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This Comey Anouncement

We already know that last Friday’s events – FBI Director James Comey  writing to the Congress that some emails related to the Clinton email case were found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop – are a big deal.  To understand just how big, it’s enough to see Hillary Clinton squirm.

As we know so far, the FBI investigation into Clinton’s emails ended last July with Comey’s recommendation against prosecution , although he did admit that Hillary Clinton’s actions were negligent.
We also know that everybody with a brain is aware that the investigation was a massive coverup, and the main lesson we got from this is that Comey is covering for Hillary Clinton because of certain nefarious ties they have- these have been explored elsewhere.

So, having already tarnished any shred of integrity he may have had, what could possibly possess James Comey to write to the Congress about the need to investigate these emails found on Weiner’s laptop?
 The Hillary camp claim that his actions are unprecedented and seek to interfere with the upcoming elections, but I don’t recall them complaining about that in July…

So what happened?

For some months now we’ve heard rumours that a lot of FBI agents were deeply unhappy with Comey’s recommendation to not prosecute Hillary Clinton, and from what we’re hearing from the alternative media, these agents might be the source behind the emails that Wikileaks have been disclosing from Hillary’s campaign.

The Wikileaks disclosures have definitely kicked open the can of snakes, but surely it takes more than just to get Comey to commit such a radical gesture?

Because what isn’t being told here is that Comey didn’t actually have to do this disclosure until he had any results.  If the case was still open and Hillary’s campaign and shills claim, then this would just be part of the ongoing investigation.

So, why do it? Why throw yourself in the lion’s den by announcing this?


So far we know very little, but we do know that Hillary and her campaign have bene very deep at work to try and minimize this event. As a general rule, people who think are in control don’t squirm. Hillary didn’t squirm during the first investigation, so what’s going on and why is this important?

What do we know?

We know that Weiner is married to Huma Abedin, Hillary’s personal assistant for over 20 years.
We also know that Huma has unprecedented access to the Clintons and that she coordinated campaigns and policy changes for the campaign and Clinton Foundation.

Huma was investigated during the Clinton email scandal and swore under oath that she had no idea when the private email server was set up, and that she had turned in all of the devices that held pertinent confidential and  protected emails.

WE already know the above is untrue thanks to the Wikileaks Podesta emails.

So, the FBI investigates Anthony Weiner, Huma’s separated husband, and find a bunch of Huma’s emails forwarded from her Clinton mail account on said laptop.

A bunch as in 5 digits. At least. In a folder surreptitiously named “Life Insurance”.

Why is this such a big deal?

1. Because Huma stated under oath that she had turned over all of the devices that had confidential and protected emails on them.
Now I can actually buy Hillary being a dumbass granny who doesn’t understand security. She is kinda old and it’s obvious she has serious health issues.

But Huma, who more and more appears as the brains before the Hillary puppet, doesn’t have that excuse.  She know what she’s doing.

In the context of the missing 33000 emails that Hillary allegedly deleted, one has to wonder if this was literally Huma’s life insurance policy.

Either way, Huma’s going down.

2. But here’s where it gets interesting: various parties including the infamous Kim Dotcom and Assange himself have stated that they had/had knowledge of the location of the 33000 missing emails.

Those emails are unlikely to only incriminate Hillary. We already know that Obama was aware of this whole private server malarkey, and we already found out that the Libya war was avoidable, but Hillary pushed for it. We also know that in the aftermath the sizeable Libya reconstruction fund worth a cool 65 billion dollars ended up being mismanaged by Hillary’s friends at Goldman Sachs.

And we know that without even having seen her emails, just from the Podesta files.

Now imagine for a second that Hillary’s emails are available, and that they contain significantly more incriminating stuff. Not just for Hillary but for the whole Washington apparatus, including Obama.

We already know that Obama doesn’t like Hillary, but they have bene working together and whatever their relationship is now, him and his wife have been campaigning for Hillary, and probably not  from the kindness of their own hearts.

So, the interesting question is- if these things came to light, how likely is Obama to go down with Hillary and everyone else?

Not very likely.

3. Some of the players are already distancing themselves from Hillary.

rats are quite good at detecting a sinking ship. Speaker Ryan coming out against Hillary after his rather partisan statements in this campaign is something that needs to be considered.

Now Ryan is a republican, not part of the DNC machine. He is however part of the Washington machine and it’s in his interest that said machine keeps going.

Him attacking Hillary now is a rather strong message considering how much he hates Trump.

Now, we don’t have enough data yet, But it’s starting to look like the establishment may have decided to drop Hillary rather than go down with her.

A Trump presidency is survivable.

WE shall see.

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