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One of the things you notice when you make redpilling others a main part of your existence is the fact that normally you have some point of common interest to start with.

If I tell someone on the production floor that I want to move to a whiter city they know what I mean and why. Because they experience what the browning of Europe means on a day to day level, the loss of the daily security in 101 small ways that you need to experience to understand.

I can relate to working class people. I can talk to them about the concerns of European identitarians and they get it. They know what it’s like to lose your jobs to 3rd world immigrants, to see their neighbourhoods get browner and less safe and their kids be bullied in schools they pay for by brown kids whose parents are literally paid to breed by the European taxpayer.

There is a part of me who finds this hilarious since I am a lot of things but working class has never been one of them. But that’s another story.

My problem however are not the working class people. I can talk to them. They’re there.

But how does one redpill millennials? Even the smart ones?

The non working-class ones are yet to understand how stacked against them the system is. They were raised by families who protected them from the big scary dark out there and while they do have problems like student debt and difficulty of getting on the property ladder, they regard them as paying their dues.

I am not talking about snowflakes. Outside of the Randstad the Netherlands seems insofar to be blissfully free of that particular plague. I am talking about the good kids who work and claw their way up on the ladder and try their hardest.  The kids who still think hard work is all it takes to make it.

I am also not talking about gen Z. Baby Zyklons are easy to deal with because they lack the delusions of the previous generations. Being raised by the internet will destroy any chance of gullibleness one could possibly have.
Zyklons are awesome, but they’re not my problem.


My problem are the good millenials today. The ones that I work with, the good decent kids I like and enjoy working with.

How the hell can I bring myself to break down their idealism, even if I know it is for their own good? How do you tell kids with still clear eyes that everything they know is wrong? That they’re being taken for a ride and used as cannon fodder in the economic war to pay for the Boomers’ pensions and that the system has already written them off? That they’ll never get to use the pensions they’re paying into because someone has already sold those to the brown third worlders brought in to replace them?

That they’re nothing but wage slaves and that their only hope is the war we’ve been expecting comes fast?  That the kids they want to have will be bullied in schoolyards by little Turks and Moroccans and Africans ?

How do you break their dreams?

Do I have the right to do this?

Do  have the right to not do it?

Do I have the right to inflict the right hand path on kids?


Sometimes our work is hard.

I’m feeling aimless.

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