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The decline and fall of socialist agitators part 1

So in the aftermath of Brexit one of the most interesting developments we’ve seen is the disintegration of Labour. In truth this was to be expected by anyone who’s been keeping a close tab on them.

If there was one man in western politics that was more inept and unprepared than Bernie Sanders- that would be Corbyn.  At least Sanders did have some sort of track record as a mayor, but Corbyn only has to show for himself a bunch of backstabbings at his betters- Neil Kinnock and Michael Foot come to mind- but nothing more.  His fellow MPs, who have seen him for years sitting in his chair and pretending to be part of the furniture while everyone else worked aren’t as easily fooled as the supporters.

In truth, Jeremy Corbyn’s performance as a leader was lacklustre at best.  The man spent 40 years trying to become chairman, but it’s rather obvious that he never gave a thought to what exactly he’d do once he got there. In great communist tradition such as Lenin and such, he just assumed things will work out because he’d be able to keep everyone mesmerized by his empty nice sounding words in a megaphone.  It was obvious since day one that his fellow MPs wouldn’t accept his authority.  Spending 40 years in the Parliament as a hatchet man and backstabber with little in way of achievement does that to people.

You see, it’s easy to impress a mob.  Just throw a bunch of impressive sounding phrases at them and each and everyone of them will interpret them in whatever way appeals to them. Being a blank slate agitator worked well for Obama, but I’m afraid that in the process the system broke the mold- the agitator turned up to be an incompetent empty suit.

When you scream stuff into a megaphone you are set up to appear as a messianic figure. However in politics that doesn’t work- you have to take questions from the opponents and every slip is obvious. The MPs don’t get the adrenalin poisoning people in large gatherings get, and they can see right through the poor sad man’s façade.

Corbyn is very good  at screaming at masses, but that doesn’t take much in way of skill. The skill of a politician is at the negotiating table, where he has to give and take and make deals because in the real world nobody gets their way 100% of the time.

Sadly, and precisely because he never attempted to do anything more than being an agitator, Corbyn doesn’t know this. The mass firings of everyone who disagreed with him painted him as a tyrannical little man, and it’s all downhill from there.

Corbyn is one of those sad leftovers of the 60’s and 70’s communist agitators who never really grew up.  The man is so deep in his own echo chamber that he fails to understand that the stuff that gets him applauses at socialist meetings are deeply frowned upon in civilised circles.  His own actions and associations are dubious at best- the material about him appearing on an Iranian Television Post that used torture to extract a confession from an anti government activist is incredibly telling- the man is so deep into the poisonous 60’s and 70’s ideology that he fails to even understand what was so wrong about his actions.

Like most western communists, Corbyn despises democracy. He’s shown so far that he appreciates dictators so much he needs to quote them even in random conversation-  a faux pas that most of his equally inept supporters fail to understand.  To put things in context- Enver Hodxa, the man that Corbyn found to be a good leader to quote at a Labour Christmas party was a sadistic murderer of the small national of Albania. His existence is obscure for most of the western mainstream because the man was after all, a very typical communist dictator.

Part Two

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