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The importance of StoryTellers

Many of us of the intellectual right have been spending a lot of time trying to fathom what triggered the decay and apathy of our people.

We know our culture has been subverted, we know our values have been corrupted and perverted. We know our very nature, our empathy and conceptualizing minds have been subverted and used to bring about the civilizational collapse we’re witnessing.

These are facts. Some of us go further and can diagnose how it happened- the negative foundational myth of the Holocaust and war and racism that has been sold to our people as a horridly negative creation myth.

Our culture and achievements were removed from schools and instead we were portrayed as the greatest evil this world has ever known, and many of our people swallowed that and live their lives in defeat, self-hatred and apathy.

But do you know WHY it got like this?

The answer is simple, and it might surprise you.

Because we let it.

One of the most important things a culture has is stories and myths. Not only are they the most important thing we have, but they define who and what we are, and for the conceptualizing races like ours they define the path ahead of us.

Stories create life.

Stories change reality.

Stories shape who and what we are.

And for the past 100 plus years we left other people to tell our stories. We let them define us and tell us who we were. And they used that to destroy us.

They call that media. Terry Pratchett warned us about it in Moving Pictures, but how many paid attention?

Mass media equals outsourcing our stories, our very soul, to foreign entities who use it for their own ends. And its existence has a deleterious effect on reality. It changes it, it shapes it and it deforms it.

That is where we are now.

Last year I conducted a small personal experiment. I posited that The movie Black Panther would have such an effect on the psyche of the American Black community that they would be unable or unwilling to accept it was fiction.

So I set up a little website called

It was purposefully badly done but looked official enough. It purported to provide the process through an African American could move to Wakanda.

It got hundreds of thousands of hits and applications.

I wish I was a crook and made money out of it, but it was just a though experiment.

You see, we KNOW Wakanda isn’t real. Any anybody with 2 braincells to rub together is capable of opening up Google and searching and figuring it out.

But all of these people, obviously literate and with internet access, chose not to. Because they wanted the story to be real so badly, their reasoning skills, such as they were, took a break.

The easy option is to laugh at them. 

The intelligent option is to understand why stories are so important.

We need to bring our storytellers back.

We need to listen to our people. We need to praise the people with the fantasy and the skill of bringing us engaging stories, positive myths and motivational fables to regain the consciousness of our people.

And I don’t care if it’s a “graphic novel” or a webcomic or a big hardcover book as long as the story is being told. As long as it comes from the heart.

Get back to telling stories. Get back to listening to stories. Get back to giving the storytellers and minstrels the pivotal role the mass media stole from them, that of supporting pillars of our culture.

Take back our stories. Write. Talk to your friends. Draw.

Create things. Never stop.

 Take western storytelling back from the greedy claws of Hollywood and the hostile allogens controlling it and tell your stories. Tell the truth, make up stories and keep our myths going.

We invented history. In the old myths, in every white fairytale there is there’s a moment when the hero hears of another hero’s journey and goes out to undertake his own.

We are tellers of stories, and we need to take our soul back at any cost.

Stop letting others poisoning your mind and your children’s minds.

Throw away the consumerist crap, burn the Disney bullshit and tell your own stories, make them up if you have to.

Tell your children the stories of your people. Teach them to be proud of who they are. Cook them the food of your ancestors.

Everything is a story if done right.


Take your mind and your stories and your culture back from the soulless mass media and make your own stories.

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