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Brexit vote is an anti system movement

Funny. For the past decade or so, the western left’s main attitude towards everyone else has been “if you don’t agree with us you’re a racist”. In the UK that came to an awful crash in 2010 with Bigotgate, but Labour are slow as hell and thus are yet to get it.

As we learned this week, constantly telling people they’re racist bigots doesn’t quite work. The people whose voices aren’t normally heard, the working class, the elderly, the taxpaying squeezed middle class made their voice heard on Thursday, and the message was “You can’t silence us”.

While the creative class that happily lives off our taxes and the politicians whose main concern is getting a cushy Brussels job after nobody here buys their shit anymore were patting each other on the back, the actual people, the ones who mattered, the ones who’d rather work than be addicted to EU’s expensive welfare, spoke up. Their message is not just anti EU, but anti today’s political class as a whole.  You failed us, and here’s the consequences.

Albeit the same thing has been unfolding in the US for a while, the system refuses to accept that we aren’t buying it anymore. The disgusting manipulations and threats, the dubious death of Jo Cox and the subsequent ride the #Remain camp took on her corpse actually encouraged the people of Britain to go out and send a message.

WE aren’t buying your shit anymore.

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