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The incoming war with Russia

Those who aren't stupid, as in the very small minority, have probably noticed that NATO is very aggressively moving towards a war with Russia.

After the quasi successful coup that saw a democratic government replaced by american muppets and neo nazi drones, the treasury moved to the USA and most of the new government filled with US appointments, Ukraine found itself moving from poor yet functional second world country with a fairly functional economy and stability towards third world colonized impoverished shithole in less than a year. Crimea, after a 22 year struggle, left Ukraine to rejoin Russia, the eastern regions in the flames of a civil war Ukraine isn't winning, all utilities' prices increased astronomically, looming famine and lower and lower incomes... doesn't that all sound magical??

In truth the Ukrainians are paying the price for Barack Obama's idiocy and imperial ambitions. A man who never saw a stupid idea he didn't like, Obama, probably under the weight of the chip on his shoulder which cuts the circulation to his obviously small brain, decided that he had nothing better to do than refight the cold war by employing as an adviser the notorious criminal Zbigniew Brzezinski, a man to whom the world owes such magical things as the Afghanistan war in the 80s, the Iran-Iraq war and Gulf War one. Brzezinski, a senile Pole who carries in him the pathological russophobia of most Poles, has enough brains left by dementia to think the Cold War is still going on, and Obama, never one to miss a bad cause, decided to follow his advice. Obama wants a war with Russia at all costs, because he's stupid, and who cares about the lives of such inferior people as Slavs?

The result is that more and more NATO countries are being pushed into sending troops towards Russia's borders, including stationing them in Moldova against the will of the Moldovans who want anything but to become a new Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin, a man with steel nerves, is trying very hard to stop his hand from creeping closer and closer to the red button, but I wouldn't count on him being patient with the stupid westerners much longer. Contrary to popular belief of Western civilians ( who are still stuck in the 90s and think that "we can gather a bigger army than Russia" is an actual argument in this day of age ) and western politicians who aren't much better, Russia has spent the past 15 years preparing, and not only that it has completely renewed its stock of nuclear missiles, it has also added some shit that we aren't yet aware what it can do.

Guess what little chickens? Russia now has nuclear submarines too, and obviously some sort of technology that allows them to be hard to detect by radar- last year Russia put a submarine under Stockholm that NATO was unable to find for days. Russian planes regularly survey Britain and the RAF was not able to get to them before they got over large populated areas. Russia is suspected to have in orbit a satellite killer, which can literally end our communications as we know them... and that's just the beginning.

But Obama doesn't care about this, because like all pathological narcissists he knows better. And the west, being stupid and lazy as it is, has no idea that it's walking into the abyss. People, and intelligent people at that, still believe that a conventional war is still a thing in the 21st century.The little bickering sessions with unwashed barbarians who find the concept of toilet paper hard to understand in sordid deserts are not wars. they're insignificant incidents. A war is when a great power, and the US is not the greatest anymore, decides to make use of nukes and even nastier things, and if history has ever shown us something is that when you poke the bear, the bear doesn't poke you back. The fucker will maul you, and you are very unlikely to get a second chance at touching him.

If Putin decides war is unavoidable, he will not warn anybody. That would be stupid, and he isn't, he'd probably take out the missile shield generators in eastern Europe and the NATO radio station at Deveselu in Romania, while at the same time making sure he has a couple of those nuclear submarines throw some nukes at the US and probably Western Europe, because in a nuclear war whoever hits first wins.

Unless Donald Trump wins the US elections- as we know for a fact he would not start a war with Russia- that war is staring us in the face, and it's getting closer every day. make plans.

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