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Putin plays chess

While the world is wriggling around over how to blame Donald Trump for WW2 and/or how to get Hillary Clinton to justice, or in the Oval office because albeit she’s corrupt, a liar and really fucking incompetent she can at least pretend like she can talk policy or some shit, some important things have happened.

These important things are a lot more important than what you see in the Western media, yet they’re barely mentioned.

First there was the Turkish coup. Now I will be the first to say that I was wrong about it. In my defense, I have to say that I had completely disregarded how utterly awful and incompetent the Obama administration is.

So what happened while the West is still complaining about how Trump says mean things?

Well, there was a coup in Turkey. And Turkey’s president and tyrant in Chief Erdogan seems to have known about it and used it to basically long knife the hell out of his opponents and their sympathizers.
Now, Erdogan claims the coup had US backing. Erdogan pretty much accused the US of it openly.
He also blocked and searched the US  base at Incirlik, blocked access to it and after he solidified his power… guess what?
He went and had a nice meeting with Vladimir Putin and Bashar Al Assad, the democratically elected president of Syria that the west has bene so eager to replace they helped ISIS arm against him. A meeting about how to get rid of ISIS.
As if the West doesn’t even exist or matter in that region.

Now, this is understandable. The West, namely the US and whoever they could strongarm this week, have managed to fail in Syria miserably. Assad held his own and is slowly recovering his country. The only result the western bombings have on Isis is an increase in islamist attacks on western civilians on their own countries and whatever progress has bene made against Isis in Syria has a Russian signature.
Furthermore, Russia straight out bombed a secret American base in Syria and got as a result … an offer from the US to cooperate better on attacks against Isis.

Then we have the president of China straight out saying

“The world is on the verge of radical change. We see that the European Union is gradually falling apart, how the US economy is crashing, and that all this will end with a new rearrangement of the world. In 10 years we can expect a new world order in which the key factor will be the alliance between China and Russia.”


This is an offer of a military alliance right there.
And then Turkey threatens to leave NATO unless it’s being given “more support” which translates  in Erdogan speech as “ bribe me to stay”, the same trick he pulled when under the pretense of a refugee agreement he got the EU to pay for his reelection.


This of course meaning that the south wing of NATO is broken. Without Turkey to hold the south flank, Russia will continue to have access to the Mediterranean and will probably easily get back the control of the Black Sea, basically nullifying all of the effort the USA put into pulling Ukraine out of the Russian sphere.

What does this mean?


Add to this Russia’s old and  continuing relations with Iran - and what do you get?

We also know Putin has been courting Israel, been to visit Azerbaidjan and Kazakhstan and Russia just finished building a nuclear power plant in India

Obviously Russia is attempting to pull Asia together in its cold war against NATO. As the US is fastly falling out of its position of world’s first superpower, Russia is obviously vying to fill the void.

While the US has been reducing its military power while at the same time arming its enemies, Russia has steadily continued to update and increase its arsenal.

The US has been recently failing miserably in all its endeavours. Afghanistan is still a mess. The pseudo attacks against ISIS are bringing no results. Iran takes US prisoners with impunity, and by the looks of it gets huge ransoms for them too.

Basically, turns out the US can be pushed around, and some of the US’ closest allies are starting to reposition too.

This week, British Prime Minister Theresa May called Putin.


The Kremlin announcement said that Putin congratulated May on her appointment, following David Cameron’s resignation in June, and said that the leaders agreed “to step up joint work in some areas,” including issues of aviation security. They also discussed cooperation in the “political, trade and economic spheres.”

This is a major development. After Britain’s vote to leave the EU, Britain seems to be looking at repositioning all its alliances not just the economical ones.

Of course, as of now Britain is still part of the sanctions block against Russia. Will Theresa May move to  drop the economic sanctions? It would make sense.


The world is changing.  I have written before about the impending war on Russia that the US seems to be so eager on.  BUT as the alliances are shifting and changing, the US appears to  become isolated. Nobody likes failing empires.

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