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Who does the EU serve, part 2- Germany and NATO

However it is becoming very obvious that the EU does serve some external parties, and this is something that doesn’t get said enough.

Until a few years ago, the EU regarded itself as an entity that was competing economically with the USA and  had an uneasy alliance with the US’ political and nation building aims.
When Gulf War 2 on Iraq was started under what turned out to be false pretenses in 2003, the major EU members Germany and France refused to participate and send troops in.  The previous chancellor of Germany, Gerhard Schroeder, did a very good job in making sure that he won’t “send Germans to die in an US war”.
On the other side, the UK, also a EU member, chose to go in and put in an effort proportionally similar to that put in by the USA.

However, with the change in German Chancellors, we have seen a change in the EU’s foreign policy and an alignment to the US’ political interests.
This has started to happen as soon as Chancellor Angela Merkel took power in Germany.

If the EU functioned properly, its external policies would be a matter of debate and discussion amongst all member states. However, this doesn’t happen, and the lines of  external EU policies are mainly being drawn by the leaderships of the main EU members, the so-called French-German alliance.

In the study Is Eu Fair? the way the votes are being distributed is being explained in a way that shows how completely undemocratic the decision making process is.

Not only that different countries get a smaller representation than others, but also certain powerful countries like Germany get a larger share of influence in the non elected parts of the EU apparatus.

The result is that some of these countries, e.g. Germany and France, have the power to subvert and force decisions other members are against, and in some cases, blackmail smaller member countries to force them to vote accordingly.

Notoriously during the refugee reallocation vote, the Eastern European member countries were blackmailed to vote for the German plan, or lose their EU subsidies.

It is obvious that the EU is not serving the interests of all its members in this matter.

High immigration might be desirable for a country with an aging population and negative natural growth like Germany, but it is very disadvantageous for pretty much each and every other country.

In light of the recent events and the chain of terrorist attacks committed by newly arrive muslim migrants to the EU, surely these measures would have been changed. However, even the discussion on them is being blocked.


And then there’s NATO

 One of the most interesting occurrences in the past years is that the EU is being subservient to NATO decisions and operations ever since Angela Merkel became the German Chancellor and by extension the leader of the EU.

Germany has a very bizarre place in Europe and NATO considering it still is an occupied country with no less than 38 US military bases on its soil after over 200 were closed down since WW2.

This means that Germany is in effect an occupied country, and therefore its decisions should be regarded as US decisions by proxy.

This has become very obvious in Angela Merkel’s politics of servitude to the US nation building plans, which went against the established conservative and reserved position of previous chancellors Gerhardt Schroeder and Helmut Kohl.

There is no actual mechanism in the EU that can counteract the decisions imposed by Angela Merkel and her allies upon the rest of the EU members.  This was made clear in the past two years when member countries were forced to acquiesce to German decisions such as the refinancing of Greece’s debt, support for the coup installed government of Ukraine and the opening of discussions with Turkey.

BY all means, this shows clearly that the EU does not work for all countries equally. The fact that the German government decides for the entirety of the EU with no regard for specific local issues shows that Germany regards the EU as an extension of itself, and the other members as subservient parties that must obey the German decisions.


NATO is an American dominated military organization that is currently pushing hard towards a war with Russia by creating and intervening in Russian border conflicts with non NATO members and by aggressively pushing its defense measure towards the borders of Russia.

NATO is the nicer cover of US imperialism and nation building, and the EU countries have been pushed into doing the US’ bidding in military matters.

Eastern European countries like Romania were pushed to apply for NATO membership which was presented as a way to economic prosperity.  When Romania first applied for NATO membership in the 90s, this was presented as a tie in with Romania being awarded “Most Favoured Nation Clause” by the USA which would have meant a serious economic advantage for a small country.
In order to secure Romania’s accession to NATO, several of the big members made certain demands of Romania. For example, It was requested that Romania renounce  its lawful territorial claims over certain Romania territories that Ukraine has been holding illegally as a consequence of the Ribbentropp Molotov Pakt between Hitler and Stalin.

As Russia and Germany mutually renounced the Pakt in 1991, all of the lands held by them as a consequence of said pact should have been returned to their rightful owners. In Romania’s case these were the northern territory of Bukovina and the lower country of Hertsa that gives Ukraine access to the mouths of the Danube.  A third territory, the Snakes Island in the Black Sea, was lawfully regained by Romania after a long trial in Hague in 2010.

However, as Ukraine was no longer part of the USSR at the time, it did not feel obliged to return the lands it held unlawfully, and by guaranteeing Ukraine’s territorial integrity at the Budapest Memorandum in 1994, basically giving Ukraine the right to keep the territories it unlawfully held in exchange for Ukraine destroying its nuclear arsenal.

In 1997 the Romanian Parliament was forced to agree to renounce any pretensions towards the lands held by Ukraine in order to facilitate Romania’s accession to NATO.

Furthermore, Romania was forced to agree to certain economical favour towards the main members of NATO. Former UK prime minister Tony Blair demanded and obtained the Steel Combinate of Galati, the biggest in Eastern Europe for his friend Lakshmi Mittal, while the US supported an onerous contract for US corporation Bechtel to build a much needed Romanian highway at prices 10 times the normal tariff per mile to an unheard of total of 2 billion dollars.

Lakshmi Mittal’s company TATA Steel bankrupted the Steel Combinate and left a lot of Romanians in Galati and surrounding areas unemployed. Romania had to buy itself out of the onerous Bechtel contract.

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To be continued

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