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Labour need to stop believing their own bullshit

So finally  John McDonnell has admitted today that, should Labour under his covert leadership behind the puppet Corbyn lose the General Elections, him and Corbyn would quit.

Now, at first sight, this is great news, because it means that, at best, the country has only about 4 years of these two left. Better than having to wait for years until the God Emperor Corbyn dies, right?

However it also means that Corbyn and McDonnell ( because “who’s in charge of Labour” is becoming a rather difficult question) are willing to risk the country having another 5 years of Tories than give up on their megalomaniacal dreams. They’re willing to harm the country for a too narrow to see without a microscope chance they might actually win a GE.

Because , let’s get this out of the way. A Corbyn led  Labour has as many chances to win a general election as Hillary Clinton has to spout wings. 

It is the left ideology of the past decades who insisted on mass immigration towards Europe without any concern for the needs of the actual Europeans or whether bringing in masses of people of vastly different cultures and a significantly lower of civilization was a good idea.

And in the UK, the Left is Labour. The British people have seen Labour betraying their interests time and time again, and it took Tony Blair’s about face for them to be willing to accept taking a chance on the bloody reds in 97, and while Blair has dragged Britain kicking and screaming into the 21st century, the good policies were shadowed by the bad ones. The average Brit doesn’t care that much about the Iraq war anymore, but he cares about little white girls being groomed raped and pimped out in Rotherham for over a decade. The average working class Brit might not mind the eastern European immigrants that come to work and integrate, but he has a problem with the non European immigrants that according to all the studies come to the UK to live on benefits and reject Britishness to the point where there are areas where it’s not safe to go in daytime anymore.

The message is clear, but like all parties moored in old and rotten dogmatism of any kind, labour refuses to accept it. It blamed the 2015 fiasco on the SNP and Ed Miliband, without for one second wondering how come the austerity party that they claim everybody hates has managed to do better in 2015 than it did in 2010.

Having the convenient scapegoat of Ed Miliband to blame, Labour never got to look long and hard in the mirror and see the blemish on its face. The fact that even 5 years after 2010 people still voted AGAINST Labour escaped them, and this is the reason why the fiasco continued this year with the disastrous locals and a 10 % loss in Scotland.  It will not get better,


But besides the general anti left reaction of the mass core of voters, Labour has a very serious problem of ideology.
It thinks it’s 1980 and that socialism still mean something desirable for most people.
It doesn’t.  The fall of the Berlin Wall has ripped apart the red mantle of socialism to reveal the cruel horrible monster underneath, and people have seen it.  The poverty and queues, the 100 million people killed by socialists, the orphans of Romania still resonate with the average Brenda and Barry even if they have no idea where Romania is anyway.

Basically, Labour has fallen into the trap of buying its own bullshit. The Trotskyite argument that “none of these countries had actual socialism so it doesn’t matter that they failed” might sound nice for the young and naïve or the old guard whose place is under the deck of the Black Pearl more than in the public domain, but the average Joe is getting smarter. He’s seen the disaster that unfettered socialism and insane welfare made of Greece, he’s heard about the Venezuelans eating their own pets because starvation, and the smarter ones have even heard of the ongoing economic disaster in Basil and the slow and agonizing failure of Argentina.

Socialism is a big rock chained to the feet of Labour, and that’s what’s dragging it down. The people who lived through the Winter of Discontent have not forgot, and there’s a reason why they are all the most solid block of Tory voters and why they all massively voted “Leave”. Because they’ve seen what Labour can do, and they want none of it.

Blair’s attempt to modernize labour could have worked was it not for the shower of idiocies of Gordon Brown ( selling the gold for a pittance) and Trevor Philips, the former head of equalities who invented the term Islamophobia and who should be burn in effigy every  time we hear about another little girl raped by a gang of Pakistani men. Regardless of how much he regrets it and he tried to make it better now.  You’ll notice I didn’t include Iraq in the shower of idiocies.

Contrary to what Jeremy Corbyn and his cult believes, the public doesn’t care about Iraq anymore. 13 years is an eternity. But people who do remember also remember that Saddam was a monster that was killing his people for fun, and the smarter of the lot also realize that blaming Tony Blair in 2003 for not having known what we know in 2016 is idiotic. The Chilcott report might have piled all the fault on Blair, but in the age of the Internet it didn’t take people long to notice its dishonesty  and inconsistency- regardless of whether or not Blair is the younger brother of Beelzebub he really couldn’t have predicted that the next US president would be a moron of such epic proportions that he’d pull US troops out of Iraq and leave it open to islamists.

There’s also a case to be made that Blair didn’t really have much of a choice- the British and US militaries are hideously intertwined. But what people forget is that one week after the vote in the parliament to go to war, George Bush signed the act that banned American citizens from funding the IRA, which brought peace in Northern Ireland.

However this is not about Tony Blair. This is about Jeremy Corbyn and his lunacy.
The MP for Champagne Socialism Central has had by virtue of being Parliament furniture for zoinks, the privilege of never having had to deal with real life or real people. Poor Jez lives with his feet firmly planted in the 70s, and as he doesn’t have to have much contact with the real world, has no need nor awareness of the stuff that happens in the 21st century.

This is why his campaigns are aimed at the Durham Miners’ Association members, all less than 1000 of them, whilst failing to acknowledge anyone who doesn’t carry a job title Jeremy ever heard of because it didn’t exist in the 80s. This is why his appeal to the youth is reduced to the unsuccessful part of them and affluent students and not to the aspirational side who commutes to London from the Midlands hoping to be the next big thing.

It’s nice to appeal to students and baristas  and stay at home mothers, but the working class is moving away from Labour so fast Jeremy can’t even see their dust. Why?

Because their concerns are different, because the world has changed and Jeremy doesn’t even know who they are.
The working class has changed since the 70s, and Labour loses because it takes them for granted.  Today’s working class no longer regard themselves as perpetual losers against the government that has to be smashed at any cost.

Today’s working class bought their council homes under Thatcher, or their parents did, go to college and are no longer the resigned working class socialism always preyed on.

Today’s working class is aspirational. If they don’t have their own house they want one, their world is open by the new media, and they refuse to see themselves as victims.

And Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t know them. He knows those with too much time on their hands who believe themselves as activists and those dependent on welfare, but not the ones who want the system to work.
Which is why Labour refuses to understand why their heartlands voted Leave and are hanging on to the sad lie that 2/3 of Labour members voted Remain.  First, that’s impossible to know since the vote is secret. Second, even if that was true it’s irrelevant- the labour demographic is roughly 20 times bigger than the membership, and all of the Labour heartlands that are not immigrant dominated voted solid Leave.

But labour refuses to listen to them. Not one of the labour leaders has addressed the study that shows the lower 20% percentile are suffering because immigration is taking their jobs and reducing their quality of life.

 Not one of them is even willing to admit that Labour’s insane idea to fill the country with immigrants in the last decade to create a prisoner voting block is the reason why Ukip exists in the first place. Labour are so eager to pander to said immigrant vote that they forgot who they are supposed to represent.

Labour don’t know who their voters are, and this is why they’re losing and will continue to lose.

This is obvious in McDonnell’s recent proposal to cut down the innovation fund which gives tax relief to companies big and small who innovate and invent.  The idea is so hilariously awful that it can only come from an old school socialist.

Why? Because what has made Britain awesome and unique in the past centuries is innovation. Especially today when the world’s economy counts on people having new ideas and working on them, cutting support for the incredibly important field of research and development is idiotic. Because  not only it will cost important jobs for our best and brightest but it will also fuel a loss of R&D jobs towards Asia, the same as happened in the USA in the last decade.

This sort of announcement shows how utterly short sighted the current Labour leadership is.  In a move that’s very hard to believe is not an underhanded attack on Owen Smith who used to work in Communications for Pfizer, Corbyn is literally taking out his hysterical and impotent anger out on the entire field.

This is insanity of Saddam Hussein level albeit I believe Corbyn might take it as a compliment, considering his sympathy for all things tyrant. The man who quoted Enver Hodxa at a Labour  Christmas party is not someone who dislikes tyranny, it’s someone who admires it- which happens with most people with such deep inferiority complexes.

And Corbyn’s inferiority complexes are obvious. Here’s a man who never did achieve anything actually special in 33 years of being an MP asides from backstabbing and attacking each and every leader he worked with, who voted with the Tories more than he voted with his own party and who now finds himself in a seat of power he deeply knows he doesn’t deserve, and is therefore hanging onto it with the skin of his teeth.

The actions he condoned and undertook against each and every Labour leader of the past 40 years  suddenly become a plot and treason when aimed at him- this is not just unbelievable hypocrisy, this is what delusion looks like.  The man who a year ago was saying that leaders should be challenged yearly is now grabbing on to his seat on a technicality and even after having the position for 10 months he’s yet to actually do the job right.

The people working with him all agree that his performance as a leader is awful- from firing those who disagreed with him to making David Cameron look good by comparison, to the inability to make decisions and blunders so spectacular they’d be ridiculous if they weren’t so awful.

This is why the actual working people-  both the middle aged ones and the young aspirational class reject him. Because he’s the embodiment of a bad boss, the one we all had and hate.

It’s easy to admire a politician that says what you want to hear from afar, but those closer to him get to see him picking his nose, get to hear him lying and yes, familiarity breeds contempt.  But who else knows us better than those close to us??

That being said,  I don’t really find Owen Smith that convincing either. Labour needs more than  just a coat of paint, but at least Smith looks like someone who’s competent enough to provide a quality opposition until such a time comes that Labour can win general elections again.

BY choosing Corbyn labour will be confiding themselves to the history’s garbage heap. By voting Smith they borrow a bit more time to get their house in order.

But a change is needed.

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