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Be very afraid

A week ago I was waking up to the news that Brenton Tarrant, an Australian with a battleaxe to grind, had planned and executed an attack against two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. And filmed them.

His manifesto was circulated online and taken down fast. I had to translate my copy in 8 languages for normie friends worldwide… and as the video keeps being taken down and people threatened to not share it, I know it was the real thing.

Because I live amongst people like him, and I was there when the news hit, and I saw their faces.

Some couldn’t believe their eyes. But others could and were drinking it in. Their faces told the story of the thousands of Islamist attacks on Europeans in the past few years. They weren’t feeling sad or outraged.

They took it all in.

When SkyKing went, many of us felt broken inside because we knew how he felt and why.

But Brenton Tarrant showed us another way. He showed us there’s another way of going out.

Going out in a blaze of glory is a very euro-specific way to do things. We invented history and we know what matters. And nothing that surrounds you right now matters. Becoming the myth is more important than anything, and easily available to people who have nothing to lose.

People robbed of their posterity do crazy things, and that’s who we are.

We were robbed. Robbed of our past, our civilization and our identity and our enemies gleefully brag about stealing our posterity.

They think we’ll sit down and take it.

They’re wrong.

They think our spirit was broken by 70 years of lies and manipulations.

They’re wrong.

As we’re standing on the brink and looking down into the abyss, the question “What is important” looms larger on our minds. The answer is hard to get to.

Our lives are swamped with noise and irrelevance. We spend every minute of our days being distracted, manipulated and battered down into consumerist submission.

Things that don’t matter run our lives every single day.

Things. We are surrounded by objects and being told the next one will make us happy.  Meanwhile we are being told and pushed to believe that humanity, relationships, honour and dignity don’t matter and we should discard them as we seek our next adrenaline hit from going further into debt for things we don’t need.

But they never do. They’re just objects, they don’t matter.

Objects don’t matter. Your car doesn’t matter. Your house is just a place you live in.

The people who judge you by your car and house are morons you should be avoiding.

Society has stolen from us the real valuable things. Marriage. Brotherhood. Culture. Aspirations. Many of us chose the slow death of substance abuse and consumerism. And yet, some of us are awake.

It’s coming.

Meanwhile, behind closed doors, our demise is being plotted and prepared… and now it is public. They think they defeated us. They think they won.

They did this before, and it took the whole might of the planet to bring down the handful of countries who said NO to globalism.

The year is 1932 once again.

Brenton Tarrant knew. Darren Osborne knew. Anders Breitvik knew. Robert Bowers knew.

We can go on and gleefully slide into Piss Earth or we can make a stand- one that leads to infamy and early death and pain in the short term.

Is it worth it?

Tarrant achieved his purpose. Millions of people of European descent saw the double standard and are starting to ask themselves questions.

A few days later a Turk shots down a tram in Utrecht. Netherlands has its first real terror attack. 2 days later in the provincial elections, the Dutch queue to vote in the Anti migration FvD.

Nobody’s safe.

The answers are easy to find. People who have been sleepwalking through depression to an early lonely grave, following the fate planned for them, suddenly raised their eyes and saw something else.

This is why we’re getting the conspiracy theories, the push to claim it’s a hoax, the bullshit and demoralization from the people who were very fast and suddenly reminded what one white man can do when he’s had enough.

“If it was a hoax they’d let it live on to show how evil we are” says the man in a faded and stained work uniform who one week ago played Tarrant’s video on the big screen in his pub.

To his surprise, he wasn’t kicked out nor banned. The Police were not called. Two men walked out, but the rest stayed in and watched. They never discussed it, but their eyes told the story.

Ever since, something has changed in him and his mates. They’re walking taller. They give each other knowing looks and they seem to congregate together a lot more often.

In their white minority city, these men were suddenly reminded by a guy on the other side of the planet about who they are and what is important.

They might be tired and underpaid, but they don’t walk with their heads down anymore.

Our souls will not go down without a fight. And now, a lot of people who were willing to go quietly into that good night know that one man can make a difference.

Tarrant did his job. Even the dumber ones on our side believe his bullshit about his appreciation for China. LOL.

Because if you’re willing to die for a cause you’re gonna stain it by openly praising it. Right.

Any /pol/ack knows better and Tarrant was one of us.

He knew he had to disassociate from us and left us a bunch of messages only we could read. And we did.

Was he a spook? Maybe. But spooks are people too, and many of the people in the movement are vets or spooks.

Turns out the best way to the redpill is being smart and aware of your surroundings.

We will not go quietly into that good night.

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