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"Diversity" is Cultural Imperialism

Diversity is the Left's most awful form of cultural imperialism.It's funny since they complain about colonialism but never realize they're doing it themselves, in no better way than the fucking Catholic Church.
It assumes that not only all people and all cultures are the same, but also that they should all want to live the same white middle class westerners live, so let's stick them all in Western cities and then wonder why the fuck it's not working.

But see the lefties think they know better than everyone else how people should live their lives. They are oh so much better.
White Europeans live in cities in monogamous families because their culture is strongly entwined with Christianity. Our values, way of life, history and achievements come from the Christian values. We also live in cold places so we need houses to protect us from the weather. Europe stopped being a rich fertile land where everybody can find food easily a long time ago so we need to grow crops and live in cities where we can trade for our work. We're crowded because monogamous marriage means every fucking male gets to breed, so we invented technology to make our lives easier in our antfarm style communities.
Black Africans from the south of Sahara prefer a more communal lifestyle with little in way of personal property and not tremendously good at monogamy. That's worked for them for a long time only here's the fucking white liberal cunts telling them that they should all aspire to live like whitey because of course a nincompoop from NYC knows better than you how you should live your life, after all he has a gender studies degree.

This is nothing short of the cultural genocide committed by the Christian missionaries- because it assumes everybody should live like the Europeans and pray to the same god.

You ever been to Africa? I've been, to the wild sides where Africans aren't forced to behave like bad copies of Europeans.
Those guys like to live in their huts and party and farm their land and hunt and their family relations are different than ours, and what right do we have to tell them otherwise?

It's enough to go to any actual African city to realize that the whole city concept doesn't work for them. All cities I have seen in Africa end up being a small westernized centre and a lot of slums or what they call in South Africa Townships because Africans don't see the need to live in a brick house and there's nothing wrong with that because it doesn't fucking get cold enough down there to need a brick house anyway.

Japanese tradition had them live in multi family houses, little clans where people worked together and respected each other and it fucking worked for them for a long time.
Them bam, the USA nukes the fuck out of them so the Japanese take this to mean that their culture wasn't up to scratch so there they are trying very hard to live like Americans in their little nuclear families only it doesn't work for them everyone' depressed and suicidal and in their attempt to imitate the West the Japanese are dying out because the western style civilization doesn't work for them and doesn't leave them time and room and desire to have babies. So Japan is aging and its people, forced to live in a way that isn't theirs, are dying out.

And now the latest illness of the leftie liberal mind has been for a while to just import people into the West from different cultures and civilizations and hope that they will see how much better the western lifestyle is therefore they will adopt it.

Civilization is not a skin disease. It's not contagious. All of the people you imported into the west to do the dirty low paying jobs the Europeans are in your opinion too good to do? They don't like being here and being forced to live like Europeans. You can put a jumper on a dog and it's still going to be a dog, and forcing non Europeans to live like Europeans going against millennia of their own civilization is just like that. The dog might wear the jumper but he's not gonna be happy about it and sure as fuck he won't believe he's a human. The Africans, Asians etc might put on the pretensions and clothes of the Westerners but it's not theirs, it feels weird and they'd prefer to be left alone to live their lives happily just like their people always did.

And if you leave them alone and just demand of them to respect the laws if they chose to be here should be enough. We used to do that- until about 5-10 years ago when the diversity craze exploded like a mental syphilis- people came over and fucking hell they tried to make a life out of it to the best of their abilities and how they lived at home was their own fucking business.

But no, the Lefties don't like that because these stupid worthless piece of shit idiots think that we all should be uniform and all cultures and advancements humanity has spent millennia to develop should all be melt down in the cauldron of diversity because their little pinheads refuse to accept that "NOT EVERYBODY IS LIKE THEM OR WANTS TO BE LIKE THEM".
They bemoan imperialism and colonization but what they do is nothing more than an extreme of the white man's burden- forcing the whole world to live the way they think it's best because their stupid little brains can't accept that people are fucking different.

They want people that look different and dress different but they want them all to think the same and live the same, because cultural diversity is only good if it's just the apparent details. According to these idiots deep down below everyone wants to have 2 kids, one partner for life and live in a semi detached house with a garden the size of a handkerchief.

We perceive the Gypsies in Europe to be antisocial and strange because they prefer to live from their crafts etc than hold steady jobs, but that's how they want to live and they should be left alone in their culture. Buy their shit, be respectful, but as we learned under communism cramming them into concrete blocks didn't work.

In the left's eagerness to make everyone's lives better because they assume that their way is the only way, they're not only making everyone else hugely miserable but also destroying all of the world's cultures by forcing them all to be the same.

People are not all the same. Forcing them to be all the same doesn't work and degrading the West's cultural legacy of democracy and pursuit of science to accommodate cultures that not only have different needs but don't even want to be assimilate in the West is stupid and serves nobody, it just puts humanity back centuries with no advantage except for having a bunch of middle class twats be able to gawk at foreign people in coloured outfits down city centre. For the western left, the POC- "People of Colour" who are assumed to all be uniform and have the same interests just by virtue of not being white are not human. they are just shiny virtue signalling accessories.

It's not respect to expect others to change their lives to accommodate your point of view. I don't give a flying fuck whether the elder Pakistani man who runs the shop down the corner has one wife or five or whether his wives wear veils as long as he don't force me to do the same and he obeys the laws of the land since he chose to be here.

We're friends, he's nice, he always picks us the nicest fruit he has, always gives us little discounts- and how he lives his personal life is none of my fucking business.

The Left thought that by integrated certain elements of the foreign cultures brought in by immigrants will make it easier for them to assimilate. No they don't have a plan to end the Western culture, they're not that smart. they just fucked up and tried to fix it and that made it worse and worse because they just can't fucking stand the idea that other people think and live in different ways and they're happy like that.

This is very obvious in seeing the honest Lefties- there are some, admitting their mistakes.

Here's Trevor Phillips, former Chief of Equalities under the Blair Government admitting that they fucked it up.


"In a startling assault on decades of official multiculturalism and diversity policy, the founding chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission argues the UK is being allowed to "sleepwalk to catastrophe " by leaders too "touchy ", "smug ", "complacent " and "squeamish " to talk about race. "


Just have everyone live their own lives and respect the same laws and what they do at home in their families is not your business as long as they don't bother others or expect the state to pay for their lifestyle.
And accept that some groups who refuse to obey the laws we crafted over centuries shouldn't be here and trying to accommodate them at the cost of the majority of the population is idiotic and dangerous.

"Significantly, he claims the arrival of some Muslim groups in particular who are actively "resistant to the traditional process of integration " threatens to shake the foundations of "liberal democracy " itself.
In a 100-page paper, published by the think-tank Civitas set to provoke uproar, he argues that a new brand of "superdiversity " is bringing challenges to the Western way of life, far removed from those of immigration of the past. Crucially, he says, race is no longer a "purely black and white affair " but a divide between the majority and people with different "values and behaviours ". But, he argues, liberal opinion in Britain has been almost unique in its unwillingness even to speak about the issue – possibly because of the backlash to Enoch Powell a generation ago. "

Stop forcing people to be the same just because you're too stupid to accept that people are different.
The left is killing cultural diversity by refusing to admit that everybody has the right to their own culture and the rights and lifestyle of rich western lefties are not universally better than everyone else's.

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