threshhold where compassion is valuable.

By the mere fact we accepted them into our society we abbandoned the high values. They can’t survive faced with large groups who hold to the primitive values of greed and shame.

Compassion for those outside your group is a good way to harm your own. Only that. Other groups get to defend themselves. There is nothing wrong with that. It's time to remember how to do it.

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