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You wouldn't like us when we're angry

Regardless of what the naive children and the ossified socialists believe, the first world is solidly rejecting the left and moving towards the right with the inexorability of a pendulum. As Europe burns and innocent people feel unsafe in their homes because the left in its various iterations has allowed in millions of people of a different culture who despises everything the West is about, the people who created the World's greatest civilization look to the right for answers. Country after country, the Right is rising in polls, and each and every innocent murdered by fake refugees adds 10,000 more people to the ranks of the National Front, Pegida, Lega Nord, party for Freedom, Soldiers of Odin or Ukip.

Don't get fooled, Markel herself is a left politician in actions if not in fact, and I'm not putting money on her career lasting much longer.

The names might differ, but the message that bellows across Europe is one of rage and you won't like Europeans when we're angry. We KNOW the EU has betrayed us and has put us at risk. We know that the politicians sold us out, we KNOW these fake or real refugees are here to destroy our way of life, and we DO NOT LIKE IT.

Obviously, people blame the Left for these events. It is the left ideology of the past decades who insisted on mass immigration towards Europe without any concern for the needs of the actual Europeans or whether bringing in masses of people of vastly different cultures and a significantly lower of civilization was a good idea.

And in the UK, the Left is Labour. The British people have seen Labour betraying their interests time and time again, and it took Tony Blair's about face for them to be willing to accept taking a chance on the bloody reds in 97, and while Blair has dragged Britain kicking and screaming into the 21st century, the good policies were shadowed by the bad ones. The average Brit doesn't care that much about the Iraq war anymore, but he cares about little white girls being groomed raped and pimped out in Rotherham for over a decade. The average working class Brit might not mind the eastern European immigrants that come to work and integrate, but he has a problem with the non European immigrants that according to all the studies come to the UK to live on benefits and reject Britishness to the point where there are areas where it's not safe to go in daytime anymore.

The message is clear, but like all parties moored in old and rotten dogmatism of any kind, labour refuses to accept it. It blamed the 2015 fiasco on the SNP and Ed Miliband, without for one second wondering how come the austerity party that they claim everybody hates has managed to do better in 2015 than it did in 2010.

The fact that even 5 years after 2010 people still voted AGAINST Labour escaped them, and this is the reason why the fiasco continued this year with the disastrous locals and a 10 % loss in Scotland. It will not get better.

Why? The first reason I exposed above- there's a general rising tide of anti Leftism that's covering the West, and it grows taller and taller. Contrary to one of the fundamental tenets of western leftism, people aren't blank slates you can write anything on, and group identity will always beat the shit out of indoctrination.

Europeans didn't build the world's most successful civilization by being stoical and accepting what happened to them. Our racial trait is that we fight back, and we are resilient. Many other cultures had great achievements in the past and did really well until the first wave of destruction, after which they crumbled never to rise again. Not in Europe. 1000 years of migrations didn't bring us down. 1300 years of Islamic expansion didn't bring us down. Two world wars didn't bring us down and a bunch of dirty migrants who can't figure out how to use a water toiled won't bring us down either.

Europe is getting angry, and it's at the Left and the results of their work. It will get angrier. And you wouldn't like us when we're angry.

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