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Who does the EU serve? Part 1

This is a very important issue that may people seem to not understand.  The #remain side refuse to acknowledge that the EU is undemocratic and that most of its policies are deeply flawed and undemocratic.

Contrary to popular belief, immigration was actually one of the lower on the list of reasons why people wanted to leave.

As it has been pointed by our favourite Tory backbencher Jacob Rees-Mogg, in the UK we have something called redress. Which means that if the system fucked you over, you can go talk to your MP and they will help you if you were wronged.  There are systems of appeal,  and the law works, because as the world’s oldest democracy, Britain has made them work.

There is no similar mechanism with the EU. If by  any reason you fell afoul of one of the millions of weird EU regulations you will be punished- but there is no way to actually defend yourself. The MEPs have little to no power, which is why so many politicians who fail to get elected in their own nation’s parliaments choose the MEP route to stay relevant.

This is especially true for disgraced officials whose  national policies caused damage to their own country, and a very good example of this is Guy Verhofstadt. Former prime minister of Belgium, Guy Verhofstadt presided over the islamification of Bruxelles.  The Belgians know this and it is very unlikely that they would ever vote for him in their national parliament ever again. There is also the issue of him being a very obvious corporate stooge who only cares about his own interests.

How so, you might ask? Guy Verhofstadt poses as this very dedicated human rights advocate. He was one of the people who decided to interfere and give credibility to the EuroMaidan movement in Ukraine that removed from power a democratically elected government and replaced it with a bunch of nationalistic neo nazi murderers who plunged Ukraine into a civil war, murdered 100+ people by fire ad torture I Odessa on 2nd May 2014 just for being Russian and who are currently trying very hard to exterminate their own Russian minority, while the EU and USA look benevolently on.

What isn’t being told is that Guy Verhofstadt serves on the board of directors in several corporations including one that handles oil and gas transportation. This company obtained some interesting contracts with the same Ukrainian oil company where the son of US vice-president Joe Biden is a director.

Yes Guy Verhofstadt  supported and cheered on to have the democratic government of Ukraine overturned and turned a blind eye to the crimes of the new government because this brought financial advantages to himself and the company on whose board he stands.

Guy Verhofstadt is not a sole case.  If he becomes president of the EU Parliament like he aspires, this man who was a disaster for his country will have the ability to impose his ideas on the whole of Europe and nobody will be able to stop him from doing so.

The people like himself, a ruthless, undemocratic and barely elected political class, are whom the EU serves politically.

Economically speaking the EU was created to serve the needs of the 6 original members who therefore do not need to face fair competition on the global market.

This becomes obvious when one looks at the biased regulations and standards policies that are designed to disadvantaged new businesses and small businesses.  This becomes very obvious when you look at what happens to local businesses in the newer member countries- who are across the board being stopped from being able to compete with the businesses form older member states.

As I am from Romania, I have seen this happen to my country. Before Romania joined the EU in 2007, it was told that all of our products would have to become EU regulations compliant and it became obvious that these regulations where purposefully designed to  protect the older members’ businesses from being exposed to any meaningful competition from the newer members.

Romania, who had been a top wine producer for centuries, was told that our award winning wines were not up to EU standards. Over 20,000 acres of vineyard had to be destroyed and the types of grapes that are known to work with that specific types of soil had to be replaced with EU compliant types.

What does this mean?
First, it takes about 4 years for a vineyard to produce grapes. This means that for 4 years these producers could not actually produce wine. While the producers were paid to cover the loss of business, this doesn’t take into account the jobs that the vineyards had created and that were now gone. The people who were dependent on those jobs were not in any way helped, and many of them had to immigrate and become cheap labour for Spanish and French farmers.

Second, making good wine is a serious process. The quality of the wine is influenced by weather, the type of grapes and how they work from a chemical and biological point of view with the soil where they are planted.  The same types of grapes that would produce a good quality wine in a certain soil produce swills on soils of different composition.

Which means that it takes a very long time to experiment and find the best types of grapes for each vineyards. This EU regulation basically stopped Romanian wine producers from competing with established vineyards such as those in France for years and possibly decades.  Who suffered? Local producers and local workforce.

Is this fair? No, but it makes sense if you realize that the purpose of taking new members in is to expand the prisoner EU market for the old members, not to help the new member countries.

Local businesses are being bought out or ran out of business

Magically, if the local businesses from new member countries are being bought out by old member country based businesses, their products will automatically become compliant.

Which countries’ interests does the EU serve?

Again, the answer is simple- the interests of the original six members, especially Germany and France.

It has been long known that the EU membership has two tiers- those who decide and those who obey.  By way of regulations and undemocratic policies, the original members, especially Germany, have managed to establish themselves as leaders of the EU and as a result they can impose policies that serve their interests upon the rest of the members.

The result is that Germany is basically exploiting and weakening the other EU member states in order to further its own interests.
This became very obvious in the case of Greece.

It is widely known how Greece was forced into financial ruin by the EU especially Germany as a result of their debts. While the widely spread fiscal irresponsibility of Greeks together with the well established oligopoly system that sees the world’s second biggest commercial fleet paying 0 tax, together with the insane benefits system do account for some of that debt, there is an issue that never gets addressed. Namely, Greece’s military budget.

Ever since Turkey attacked and conquered part of Cyprus in 1978, Greece, who considers Cyprus as part of their cultural space, has been at a state of cold war against Turkey. The fact that NATO refused to do anything about this, while both Greece and Turkey were NATO members, created for the Greeks the need to be militarily prepared for a Turkish attack that was obviously not going to be in any way deflected by NATO, who values Turkey too much as an ally to do anything about it.

However, this isn’t about NATO. This is about the fact that Germany heavily profited from this conflict to sell expensive weaponry to Greece, and that these expenses amounted to about 6.2% of Greece’s budget. If Greece would have received half of the support against Turkey that Ukraine, a non NATO and non EU member receives nowadays against Russia, it wouldn’t have needed those expenses.
 But if that happened, German weapons industry would have lost their biggest EU client, so it didn’t happen.

to be continued

Part 2

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