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Greater Slavia and The West’s war on Russia- part 1

 Slavic Identity and Poland

I have been saying this for a long time, but I find the Western Russophobia hilarious. I’m from Romania. I was born and lived under Communism, my country had more or less  deals with Russia for centuries, and I don’t get the insane Russophobia the West has.

There are people in my country who do. It’s easy to hate a group of people in order to  deflect the guilt you feel about yourself. It’s a huge relief to have an enemy that is the absolute evil.  Because once you focus the hate outside you’ll never have to confront your own flaws.

This is, for an example, the attitude of Poland which has spread to Ukraine and is somewhat responsible for the horrible mess Ukraine is in right now.

The Poles hate Russia. They have hated Russia for a thousand years, for religious motifs that devolved into pure xenophobic hatred, and 1000 years is a long time to feed a hatred on both sides.

Poles, like Russians and Ukrainians and Serbs and Czechs and Slovakians and Bulgarians and others, are Slavs.  Some of us from eastern Europe call is Greater Slavia. There’s a few non Slavic areas like us Romanians and the Hungarians, but the rest is pure Slavic blood of various shades.

Now, obviously the most successful Slavs are the Russians, so most of the Southern and Eastern Slavs( Bulgarians, Serbs, Ukrainians etc) looked upon Russia with a certain kind of awe. Mother Russia is not an empty word for them. Their Slavic identity transcends national borders, their languages are  very fucking close together and they spent a long time being allied and fighting the same enemy, namely the Ottoman Turks. They also have the same religion which is eastern Orthodox, the same Cyrillic alphabet and so on.  They take pride in their ethnic identity.

They are also among the very few Europeans left who have national identity and pride.

The Serbs, contrary to what the West might have told you, are good people.   In the current event madness  you may not have noticed, but Slobodan Milosevic was actually exonerated of all of the alleged war crimes the Western media told the world he committed during the Yugoslavian wars.

You didn’t know that did you? The media who created and sold you the myth of the savage Serbs killing their innocent neighbours didn’t tell you that, and since the Westerners are as a rule, pretty dumb and incurious, few people noticed that this Hague Ruling exonerated the Serbs of the guilt the West put on them.

But you’re stupid, and nobody told you these things, and as a group Westerners are lazy and stupid and easily impressionable.

They played on your guilt and empathy and showed you an enemy because they needed a justification for the war, and you bought it, because you, the average Westerner, are an impressionable dumbass who believes everything he’s ever told.

The West needed a war and some monsters to scare you with, and they gave you the scary Slavs from the Balkans.
And you believed it because you’re an idiot.

But this is not the place where I tell you about the Balkan Wars. I’m gonna do that too, later.

Back to the Slavs, it’s worth noting not all Slavs are the same. When the eastern and Southern Slavs went for the Orthodox faith, the Poles decided they’d go catholic.  It made them special and helped them escape their self hatred.

Europe hates Slavs. There’s a reason why we use the name of their group to signify beings we consider so subhuman that they’re worth selling and buying. Because they were the first slaves.  Strange alien people from the east who are not human enough to deserve the same rights and consideration as other people.

Of course the Poles didn’t want to be regarded as Slavic. Of course they wanted to be accepted, so they became catholic and did everything in their power to get the West to regard them as human. They accepted western kings, became  pawns for the Western kingdoms, backstabbed and attacked their neighbours  for small insignificant advantages.

Did everything they thought they should do in order to survive, and they sure as hell hated Russia. Not only Russia.

When the Ottoman Turks came into Europe and stormed the Balkans, The Poles sat and watched as the Turks took Bulgaria and Greece and destroyed the Serbs at Kossovopolje.

The Poles did nothing, because their king Wladislaw Jagello thought it was in their best interest to ally with the Hungarians and watch their neighbours burn. When the Wallachian Prince Mircea the Elder finally put a stop to the Turkish wave at Rovine, Jagello decided the best course of action was to support Mircea’s usurper brother because some influence over Wallachia was more important to him than working together with the neighbours to stop the Turks.

 Eventually the West decided to help and the  Western Knights flocked to Nicopole to fight the Turks. Of course, the armour plated knights had no chance against the light leather wearing Ottoman cavalry, so they failed miserably and the flower of the West’s knighthood, already weakened by needless fratricide 100 year war were decimated and imprisoned by the Turks.

Then the knights who escaped or were ransomed went back home to their domains and stupid internecine fights and they left us and the Slavs and the Hungarians to fight the Turks.

Which we did our best to do.

The Poles talk at great length about how they fought the Turks.  What they don’t talk about is how they sabotaged and attacked their southern neighbours  who were working hard to stem the Turkish wave. How their stupid pride and idiocy allowed the Turks to go through.

How instead of allying with their neighbours to fight the Turks and pushed them back they preferred, together with their friends and allies the Hungarians to weaken and attack the Romanian princes who were fighting to keep the Turkish invasion at bay.

IN a yet again disgusting display of selfishness and greed,  John Albert of Poland decided the neighbourly thing to do to his neighbour Stephen the Great of Moldova who had just defeated the Turks and Tatars and was the last barrier between the Turks and Poland was to attack him and dethrone him in order to put on Moldova’s throne a Polish prince.

It didn’t work out and the Polish armies were defeated at The Battle of Cosmin Forest.

I could go further. I could tell you about Poland’s constant aggression against all of its neighbours while cowardly kneeling to the West. I could tell you about the Polish greed that made them grab a piece of the torn apart and wounded Czechoslovakia after the Munich Treaty in 1937.


Poland hates its Slavic identity and has spent 1000 years trying to pretend it was a Western country. And it hates Russia.

The Ukraine civil war and disaster were started at Poland’s urges in 2012-13. Poland always had close ties to Ukraine, and the Poles in their pathological russophobia wanted to weaken Russia by taking from it Ukraine.

The results have been seen, as usual when Poland meddles into something , it makes it worse.


 To be Continued

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