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A weird game of US proxies?

In order to properly assess the current situation in Turkey, we need to answer one very serious question:

“Is Erdogan insane?”

Strange as it might seem, this is not a question that’s easy to answer. Under normal circumstances, Erdogan’s actions would show that he’s gone off the deep end, however seeing what he’s gotten away with so far and how weak the USA is  as of late, his actions no longer seem that deranged.

Regardless of whether the Turkey Coup of last week was staged or a honestly desperate and inept attempt,  Erdogan has used it to implement the complete takeover of the country.  On top of completely throwing away any pretence of democracy, he also  blocked down the staff at the US base Incirklik.

If this would have happened 10 years ago, we’d talk now about the wasteland where Turkey used to be, and Iran and Iraq would no longer be problems.
Whether or not that would be a good idea and whether or not this would have started WW3 is a completely different question since Russia would probably be quite happy with the whole “trash taking itself out” situation.

But Obama’s America would not do that. The Iran capturing US marines incident has shown that Obama’s America has no balls, to the surprise of absolutely nobody.

Erdogan has so far gotten away with attacking the Kurds instead of ISIS, supporting ISIS openly, providing the wounded ISIS fighters with healthcare and slowly removing each and every trapping of democracy left of Ataturk’s legacy.

So if you WERE Erdogan,  and knew that you got away with all that, why wouldn’t you go further??

WE don’t have yet enough information about what is happening in Turkey, but we have enough to see that Obama has castrated the USA completely.

This is a very serious issue. The world peace depends on the USA acting like an universal policeman, and the fact that it stopped is causing all sorts of small and bigger conflicts to flare up everywhere.

None of the current events would have happened under Bush. Or Clinton. Or basically any other president in the past 100 years. But they’re happening now, because the bad guys know they can get away with it while Obama’s main priority seems to be to push Russia into a war nobody wants.

So, is Erdogan insane? No, he’s not. 

Now let’s put something else on the table. We KNOW that Erdogan has been working hand in hand with ISIS for years and made a lot of profit from it.

We also know ISIS have been recently pushed back and suffered a lot of loses thanks to Russia.  We also know that Obama is at best ambivalent about ISIS.
Erdogan has just taken hostage a whole US airbase with nukes.  And the US is doing nothing about it.

Hmmmmmmmmmm… what better way to provide ISIS with nukes than this, if you really didn’t want to do it in the open??

Just saying.  Imagine that you wanted to go to war on Russia without being the one starting it.
The US has a long history of using proxies.  Turkish inspectors are on that airbase right now inspecting it, because the US is a wet chicken nobody’s scared of anymore, at least as far as Turkey is convinced.
One has to wonder whether somebody might have just been assured that nothing bad would happen to them if they did that.

Now isn’t that weird? Even after Obama’s reign of chaos, the US is still the world’s greatest military power. It takes a hell of a lot of guts to do that. Bush’s USA would not even allow a US soldier who committed a crime in a foreign country to be prosecuted in that country.  Obama’s USA allows inspectors on what is US territory.

How humiliating.

What would ISIS do if they got a nuke? They’d throw it at the side that’s been pushing them back and costed them a lot of territory.
Namely, Russia.

Which would easily solve an inconvenient problem for Barack Obama, wouldn’t it?

Yes, we know that most people feel weird about what they call conspiracy theories. But we already know that the media is lying to us. We also know that Obama’s presidency has made the world a significantly less safe place, with wars and violence everywhere.

And all it took to do this was to place as president a guy that very obviously doesn’t have the USA’s best interests at heart. And the Left, being what they are, as in dumb and misguided, have been so good at quieting everyone who had suspicions about him that the mere thought of doubting Obama is regarded as anathema by people who before this were actually pretty smart.

Something smells.

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