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Labour has already lost the 2020 elections

 And they don’t even see it. Labour are yet to understand how deeply the resentment against them runs in the British working class.  They haven’t even understood that in 2016 the electorate still voted not FOR the Tories but AGAINST Labour.
Of course they don’t know why. The actual bona fide socialists are dying off, and they’ve been slowly replaced with London elitists and fake Marxists who turn totalitarian at the slightest whiff of power.  The Dennis Skinners are disappearing slowly, and their replacements are corporate shills or corporate do-gooders who never did any good unless it’s to their own bank account of the ilk of the late Jo Cox.

Labour has become deeply London centric and nobody gives a flying fuck about the working class. They don’t even know what it is.  Labour has become the immigrants’ party and fuck the working class. Because after all, Labour NEEDS a prisoner electorate, and the lumpenproletariatt is just perfect for that. Working class has this annoying habit of moving right when they do better, so like al the European left, Labour moved towards those dependent on benefits who have no chance to ever integrate and do better.  Yet in their desperation to get browner and browner, they forgot simple demographics- the white working class is still a majority in this country.

This has become pathetically obvious during the current #Brexit debacle. Jeremy Corbyn, a lifelong Euroskeptic cum Pro EU as soon as he got the Labour chairmanship by way of discount memberships at £3 a pop that kicked out the traditional Labour supporters is a clear example of this.  This guy is so completely out of touch with everything that isn’t his own asshole that he fails to realize that he’s the reason Labour’s membership is going to hell so fast using a slide would be slower.

The British working class have voted, and their votes are straight overlapping with the areas that used to be traditional labour and who are now heading en masse to Ukip. Not because they LIKE Ukip, but because nobody else seems to give a fuck about their concerns.  By refusing to discuss immigration, Labour have painted Ukip and the Tories as the only side that will do anything about it, and the Northern unemployed who see Portuguese steel put up by Polish workers have responded in kind.

The map is clear. The working class and hi immigration non-muslim areas went Blue. The rich areas and high muslim areas went yellow.  Scotland is so addicted to the EU welfare that they failed to realize they yet again will win from England’s fight- those fishing industry losses are mainly in Scotland.

But Labour is too busy patting itself on its back to realize this. Corbyn will not give up power just because the #brexit success  brought a challenge, he will hang on to it as bitterly as Bernie Sanders did.

The working class’ concerns are no longer addressed by Labour, so the working class has chosen to send its votes somewhere else. Labour have lost the 2020 elections and don’t even know it.

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