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The decline and fall of socialist agitators part 2

But for Corbyn, this was a strong leader he admired because that is what he aspires to be. This is clear from his actions-  his incapacity to negotiate, his firing of everyone who disagrees- these are all such typical markings of the typical decline and fall of a totalitarian leader that they don’t even need to be explained anymore.

Of course the little sad man has been trying to keep the MPs away from the actual members. The MPs are those who know the emperor is naked and therefore dangerous. He can’t hide behind a megaphone and put himself on a pedestal with colleagues who know that he’s all empty words and no action.

Corbyn is in fact a typical problem of the West failing to understand their local branches of communism. This dangerous move has been allowed to fester in academia and trade unions, and most normal people thought it gone with the fall of the Soviets.

The result being that people like Corbyn continue to exist and spread their doctrine. They seem irrelevant in their own countries but you see them popping up in various dubious situation with such esteemed allies as the islamist terror organizations- Hezbollah, Hamas and  Muslim Brotherhood, dubious regimes like the Iranian theocracy and so on and so forth.  The Soviets did make great use of the Islamic Socialist movements- amongst other thing creating the PLO and Pushing onto the stage the dubious character of Yasser Arafat, and many western socialists actually supported and endorsed Saddam Hussein and Moammar Ghaddafi and decried their deaths.

The Corbynite slogan, “Principles Before Power” is very clear in terms of what his purpose is. It’s very obvious Corbyn has no intention to win any elections with Labour, he’s just happy to have seen his lifelong dream fulfilled and would rather work on consolidating his position within the party than actually forward labour as an actual political entity. 

This is why the MPs are trying to remove him- it is obvious to them that he is not a leader as much as a strawman and that h is incapable of winning anything. And on a deep level he knows this as well, which is why he’s been working so hard to dig a chasm between the MPs and the labour members.
Because the MPs have a stronger mandate than he has.

The labour MPs, the vast majority of which are against him, have a combined mandate of some 9 million votes. Corbyn has 200 thousand votes of the labour members, but when you hear him talk about it, it sounds as if he won the majority of labour supporters’ mandate, not just that of the members.
This is a mindtrick for the simple minded. Labour as a party only has about 500 thousand members. But the labour supporters are 20 times that. The Mps represent the supporters, Corbyn represents the members. Of course he is resentful of the MPs.

And then there is Momentum. A Movement coalesced around Corbyn and led by some rather interesting characters like the former Militant activist Ben Sellers, and Max Shanly, an Oxford socialist who told a socialist blog in 2015 that

“The Labour left will have to act swiftly and I am afraid brutally in many cases. The PLP [Parliamentary Labour Party] will have to be brought into line, some members of party staff will need to be pointed towards the exit, and the entire party structures would, in my opinion, need to undergo a comprehensive and thorough review.”

Need I say more? Corbyn’s candidacy was a ploy to overtake Labour by the hard left, and this is what they are doing.  Corbyn’s friend John Lansman, the leader of Momentum is yet another Militant relic- a man who didn’t vote for Labour in 2010 or 2015 suddely becomes tha head of a movement that infiltrated the party.

The Corbyn candidacy is just the long delayed second act of the Militant exclusion.  Militant was a violent extreme left wint that infiltrated and attempted to take over Labout in the 70’s and 80’s and were fastly dealt with. Turns out the Militant members laid in wait and prepared for a second chance.

Any half decent labour member should ask themselves why did these people not go on to form their own party with their own ideals in the 30 years since Militant was ousted?
But they did. They formed several and they're all languishing into obscurity because the UK is not a leftie mad party and never was. So obviously now they are trying to take over the established Labour party and align it to their ideals, which have very little to do with the average Brit's ideals.

No, they want to take over Labour, the biggest  leftwing party in Western Europe, and with Corbyn  as chairman, they almost did.

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