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On Theresa May and agriculture

Even from a safe distance I can’t help but notice just how fast Britain has gone to Hell in a basket over the past year.
The world has gotten into the habit of changing awfully fast lately, but seeing Britain sink into 1984 dystopia is terrifying – and also gives me the smug feeling that “I did something very right “ by getting out of Blighty.

It is insane to see just to what lengths Theresa may has gone to protect her shaking chair, and how the Brits are waking up, but I’m afraid things might just be too far gone to be solvable at the election box.

I used to support Theresa May, but I was obviously wrong. She fooled all of us with her big words, but as it turns out the woman is one of those politicians so stupid you wonder how they walk and breathe at the same time.

There is a valid point in saying “once a Remainer always a remainer” but in truth I have a feeling the woman is stupid and incompetent rather than nefarious. Which brings me to the question as to how somebody who is so deeply stupid has managed to out manoeuvre every other Tory heavy in the leadership non contest in 2016?

Or simply put

Who owns Theresa May?

Let’s step back and look at the past 8 years in UK politics to put some things in perspective.

Much has been made of David Cameron’s alleged incompetence, but I do have to say that in retrospect the man was a pretty decent prime minister who ran things with an iron hand. It is always a good idea to not underestimate your enemies, but in retrospect I can actually say that Cameron tried his best to help the UK, in his own way and probably within the boundaries drawn on him by the system he was part of.

David Cameron attempted to fix Britain’s dependency on welfare and the insanity of it. Of course the measures were going to be cruel but you know what? The man was right and those measures managed to get almost a million people off the dole and into jobs.

That is not a minor achievement.

The bedroom tax brouhaha was nothing but a fairly deft attempt to rectify the serious issue of social housing. No, there is no good reason for 2 people to occupy a council owned 3 bedroom house just because they used to have kids living there. The issue here is “council owned”. It wasn’t their own house and don’t get me started on people who lived through the 80s and 90s in the UK and didn’t bother to buy a house of their own.

I managed to buy my own home after 13 years in the UK as an immigrant, so spare me the brouhaha. It was easy to buy one’s own council house back then, and the people who didn’t bother to do so don’t get to bitch over not being allowed to waste valuable housing space.

Of course the policy sent the bleeding heart lefties into uproar, but they’re always in an uproar anyway.
It didn’t quite work because there were not enough smaller accommodation places available, but that’s another story.

Still, not a bad idea in and by itself.

The ban on people on welfare being able to bring their non Eu spouses over? Good solid plan to restrict immigration from Pakistan and the like.

Increase in GDP? Quite decent management of post crisis Britain? Fairly decent.

Even Cameron quitting on 24th June was a genius move to pass the dead cat to the Tories.#

David Cameron will go down in history as a PM who tried to solve many of Britain’s long standing issues and was very seriously hampered by the system in doing so.

Theresa May however is someone of such a deep and staggering incompetence one has to wonder just who has been propping her up.

She failed catastrophically to reduce the immigration numbers as Home Secretary in the Cameron cabinet, so what in God’s name were the Tories thinking to prefer her over the obviously more likeable and common sense haven Andrea Leadsom?

Or more important why were the heavy hitter Brexiteers pushed out of the race so early?

These are questions that need answering and fast. The Tory party is in a position where they get rid of may or face the most awful defeat they had, ever.

Theresa May is a ham handed corporatist who in her deep and unabashed idiocy thinks she can beat labour at the pandering to Muslims for votes game. Of course that isn’t going to happen, but in the process she managed to alienate each and every decent Brit from the Tories, a performance worthy of praise.

But when she showed Merkel her “Brexit plan” before showing it to her cabinet, the Harry Potter villain managed to finally show who pulls her strings.

This is a surprise to very few people. May has been acting more and more panicky since the punch to the nose she got last year and in her desperation she has been restricting freedom of speech for Brits hoping she could maintain the appearance of not being a total failure.

A PM with at least some semblance of balls would’ve taken the advice of the brilliant David Davis and throw the EU off the bus with a no deal option as main offer.
But no, she listened to the Remoaners because OBVIOUSLY somebody needs their subventions, and May only cares about keeping her owners happy.

Who are May’s owners? Very good question. When trying to assert such a thing we always need to ask “cui prodest”. Who stands to profit from her actions and vacillations?

Very good question. The answer is a bit complex and very specific.
And it goes to the anachronistic UK aristocracy who still owns vast swathes of land in the UK and who just happens to get a hell of a lot of money from the EU to not grow anything on them.

The common agricultural policy of the EU works to keep the farmers in the 6 original member countries solvable by paying everyone else to not compete with them.

The result is that the EU consumer gets lower quality food at higher prices than normal.

Why lower quality?

Because of the countries who are robbing us blind to keep their farmers solvent? Only a couple actually have the proper conditions to do agriculture correctly. The Netherlands is a salty sandy and marshland area where farmers, generously paid by us, have to use an unholy amount of phosphates, technology etc to get crops at the level of a bad year in Romania.

France had to force eastern European countries to sabotage and destroy their vineyards so as to not compete with their wines.

Spain is an arid land who needs an unholy amount of water to get crops going.

Now there’s a funny thing- you can use phosphates and additives to make produce LOOK good, but it has little flavour and less nutrients. Because nothing can replace actual good land.

It never ceases to amuse me going through Brabant and Limburg and seeing little stunted 1 m high corn crops with one maximum 2 cobs on each stalk.
 Don’t get me wrong, the result is amazing on these lands, but in the Chernozem belt? We get 2 crops of corn a year without even trying that hard, because technology and chemicals are no match for good land and good weather.

But the countries in the Chernozem belt, the most fertile lands in Europe, are being prevented from producing food at lower costs for the average EU citizen because the Dutch, Spanish, Belgian and French farmers staying in business despite being hilariously uncompetitive is a more important issue than the EU taxpayer’s health and well being.

Yes my little chikuns, the original EU member countries are being bribed with money straight out of our pockets to stay in the EU.

Back in the UK, the landowners are being paid to not cultivate any crops that might compete with the above mentioned countries’ farmers. Who gets the money? Why the landowners who are mostly old aristocracy up to and including the Prince of Wales.

If the UK leaves the EU this means these people will no longer get money to sit on their inbred arses and do nothing. They will have to manage their estates and compete on the global market, and they don’t want that.

So the obedient mongrel May will lick their hand and hand over the UK back to the EU so her owners can keep their money for nothing, and fuck the average Brit.

On the bright side, May has managed to show the establishment’s hand to the world, and Trump profited from it to say out in the open the things that everybody in the UK has been thinking.

The threat of “no deal with US if you stay in the EU” is rather clear, and Trump knows the best way to cute the branch from out of the globalists’ feet is to threaten economical measures.  He’s gotten Merkel to shit her pants with the aluminium and steel tariffs and has now put it on the table to May.

Well in truth that isn’t a message to May. It’s a message to May’s owners. They’re the ones being threatened here, and they got the message.

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