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The Turkey Coup and its consequences

 In the past 24 hours, a group of high ranking officers in the Turkish army attempted to depose president Erdogan and take power in Turkey for the purpose of restoring secular democracy.
The coup was unsuccessful.

There are people who, from their western idiot point of view, will say that violence shouldn’t be used to attain political goals.
If you’re one of those people, you’re a moron.
Violence has always been used to attain political goals, because violence is the only thing governments fear.  And it works.

There are people who believe that Erdogan was democratically elected and therefore he should not have been attacked. I’ve seen none of these people disapproving of the coup in Ukraine.

You see little chickens, democracy is a dangerous toy, because not everybody who votes will agree with you. Also, like Erdogan did, it’s a lot easier to be  “democratically elected “ if you imprison journalists who disagree with you, shoot opponents and create a climate of fear.

Add to that an intense campaign of the country’s main religion to support you and bam, you will get barely elected, just like Erdogan did a few months back.
But only an idiot would have thought that election was anything but democratic.

For a few years now, Erdogan has worked very hard to take Turkey away from its secular legacy out in place by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and remake it into an Islamic state.  Erdogan created a virtue police similar to those of Saudi and Iran, and women in Turkey have seen their freedoms diminish.

Add to that Erdogan’s known support and cooperation with ISIS and the result is obvious- Turkey was being hijacked in a direction it shouldn’t be going.

Of course the Turkish military tried a coup. It’s what they do, because in Turkey, a vast and complex country that is very neatly divided in the middle between westernised city people and uneducated Anatolian peasants who have no problem killing their daughters for talking to a strange boy, the military is the symbol and keeper of democracy.

However, Turkey is also a crucial NATO ally.   There are quite a lot of NATO military bases in Turkey, and it should have been obvious to the organizers that the US wouldn’t want any changes made to their main SE ally.
 In the big islamization swoop of the Middle East that the USA under Obama has been performing for the past 8 years, the danger of Turkey becoming a secular democracy and starting to ask uncomfortable questions couldn’t possibly be tolerated.

The Turkish military tried to appeal to people’s love for democracy- but they couldn’t compete with the call to arms from each and every fucking mosque in the country.
The tyrant was well prepared, and probably warned in advance.

But only an idiot would celebrate the failure of the coup. It means that Erdogan will now purge with impunity any disagreeing elements within his army, and turn Turkey even more into a terrorist theocratic state.

And let us not forget that the EU paid him to win his elections, paid him to continue to oppress the Kurds and his own people. Was he grateful? No, he openly threatened that if he didn’t get more money he’d unleash millions of refugees onto Europe unless his conditions were met.

The results of this coup so far are:

  • - 192 dead
  • - 1,400+ injured
  • - 3,000+ soldiers arrested
  • - 2,700+ Judges arrested
  • - #US airbase closed

Some people claim the coup was a set up to give Erdogan more power- but in truth Erdogan was already doing whatever he wanted. He didn't per se NEED a pretext for a purge. WE don't have enough information yet, but whatever the results, they won't be good.

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